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Quick Start links

Privateer Press stuff


The Steamroller document is official rules for running a tournament, and most players use them for "standard" games on club night, too. Steamroller modifies stuff like how long the game lasts, how scenario points are scored, and how terrain should be set out.


Warroom is an app for mobile devices that does a lot of stuff, some better than others. In order of importance, they are:

  • Contains all the model rules
  • Contains all the theme rules. (This feature is implemented poorly if you just want to browse)
  • Lets you build army lists. (This feature has a couple of bugs, and in certain situations will fail to tell you the list you built has an illegal model combination.)
  • Lets you track damage during a game
  • Lets you link to your opponent's Warroom, so you can read their cards and watch their damage tracking. (This feature is a bit buggy, and super draining on your battery)
  • Contains a copy of the rulebook. (This feature works terribly)

You can download the app for free, and it contains some models for free (the battlebox contents I think?) but you have to buy most models as in-app purchases.

  • Once you pay for a Faction, any future models for that Faction will be added to your app.
  • If you buy the "All Factions" option, not only do you get all the current Factions, all future Factions will be automatically added to your app too.

Journeyman League

This league is designed to encourage new players to begin learning the game with their chosen faction’s battle box and then expand their collection over the course of six weeks. The Journeyman League rewards both the player’s in-game victories and their skill with a brush.

Judges Resolution Policy (2016)

If you and your opponent make a mistake, and you can't agree how to fix it, then this is how a judge would rule (most of the time):

Narrative Leagues & Special Events

See also: League Models

Current-ish Events

Past Events

Other PP Games

Refer to the Other PP Games article.

Fan Communities

Find players in your local area

Refer to our Find your local community article.

Forums, Discord servers, etc

  • Privateer Press Forums - Official forums
  • CID Forums - Official forums for beta rules (new unreleased models etc).
  • Lormahordes - Unofficial forums
  • Discord Servers
    • Discord is a very easy to use online chatroom. It's browser based, but it'll ask if it can install an app version if you connect while on a mobile device
    • Trashpandas (established 2016.02) The admins on this server prevent personal harrassment, but it's pretty much anything goes for content. It's got a bit of a "Wild West" vibe. Most people who post here are focussed on hyper-competitive lists.
    • Line of Sight (established 2019.07) The admins here prevent negatively-toned criticism. It is a bit more newbie friendly than Trashpandas.
    • TTS This is for people playing the tabletop-simulator TTS (see the #Fanmade Sites & Resources section below).

Facebook Groups


You can also find groups for your local country, state, and/or city.

Fanmade Sites & Resources

Cheat Sheets

See the Cheat Sheets article.

Vassal (Online games)

Vassal simulates a 2d table. It lets you move models and roll dice, add widgets etcetera. As of 2020.10 99% of players use War Table in preference to Vassal.

You'll need to install the "base" Vassal program plus the Warmachine "module". This article by Fryta in 2018.03 describes how to install and play Vassal in detail

War Table (Online games)

War Table is similar to Vassal, but it is browser-based so you don't need to install anything, and the interface is much more intuitive and easy to use.

Table Top Simulator (Online games)

This makes a 3d version of a table. You can pick stuff up and move it around. I don't know anything about it except this link to the Discord chat server.

Conflict Chamber (Army List Builder)

Conflict Chamber is a browser-based free army builder. It is faster to load and use than Warroom is and, unlike Warroom, it doesn't make mistakes with list legality. On the other hand, it doesn't include any rules and is literally just an army builder.


And here is another site which will produce damage grids for you to print out, if you input a list made from Conflict Chamber.

CC Box Maker

Terrain Randomizer

Crimzie. This will generate a random layout of terrain and a random scenario. You can toggle what types of terrain it spawns.

Backstory wikis

There are multiple wiki sites dedicated to the lore of Warmachine and Hordes.

Online Retailers & Trade groups

Buy Sell Swap

Online Retailers