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Beware, gentle reader, for you have stumbled upon an article hidden within The Vaults. These dim and dusty halls are a resting place for articles that are seldom read, seldom updated, and sometimes woefully obsolete. Plus, you know, all the other junk we can't find a better place for.

Leagues are special events run by PP that run for a day, a month, or a season. They often use special scenarios and/or special models and/or special army list construction rules.

This article documents the special models that can also be found on the Warroom app.

These alternate models are not tournament legal and are intended only for casual games.

2018.06 Summer Rampage '18 (Alternate Timeline Casters)

Full rules on PP site

The Alternate Timeline casters were originally released for the 2010 Invitational, a small affair held every year within the very halls of Privateer. Since no one except the attendees had the rules for that event, they became a little legendary among the playerbase as the "ultra rares".
In 2018.05 they were re-released (and updated for the new factions) as part of the 15 year anniversary of Warmachine.

For more info, here's the Insider article.

  • Cygnar - Vinter the Undefeated
    What if the Lion's Coup had failed? Vinter's hold over Cygnar and his reputation with the Cygnaran Army would have increased exponentially. This powerful warrior model would have no doubt led his nation to great victories on the field of battle.
  • Protectorate - Vladimir Tzepesci, Champion of the Old Faith
    What if a compassionate Menite priest had reached the wounded Vladimir before the Old Witch did? The ancient heritage of the Old Faith could appeal to something within the last horselord, and the Protectorate's prescense in Llael would have presented him a chance to revive the kingdom of Umbrey
  • Khador - Cylena Raefyll, Guardian of Nyssor
    What if Zerkova had enlisted the help of the refugee Cylena Raefyll in protecting Nyssor from the Cryxian forces? Fortified by Nyssor's icy powers, Cylena could have been a powerful guardian for the frozen god and a true threat to any who would imperil him.
  • Cryx - Warwitch Jezraell
    What if Skarre had captured Victoria as well as Gloria during the raid on their village? Victoria would have been a powerful Cryxian warcaster. When paired on the field of battle, there is no telling the devastation the twin Warwitches of Ingrane might have wrought.
  • Retribution - Lord Ghyrrshyld of House Vyre
    What if Lord Ghyrrshyld had never followed the darker paths of his research but had focused his efforts on helping the Retribution? Surely this great leader would have become a powerful force within the organisation and may have one day become a true narcissar of all the Iosan people.
  • Convergence - Nemo, Ordinator of Electrogenesis
    Aurora once tried to convince Sebastian Nemo he was a savant who should join the Convergence. He declined, violently so. What if they had subsequently kidnapped him and turned into a clockwork vessel? With an eternity to contemplate this, Nemo acclimated to his immortal machine body and began to enjoy his freedom from former aches and pains. Plus, he can still make the lightning.
  • Mercenaries - Steelhead Captain Stryker
    What if Stryker had become a wanted man for his role in the failed Lion's Coup? With his knowledge of battle and his warcaster training, he would have made an excellent and protective commander of mercenary soldiers, who fighte just to make it to the next payday.
  • Trollblood - Leto, Blood Brother of the Kriels
    What if Vinter had retained the throne and exiled Leto? Madrak would have welcomed his blood brother to his side, and Leto's access to military caches of Cygnaran firearms certainly would have aided the trollkin in the conflicts that follow Madrak wherever he goes.
  • Circle - The Old Witch of the Wood
    What if the Old Witch had decided her purposes were better served by the Circle Orboros than by Khador? Her mastery of terrain and the elements would have easily allowed her to utilise warpwolves and satyrs rather than Juggernauts and Destroyers to further her enigmatic goals.
  • Legion - Eiryss, Echo of Everblight
    What if Eiryss was corrupted by Everblight? Her work as a mercenary and Retribution partisan has taken her within reach of the dragon's forces on many occasions. There can be no doubt Everblight would love to add Eiryss to the aresenal of warlocks with which he opposes the Dragonfather.
  • Skorne - Alexia, Betrayer of Corvis
    What if Alexia had betrayed Corvis rather than helping free the city? The skorne would have found her a very interesting subject and would likely have turned her broken mind to their own ends. How might eastern Cygnar have fared against the sorceress warlock with the powerful Witchfire in hand?
  • Grymkin - The Dreaming Harbinger
    After the Harbinger died in the Thornwood, she was returned to Imer to be resurrected. What if this never happened, and her soul was instead lost and intercepted by the Dreamer and the Heretic, who shaped her into an emissary of the Wicked Harvest? Caught in an eternal dream, she believes nothing has changed, but the voice she hears is no longer that of the Lawgiver.
  • Minions - Bethayne the Farrowfiend
    Bethayne and Dr. Arkadius felt a strong connection when they met. What if the doctor had convinced her to give up Everblight and then surgically extracted the athanc? This would have killed Bethayne, but drawing on his anatomical and mechanikal expertise, he could have sustained her life by integrating machinery into her body. And yes, a few Farrow bodyparts and organs would have been employed...

2018.01 Vengeful Deeds

Full rules on PP site
Draegyn, the Black Bastard

Vengeful Deeds is a one-month narrative league for WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Company of Iron that highlights the revenge of the oppressed peoples of western Immoren, especially those in occupied Llael. Players receive a Draegyn, the Black Bastard miniature and his Company of Iron stat card to use in league games.

Six narrative scenarios are provided for use in the league—three for Company of Iron games and three for WARMACHINE and HORDES. Each Company of Iron scenario is linked to the subsequent WARMACHINE and HORDES scenario, which provides a bonus to the winner of the first scenario.

2016 Crossroads of Courage

Full rules on PP site

This was a multi-season narrative league based around a character called Holden who wavered between Coward and Courage. First off, players would answer an online survey which would tell them which version of Holden to use, then they would play games, then they would report back to PP, and that would affect the next season's storyline and the rules for next season's Holden.

Eventually, the fate of Holden became established and he joined one of the core factions.