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I'm the main admin of this site.

I play Cryx.

You can PM me via the forums by clicking this link:

My links

I'm saving some links and code below for my own purposes.

Misc Code

'''[[:Category: aaa|{{darkgrey|aaa}}]]''' - vvbv.<includeonly>{{{Hide_Cat|[[Category: aaa]]}}}</includeonly><noinclude>

[[Category:INC Template]]

style="width: 50%"|
{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"
([{{FULLURL:Template: AAA|action=edit}} Edit]) 
{{Edbox|To edit the CA's tagged abilities, [{{FULLURL: AAA : BBB (CA)|action=edit}} Click here]}}

#redirect [[AAA]]

{{Edbox|This page is a redirect page, plus some junk to put the model  in the right category. Formatting is not an issue cause no one will ever read it.}}
| {{AAAA|Hide_Cat=<!--- YES --->}} 
| [{{FULLURL:Template: AAAA|action=edit}} Edit description]
| {{BBBB|Hide_Cat=<!--- YES --->}} 
| [{{FULLURL:Template: BBBB|action=edit}} Edit description]

| {{Granted|_|Hide_ability=<!---YES--->}} 
| [{{FULLURL:Template: Granted|action=edit}} Edit description]

{{RC Granted}}

{{Edbox|To use this template you need to add the ability that is granted. Example
<pre>{{Granted|Tough}} OOOOOOO/pre>
: {{Granted|Tough|Hide_Cat=<!---YES--->}}
You can also choose to "suppress" the ability description using a 'Hide_ability' command. This is recommended when the granted ability is a "simple" ability that is described in the core rulebook (like Tough, Pathfinder, etc).  Example:
<pre>{{Granted|[[Tough]]|Hide_ability=<!---YES--->}} OOOOOOOO/pre>
: {{Granted|[[Tough]]|Hide_ability=<!---YES--->|Hide_Cat=<!---YES--->}}