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War Table is a browser-based simulator for Warmachine and Hordes. It lets you play the game on your computer, versus anyone else in the world. You don't need to install any programs, and you can even use it on a phone or a tablet.

It lets you move models around, roll dice, and add tokens to models for spells/effects. It auto-calculates the distances between everything on the table instantly, which is super cool. It can import an army list from Conflict Chamber which is also super cool, especially in comparison to its predecessor (Vassal).

What it doesn't do is:

  • You can't chat to your opponent in War Table. You'll need to use Skype or Discord or etcetera. We recommend the LOS Discord server
  • It doesn't have rules for models. You'll need to use physical cards, the official Warroom app, or this website.

Link to the War Table official Website

War Table was created as a joint effort between Lars, the developer, and the Line of Sight podcast crew who helped him with the data entry and alpha testing.
It is fan-made and not officially endorsed by Privateer Press.

Set Up

Starting a Game

  • Start a New Game will load a blank map. Once you're in, you'll find the "Invite" button which will give you a link to give other players.
  • Continue Game does what it says. You need to be signed in for this function to work.
  • Join Game does what it says, plus adds the game to your account (if you're signed in).

Important: Any player in the game can move any model, and there is no limit on the players, so be careful where you share your Invite Link.

Setting Up the Table

  1. Click the Scenario button on the left sidebar. Choose one, or hit the random button
  2. Click the Load Map button on the left sidebar. Choose one, or hit the random button. This will add a bunch of terrain.
    Alternatively you can click Add Terrain button on the left sidebar and add pieces one at a time.

If you do it in the reverse order, the scenarios will obscure the terrain. Simply use the Load Map option again to make it come to the top.

Deploying models

This is Conflict Chamber's "Copy List" button.
  1. Once you've got a list created in Conflict Chamber, use the Copy list button.
  2. Go to War Table, click the Deploy button on the left sidebar
    • Choose whether you're top or bottom (this will simply flip which way your models face)
    • Paste your list where it tells you to.
    • Hit the Deploy button.
  3. Drag your models from where they spawn to where you want them deployed.
  4. When both players are finished, click the Done button to get rid of the deployment lines.


Moving models

This screenshot shows a lot of info:
(1) The green Ghetorix in the centre, with the box around it, is the model currently selected by the player. This means all other models show how far they are away from the Ghetorix.
(2) Ghetorix is 1.8" away from the red Siege Animantrix in the top left, 0" away from the green Kromac in the bottom left, and overlapping the red model with the X on it.
(3) The white trail shows where Ghetorix has moved from, and the 6" number floating above the Ghetorix is the total distance Ghetorix has moved.
(4) The tick and cross are asking you to confirm you're happy with that 6" move.
(5) The red auras are models' melee ranges.
(6) The 35 and the 3 on the red Siege Animantrix in the top left are its current hitpoints and rage tokens. The other models have similar numbers, they're just smaller and harder to see.
Click and drag on the little square to spin the model around.

To move a model, click it and drag it around. The moving model will leave a "trail" behind it. When it overlaps another model you will get a red X appear. To turn a corner, simply let go of the model briefly then start dragging it in the new direction. The total distance moved will auto-calculate. Your distance from every other model on the table will auto-calculate.

If you make a mistake, click the red x and the model will go back to where it started. If you're happy and finished, click the green tick to get rid of the trail.

If you want to proxy a model's movement, simply don't click the green tick. You can move other models while the trail stays there.

To change a model's facing, first click it to select it. Then it will have a large square around it, and a little line point forwards with a little box at the end. Click and drag the little box to spin the model in place.

Measurements and LOS

All measurements are auto-calculated. Click on any model and you'll immediately see how far it is from every other model.

For LOS, currently the easiest way is to grab the attacking model and drag it over the target, as if you were moving there. This will leave a white trail behind and you can use that to determine LOS. Future updates may include an easier/clearer way to do LOS.

Placing AOEs and Sprays

These can be found under the Add Widget button on the left sidebar. For AOEs that are centred on a model, click on the model first before opening the widget menu.

Rolling dice

There is a dice symbol at the bottom right of the screen. Clicking that it will expand into 1d6, 2d6, 3d6, etcetera.

Alternatively you can use the Roll button on the left sidebar. This will let you choose exactly what kind of dice you want to roll.

Model tracking

Hitpoints, focus, fury, etc

This screenshot shows that Kromac currently has 19 hitpoints, 5 fury, and 3 corpse tokens. He also has the spell Carnage on him, and he is on Fire.

The top half of a model will include up to three numbers:

  • Red circle: Total hitpoints remaining
  • Blue circle: Current fury/focus/essence
  • Green circle: "Other" - this can be used for corpses, souls, coins, etcetera.
  • These circles will auto-turn off, if they're set to zero.

To edit these numbers, click on the model then use the right-hand sidebar.

Marking Spells & Effect (Tokens)

The bottom half of a model will include all the tokens you put on the model. Tokens are used to display the various effects that can be on a model.

To add more tokens, click the model and use the right-hand sidebar, tokens are near the bottom of the sidebar.

Marking Auras

Melee ranges are displayed automatically, but you can also add an "Aura" of another colour. This is useful for stuff like marking command ranges and spells that effect a certain distance around specific models.

First you need to click a model, then you'll find the Aura options on the righthand sidebar.


Adding models mid-game

Use the Add model button on the left sidebar to spawn new models.

If you're reviving a model, and you have the same one already on the table, it'll be quicker to copy the existing model.


The Allocate button on the left sidebar can be used to shift focus/fury around between models. It is most useful during the Control Phase.

Alternatively, you can click on individual models and increase/decrease their focus/fury one at a time.

Support War Table

The Support button on the lefthand sidebar will bring you directly to the patreon for Lars, the guy who programmed War Table. Please support Lars for all the amazing work he does on War Table - he mostly does this for fun, but he puts in a ton of work just to make our lives better, so if you enjoy wartable consider supporting him. Oh, and while the Line Of Sight crew has been helping him with data entry and testing, we aren't financially connected to this patreon in any way, we just honestly believe he deserves your support.