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CID is a PP-run forum separate to their main forums, where every now and again they have a 2-week window where they ask players for feedback on new models about to be released and existing models that are about to be errata'd. The group of models will always be related - normally they're all in the same theme force.

After the 2 weeks they close the forum, run about another month of internal testing, then publish a Dynamic Update for the existing models, followed a bit later with the rules for the new models as and when they hit the market.

Dyanamic Updates can also occur without any CID. Sometimes they just appear out of the blue.

What sort of feedback are PP looking for?

There are three things PP is focussed on:

  1. Do the rules function? That is, are there any unintended loopholes that they've missed?
  2. Do the model's rules match its concept?
  3. Is the model "good enough" that players want to use it (and buy it, thus keeping PP in business)?

Their preference is for feedback from people playing games, as opposed to players theorey-crafting online - they can do plenty of theory themselves. What they can't do themselves is play several thousand games per week.

Feedback they definitely don't want:

  1. Wishlisting.
  2. Buffs for the sake of buffs.
  3. Changes to existing models not in the current CID.
  4. Coming up with a new concept for one of the models in CID. Keep in mind, the model's design, artwork, physical model, etc is already 90% complete before CID starts.

Doing any of the above on the CID forums is a good way to get your threads locked, and maybe your account banned. However, if you can make a properly thought out, well communicated, and strong argument for a change then the Developers will listen to you. I should know, I've done it myself.

How often does CID occur?

At "peak CID" (during 2017-2018) the CID forum was active about once a month (two weeks on, two or three weeks off), which caused a bit of burnout for both players and developers. At the time of writing (2019.06) the CID process is on hiatus, and we can expect them to occur at a more reasonable pace when they do resume.

Is using CID compulsory?

No, it's completely voluntary.

You can ignore CID if you like, and just use the current rules for existing models (regardless of whether they're currently, recently, or about to be "in CID").

Or rather, you can ignore it ... right up until all the changes are made "live" and existing models get officially errata'd. When that happens, you will have to play with the updated version.

Should new players play games using CID rules?

In my opinion, no.

If you take "Giving PP useful feedback" as the goal of CID, then how is a new player supposed to do that? They simply aren't experienced enough. And the newbie's opponent? The only feedback they're in a position to give is that they beat a new player who had no idea what they were up against.

If you're a new player and your opponent insists on playing CID rules against you, I would suggest they're probably getting involved in CID for the wrong reasons and that they just want to play the latest "most powerful" thing they can; rather than wanting to give a new player a good game.

How do I know which rules are "live" and which "in beta"?

Example of what "Beta" rules look like.

If you are using rules from the Warroom app or the Card Database, those are the current "live" rules. You have to specifically go to the CID forum and download the "Beta" rules if you want them. The Beta rules have no artwork or formatting and look like the example on the right.

Changes to the "live" rules are normally made about 1-3 months after the CID cycle ends. When the changes are made live it is announced in two phases

  1. Existing models
    A large errata is posted on the PP website. They cross-post it to social media too.
    At the same time, updates are pushed out to the Warroom app and the Card Database.
  2. New models
    New models are a little more staggered, being pushed out to Warroom and the Card Database only when they hit the shop shelves (normally).
Tip lightbulb.png

Tip !
The rules on the Warroom app are always the current "Live" rules.
Or, if you don't like the app, you can also find the latest "Live" rules on PP's Online Card Database.

Can I use CID rules at other times?

CID can cause a bit of a weird play environment on game night because ...

  1. some players continue using CID rules even after the feedback window has closed (so for about a month or more they're playing with rules that "aren't real")
  2. some players don't play with models/factions that are about to be in CID, because either
    • they're expecting the CID to give them a buff and, until then, feel that playing the unbuffed version is a handicap
    • they don't want to deal with learning rules for models when all those rules are about to change.

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