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Contact Us

There are many different ways you can contact us:

  • Add a new section to this Talk Page
  • Post something on our Facebook group page
  • To contact a specific administrator:

Changing the Main Page

This section is to discuss the layout and content of the main page itself.

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General chat

Text cleared 2018.10

Any way we can get a mobile friendly theme added? site is a pain to use on mobile.

Spells Formatting Question

I've noticed that the spells section of the various Warcasters/Warlocks is inconsistant, some using a table and some not. While not a problem normally, it seems to cause a weird formatting issue in some cases (Iona1's Phantasm spell in particular.) Is there a reason for this besides having to edit all the spells and casters to conform to a single format? TerraBlight (talk) 19:10, 31 March 2019 (UTC)

They're in the process of being changed to the table format. There's actually a duplication process going on, where a 2nd spell template is setup, then casters are switched over to the new template then, when all the casters are switched, the 2nd template is moved to replace the original. As you can probably imagine, it's a big task.
Sounds like Iona1 got caught in the crossfire, let me go check it out.
juckto (talk) 19:14, 31 March 2019 (UTC)
Man, that was fast! I figured as much but had to ask. I'd offer to help, but I don't have easy access to all the info and I'm not terribly familiar with the editing format here yet. Glad it was an easy fix!
TerraBlight (talk) 19:28, 31 March 2019 (UTC)

Report a Bug

This section is to report anything, anywhere, that you spotted on the wiki that you think needs fixing.

Linking to this site

For whatever reason, one MUST go through the main page and than click on the link there to get to any other page. Direct linking does not work.

Kensai (talk), 20. July 2018

Password Reset

Forgotten password, and trying to reset brings up "Error sending mail: Unknown error in PHP's mail() function." which seems like a bigger problem than me just forgetting what email address I linked the account to...

Request a Feature

Since we're still setting up this wiki, there are a lot of things that users would like to have that the sysadmin hasn't installed yet. This is the best place to mention them.

Can we add a banner picture at the top of the main page? Right now it's rather bland and unattractive. I've uploaded a suitable picture here (Edit - File deleted as of 2018.10) - Praetordave (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

I'm not super keen on having a banner that's taken directly from PP. I know that we use their imagary all the time for model pictures, but this feels a bit different given that it's huge and going to be emblazaned all over our Main Page; I feel it could easily be misconstrued as we're presenting it as our own artwork.
Also, we had a banner/logo discussion ages ago on the Facebook group (Link). It isn't on here yet because Kyle was supposed to add it to the top menu (right where the 'missing pic-logo' symbol is), and hasn't got round to it yet.
Anyway, I guess we could have a banner plus that logo, but as I said above, maybe not that banner. - juckto (talk) 19:04, 7 December 2016 (EST)

We have a logo (here). How do we get it onto this page? juckto (talk) 20:38, 14 June 2016 (EDT)

Looks like you edit the settings file, and probably want to upload the image file to somewhere on this server. 610 (talk) 00:20, 21 June 2016 (EDT)

Dynamic Page Listing (DPL)

  • Requested by: NeonChameleon
  • What it is: Allows you to find the "intersection" of multiple categories. More info at (?)
  • Why we need it:
    • So we can sort "who has pathfinder" by faction, etc.
    • So we can set up auto-themes (when they're released)
  • What we need to get it running: (?)

Parsar Functions

  • Requested by: juckto & Ibidem
  • Essentially, it allows us to create templates with "if/else" statements. More info at Wikipedia article on ParserFunctions
  • Why we need it: For statblock templates.
    • Say, if one model has a FOCUS stat and one doesn't, currently we need two different templates (if you try to use just one template, it'll have "FOCUS = No input provided" on one of the models).
    • We don't want that, we want one template which is smart enough to not display anything for FOCUS if the user doesn't input FOCUS.
    • Similarly for models with no ranged weapons needing a RAT input, models which aren't units require a UNIT SIZE input, etc etc

Official Forums backup

  • Requested by: Sleet01
  • Official forums are going away forever (bar some hobby threads and the Rules Questions) on Monday, March 1. I may be able to scrape some stuff; any interest in hosting it here?
  • Why we need it: reference material, the occasional laugh

Sleet01 (talk) 15:39, 27 February 2017 (EST)

Terrain Archive

BattleCollege - Terrain Archive A combined list of Terrain Special rules from NQ and League scenarios? Like it was listed for Previous Wiki. (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

Sure, knock yourself out. I've created a place for it here: Special Terrain Rules
juckto (talk) 18:44, 12 October 2017 (EDT)