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Infernal Logo.jpg Theme - Hearts of Darkness

Infernal Theme Force
Dark Legacy - Hearts of Darkness

It is unlikely the invading Infernals would be as strong without the aid of humans possessed of more selfish greed than survival instincts. As horrors move out from the shadows, people who have betrayed their own kind hold the torches to light the way for evil. Perhaps they hope to be spared by showing their allegiance and harvesting victims for their masters, but hope is a dying luxury now.

Theme Rules

Theme Restrictions

An army made use the Hearts of Darkness theme force can include only the following models:

  • Morrowan models cannot be included in an army made using this theme force.

Full model list

The models allowed in Hearts of Darkness are:   [Show/Hide]

This list was last updated: 2019.07   (Edit)

Infernal Masters

  • None

Infernal Horrors



  • Any non-character warjacks that are from the same original Faction as the warcaster.
  • Character warjacks can be taken, but only if they have a bond and they're in their bonded model's battlegroup.





  • No "extra" Mercenaries allowed.

Requisition Options

Each Requisition Point can be spent on either:

Theme Bonuses

  1. All models in this army are considered to be Infernal models.
  2. Warjacks in this army gain Accumulator [Soulless].
    Accumulator [Soulless] - When it begins its activation within 3" of one or more other friendly Soulless models, this model gains 1 focus point.
  3. Wretch models in this army gain an extra Magic Ability spell: That Which Does Not Kill You
    That Which Does Not Kill You (★ Action) - When an attack destroys one or more enemy models in this model's command range, you can remove d3 damage points from a friendly model in this model’s command range. That Which Does Not Kill You lasts for one turn.
  4. Friendly models/units can begin the game affected by the upkeep spells of warcasters in this army.
    • These spells and their targets must be declared before either player deploys their models.
    • Warcasters in this army do not have to pay focus to upkeep their spells during your first turn of the game.

Recent Changes

  • Released with the Faction launch (2019.06)
  • Technically changed with the 2019.07 Theme Remix, but not really.

Thoughts on Hearts of Darkness

Recent Release icon.jpg

New Theme - This article is a Work In Progress
This Theme has only recently been released, and the content in the "Thoughts On" section is based more on theory-machine than actual gameplay experience.

Please don't delete this warning unless you (1) have played several games with the final rules (games with CID rules don't count) and (2) you've reviewed this article and it mostly(★) matches your experiences.

(★) Bearing in mind that other editors may make suggestions you don't think are the "best" but that doesn't make them "wrong". Dont delete stuff just because you disagree with it, please.
See also Category: Recent Release and Category: Recent Change.

Info icon.png

Oblivion's Theme Faction mashup

The 3 themes released in Oblivion mixes up Factions in a new way, so here's a quick recap of what it means in terms of list pairings:     [Show/Hide]
  • Hearts of Darkness "steals" models from other Factions.
Although there are 6 Factions you can steal from, you have to pick just one then all the stolen models must be from the same original Faction.
It is always an Infernal army and in a Steamroller tournament it must be paired with another Infernal army. (Although you can pair it with another Hearts army, that steals from a completely different Faction.)
It is both a Khador and a Protectorate theme, and can be paired with either a Khador army or Protectorate army.
For example, you could build an army with nothing but Protectorate models in this theme, and you could still pair it with a Khador army.
It is either a Khador, Cygnar, or Mercenary theme, and must be paired with an army from the same Faction.
For example, if you use a Cygnar warcaster in this theme, it is a Cygnar army and must be paired with another Cygnar army.

Hearts of Darkness in a Nutshell

The gimmick of this list is that you get to borrow a warcaster and small army from any of the warmachine factions - and they bring a small army with them that's supplemented by some Infernals.

Theme weaknesses

Limited pool of models

You're limited to a handful of casters and a smattering of non-Infernal units/solos. Sure, those units/solos can be anything from their Faction, but you still can't take that many in total. Also you have very limited access to Horrors. Lastly you don't get the usual "Up to one Mercenary solo and unit" allotment.

Battlegroup Casters

About half the casters available in theme are battlegroup centric, and this is not a battlegroup-centric theme. Accumulator is nice, of course, but sometimes isn't enough. Also you're forced to bring at least one infernal unit if you want to benefit from Accumulator, whether they work with your overall army strategy or not.

Purchase Cost

  • If you're a new player looking to pick up Infernals, you will need to learn about all the other factions in order to make an informed decision on what you want out of them, and have to spend money on those faction models.
  • Purchasing a single HoD list isn't too much of a burden, especially if you're starting Infernals as a second faction and you happen to already own them, but if you want to explore some other options with Hearts of Darkness you're looking at purchasing more stuff from yet a third Faction.

Starting with a 25 point force

This theme is not recommended for newbies. If you're going to start with a faction in general it's best to start with that faction. Instead this theme is designed for Crossing the Themes and moving into Infernals as a second faction.

List Building

General Tips

Infernal solos and units

  • Valin Hauke, The Fallen Knight - No matter the caster you pick, he is likely to be the first model taken with army in this theme. The Tactician bubble includes not only your troops but also your 'jacks and 'caster. Brother's Keeper is great, it turns any Tough unit (Howlers, Trencher's, Doom Reavers, etc) no-knockdown, no-stationary Tough and keeps solos with Inhuman Resolve standing for ever. He's also a great babysitter for the generally squishy 'casters available in this theme.
  • Mordecai, Master of Arms - He's a utility solo bringing Intelligence and has the option to either strip away Pathfinder or give one of your warrior models and out of activation move. The latter synergises well with Hauke in protecting a squishy 'caster that you had to overextend too far forward i.e. to get a good feat (looking at you, Feora3). Shadow lets you advance you caster backwards, and Tactician lets you move through your own troops and jacks.
  • Great Princess Regna Gravnoy - She brings a useful spell list in Deceleration and lets you summon Horrors. Her primary disadvantage has to do with the mechanics of Summoning; you are required to include a reasonable number of other Marked Souls (usually 2-3) to enable Regna. While all the Marked Souls provide significant utility, you are most likely going to end up spending as much as a full unit in terms of points to field Regna effectively, because you kinda don't want to sacrifice the solos.
  • Hermit of Henge Hold - He provides a significant damage buff which works very well with the large variety of chaff & jamming units which can be taken in this theme (pair him with DEF-skew units such as Rocketmen for especially efficient antics).
  • Howlers - They benefit immensely from Hauke's presence, as they naturally have Tough and often get in each other's way. Howlers are solid Soulless models which can be used to fuel Accumulator on your front line of warjacks.
  • Infernal Gate - A steady source of recursion is great when the number of units you can bring is limited. Additionally, the extra mobility the Gate provides synergises extremely well with weapon teams & your generally squishy casters.
  • Cultist Band - The lack of Horrors, the lack of Ambush as a theme benefit, and the need for Soulless models to make use of Accumulator makes these guys pretty much outclassed no matter what. They provide little when compared with the other options which are provided by your warcaster's faction.
  • Umbral Guardian - You can take these awesome solos as free options, and your almost certainly going to want at least two. Double Shield Guard is very relevant into heavy shooting lists, and will often give you the edge when building around the Gate & powerful 'caster-faction shooting options. Do note as well that they are Soulless models, and as such they can be used to add Accumulator zones on your opponent's turn.
  • The Wretch - These are your generic Marked Soul option (necessary when fielding Regna), who provide some not insignificant utility in the form of Entropic Force & Invocation of Bitterest Night. They also gain That Which Does Not Kill You from the theme, which makes them extremely useful for keeping your generally fragile caster healthy. A solid option which should make it into most lists at least as a one-of.

Sloan and the Bad Guys in Blue

  • Solan can bring a very focus efficient battlegroup here, which is a massive boon to her. She will defiently want to bring Falk, Rangers can be a very nice supplementary unit. Mainly she wants Grievers though, as they bring magic weapons and let her battlegroup accumulate. Nicia also makes for an excellent Return Fire target.

Feora and the ex-Menites

  • Feora, The Conquering Flame struggles in her home faction due to lack of options to keep her safe post-feat, which is why the combo of Hauke and Mordecai is so relevant. Predictably, she wants to bring a Choir, while Holy Zealots will set the world on fire under Incite and Fervor. To add to this, Hand of Judgement for the buff to fire damage is advised, as well as a Revelator to set even more things on fire (this will cost you a free solo, but should be worth it). The Hierophant and Scrutator Potentate Severius are the usual Protectorate mainstays and an Exemplar Warder, will add an additional layer of protection to the Conquering Flame.

Malakov and the really-red Khards

Kommander Andrei Malakov loves to work with Tough multi-wound infantry for his feat, so Howlers are his friends. Cultists are also great Sucker! targets. Two units of Doom Reavers can also be used by him to great effect, as they are great targets for his feat and Battle Plans. As for solos, the Greylord Adjunct is never not a great option and there's a good case for Sorscha0 with a Rager. Sorscha provides Boundless Change and Fog of War, which can be used with his Sneak Battle Plan to give any unit Stealth.

Mortenebra and the Infernal Machines

Mortenebra doesn't really want to play in the Infernal sprinklers. She's a battlegroup caster tied to Cryx warjacks, which are pretty fragile warjacks. Cryx players will sometimes use her in their Black Industries theme, but only because that theme gives warjacks +4 ARM vs shooting. Even with that, she's not used that often. Leaving Cryx to gain Accumulator and access to some Infernal models ... well, she's not going to be competitive.

Or, to put it more bluntly:

  • Gaining access to Infernal models isn't enough to make a serious Cryx player want to use Mortenebra.
  • Gaining access to Cryx models isn't enough to make a serious Infernal player want to pick Mortenebra over any of the other Hearts casters.

Of course, if you're playing for funsies, go nuts.

Lukas di Morray's Unfortunate Forray

Aurum Legate Lukas di Morray has struggled to find a place in Crucible Guard, he gets out-competed by Syvestro & Gearhart for the title of "Best Midfielder 2018". In Hearts of Darkness he can really shine, providing huge amounts of focus on the premium Guard 'jacks thanks to Accumulator, 16" range Dragon's Breath Rockets thanks to the Gate, and extremely scary Rocketmen when paired with the Hermit of Henge Hold. Lukas' main weakness when run as an Infernalist is his limited access to Guard support (in particular Mosby) and his exclusive reliance on the Wretch as a source of healing. Alyce is an obvious auto-include (note that she does not take up a CG solo slot, as Lukas has Irregulars: Alyce), as is at least one unit of Soulless infantry. Prospero with a heavy or a Vulcan is always a powerful option, especially since Accumulator affects all 'jacks not just your main warcaster's.

Note, Maker's Mark does not work when Lukas is run as an Infernal, as Maker's Mark specifically calls out Crucible Guard casters (and turns the 'jacks into CG 'jacks). As such Lukas does not have access to either the Toro or the Vanguard in this theme. The Vanguard is not much of a loss (it's primary purpose is the Shield Guard, which can be better provided by Umbral Guardians), but losing access to the Toro is a really big deal.

Crosse and the Particularly Mercurial Mercenaries

Lieutenant Crosse, Resistance Fighter runs the theme decently well if he brings double Steelhead Halberdiers with an Infernal Gate, Alexia2 and Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye for lots of recursion. The third merc solo should be either Rhupert for no-knockdown tough halberdiers, or Reinholdt for doubling his personal output. Howlers let his jacks accumulate, can go deep into enemy territory under Ghost Walk and at ARM 17 with 8 boxes are great Dauntless targets.



  • Released with the Faction launch (2019.06)
  • The warcasters in this theme are not canonically infernalists, it's more of a "what if" scenario. That is to say they were all, at some stage in their lives, at the point where all they needed was a little nudge to become fully fledged infernalists. Did that nudge happen in the official fluff, or is this still a "what if"? I don't know, I haven't read the Oblivion fluff.

Other Infernal models/themes

Infernal Logo.jpg       Infernal Index       (Edit)
Unique Rules : Masters, Horrors, Essence, & Summoning
Infernal Masters Agathon - Omodamos - Zaateroth
Attachment Lord Roget d'Vyaros Master Infernalist Princess Regna
Lesser Foreboder Light Lamenter - Shrieker Heavy Desolator - Soul Stalker - Tormentor
Units, Solos, & Structures
Structures Infernal Gate

Alain Runewood, Lord of Ash - Eilish1 - Eilish2 - Great Princess Regna Gravnoy (Master Infernalist) - Hermit of Henge Hold - Lord Roget d'Vyaros - Nicia, Hound of the Abyss - Orin1 - Saxon Orrik - The Wretch - Umbral Guardian - Valin Hauke, The Fallen Knight


Croe's Cutthroats - Cultist Band - Griever Swarm - Howlers

Theme Forces Mercenaries
Dark Legacy - Hearts of Darkness J.A.I.M.s
This index was last updated: 2019.06

Rules Clarifications

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Accumulator      (Edit)

  • Accumulator does not allow you to go over the normal focus limit (3 for most warjacks). Refer to the Cortex rules.
  • Warjacks which are Jack Marshaled can gain focus via Accumulator, whether or not the marshal is still alive.

Rules Clarification : That Which Does Not Kill You - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification: Theme Forces     (Edit)

Rerolling the starting roll   [Show/Hide]
  • You cannot use the theme benefit to reroll if it is a draw. Instead both players reroll until there is a loser, and then the loser can use their reroll benefit (if they have it). (Infernal Ruling)
  • If both players have a reroll, first the original loser uses their reroll.
    • If the original loser still loses, fine.
    • If the original loser now wins, the other player can use their reroll.
    • If it is now a draw, both players reroll until there is a loser. Then the player that hasn't used their theme benefit reroll can still use it, if they want.
Warjacks/Warbeasts with bonds   [Show/Hide]
  • A warjack/warbeast with a bond can always be included in a theme force, whether or not they're in the list of allowed models, but only if they're controlled by that bonded model.
  • This applies even if that bonded model isn't a full warcaster/warlock (changed as of 2018.06).
Including Mercenaries   [Show/Hide]

Number of Mercenaries

  • If your "up to one Merc" ...
    • ... can take warbeasts/warjacks, then you can add warbeast(s)/warjack(s) (without exceeding your "up to one" allowance)
    • ... comes with a Companion model, then you'll get that Companion (without exceeding your "up to one" allowance)
  • There is a bug in Warroom that allows you to not only take one Merc solo/unit, but the entire FA of that Merc solo/unit. It's a bug.

Partisans & Theme Forces (Edit)

  1. If the theme force has the Partisan model on the list of allowed models, then it doesn't use up your "Up to one mercenary" slot, and so you can take the full FA plus another mercenary. Example: Cephalyx in Black Industries or Kayazy in Jaws of the Wolf. (Infernal Ruling)
  2. If the Partisan isn't on the list, it does use up your "Up to one mercenary" slot, and you can only take one. (There is a bug in Warroom that allows you to take the full FA.)
  • Whether you used option 1 or 2 above, once they're in your theme force they count as a Faction model and so can be taken as a Requistion Option (if they fit the Requistion description). For instance, Eiryss1 can be taken as a free solo in the Legion of Dawn theme. (Infernal Ruling)

Mercenaries and Quasi-Partisans

  • Some themes include a benefit that says "If this model is included, it counts as a Faction model instead of a Mercenary model". For example Greygore in Kriel Company.
    In this case, the mercenary model has effectively gained Partisan and is subject to the FA limits described above. To reiterate:
    • If that Merc is in the list of allowed models allowed (such as Savio in Storm Division), they won't count against your "up to one Merc" allowance.
    • If that Merc isn't in the list, (such as Order of Illumination Resolutes in Heavy Metal), they will count against your "up to one Merc" allowance.

Mercenaries and Ranking Officers

  • Adding a Ranking Officer to a Merc unit doesn't increase the number of Merc units you can take.
Requisition Points   [Show/Hide]
  • You can choose the same Requisition option as many times as you like, as long as it doesn't put you over a FA limit.
  • You can't mix and match models from different options. Say one option allows 3 Machine Wraiths and another allows 3 Necrotechs. You can't use your Requisition Point to get 2 Wraiths and 1 Necrotech.
  • If you have an option that allows one other solo, you can't use it to get something already on the list. For instance, Ghost Fleet allows 3 Misery Cages (which are FA 4) for one Requistion Point, and it allows 1 other solo. That "other solo" can't be a 4th Cage.
Free models and Specialists (ADR)    [Show/Hide]
  • If your theme only allows one merc solo, you can't have one in your main list and a different one in your specialists.
Unit Attachments   [Show/Hide]
  • If a unit is allowed in a theme, any-and-all of its attachments are allowed too. Exception: Ranking Officers are not allowed unless explicitily mentioned.
  • If the theme force gives a benefit to a specific unit, any-and-all attachments to that unit will benefit too. Even if it is a "generic" attachment like the Void Leech. (Infernal Ruling)
    For example, a Trollkin Sorcerer will gain Serenity if its attached to a Dhunian Knot unit in a Power of Dhunia theme force.
  • If your theme allows "3 weapon attachments" as a freebie, you can spread them into different units.
When to apply theme benefits   [Show/Hide]
  • Theme force benefits are applied when you construct your list and models keep the benefit for the whole game. You don't gain/lose theme benefits due to in-game changes.
    Also, if you put a new model into play midgame, they immediately gain any relevant benefits too. (Infernal Ruling)
    • For example, Scourge of the Broken Coast gives Dodge to "models in the army." If your opponent takes control of one of them, it keeps Dodge even though it's currently not "in the army".
    • For example, Storm Division gives lightning immunity to "Cygnar models in the army." If you include a Mercenary unit with a Ranking Officer, they will get the theme benefit and also keep it even after the Ranking Officer dies.

Cryx - Black Industries   [Show/Hide]
  • The entry which allows "Cephalyx models/units" only applies to Partisan Cephalyx. That's because the theme's rules start off with "this army can only include the following Cryx models"​. Partisan Cephalyx are the only ones that fill that condition.
  • The Cephalyx Agitator also works for Cryx and can go in Black Industries but, because it is not a Partisan, it will use up your Mercenary solo slot.
  • (Infernal Ruling)

Protectorate - The Creator's Might   [Show/Hide]

Mercenary - Flame in the Darkness   [Show/Hide]
  • You can take any number of Mercenary jacks. You can also select two additional jacks from Khador and Cygnar in any combination you like. Character warjacks with a bond don't count against this limit of 2. (Infernal Ruling)
  • There is a bug in Warroom that allows you to take two Cygnar and two Khador jacks.
Mercenary - Llaelese Resistance   [Show/Hide]
  • It is 2 Cruicible or 2 Cygnar or 2 Menoth.
    You can't take more than 2, and you can't mix and match from multiple Factions. (Infernal Ruling)
Mercenary - The Talion Charter   [Show/Hide]
  • The 3rd benefit is "Sac Pawn [Sea Dog trooper]", not just any Sea Dog. (Infernal ruling)

Circle - The Bones of Orboros   [Show/Hide]
  • Una1 cannot be taken in this theme (yet) due to the conflict between the theme's "Only Construct warbeasts allowed" and Una1's "Must take warbeasts with flight". There are no construct warbeasts with flight (yet). But if/when there is, then Una1 can be taken in this theme. (Infernal Ruling)
Circle - The Devourer's Host   [Show/Hide]
  • Bradigus1 is not legal in this theme. The theme only allows living warbeasts, his rules only allow construct warbeasts, and you can't just 'skip' his battlegroup - you have to spend your warbeast points.
  • If you create a new model mid-game (ie with the Well of Orboros and that model can have corpse tokens, that model does not enter play with a corpse. Because it's not the beginning of the game. (Locked thread)
Circle - The Wild Hunt   [Show/Hide]
  • When it comes to other things that alter COST (such as Lamentation), follow basic maths: Double/halve first, then add/subtract.
  • Due to the way Tanith's feat is worded, during her feat turn the COST of animi cannot drop below 1. (Infernal Ruling)

Skorne - The Exalted   [Show/Hide]
  • If a Construct model loses the Construct advantage mid-game, it keeps the theme benefit anyway. (Infernal Ruling)

Trollblood - Band of Heroes   [Show/Hide]
  • Boomhowler uses up your Minion slot. His Fell Calls ability is not enough to make him a "Fell Caller model/unit". (Infernal Ruling)

Crucible Guard - Magnum Opus   [Show/Hide]
  • If Mosby is attached to a Mercenary weapon crew unit, they would gain 3" reposition and would not lose it if Mosby is no longer in the unit. (Infernal Ruling)

Infernals - Hearts of Darkness   [Show/Hide]