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Khador Theme Force
Armored Korps - Flame in the Darkness - Jaws of the Wolf - Legions of Steel - Warriors of the Old Faith - Winter Guard Kommand - Wolves of Winter

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Legacy ... sort of
This mk3 Theme Force is somewhat similar to the mk4 Legacy Army.

If you're planning on starting a mk4 Armored Korps army you may get some use out of this article, espcially the In a Nutshell, the Theme Weaknesses, and maybe even the List-Building Tips sections.

With a hiss of steam and the tread of iron, the heavily armored infantry of Khador march to war with heavy warjacks at their side. Though Khador lacks the light warjacks of other nations, they make up for it with a dedicated corps of soldiers who go to war in steam-powered armor. Few opponents possess the weaponry able to chew through so thick a wall of armor, allowing the Man-O-War to crush enemy emplacements.

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Theme Rules

For the core rules on how Theme Forces work, see this article.

Theme Restrictions

An army made use the Armored Korps theme force can include only the following Khador models:

  • This army can also include one Mercenary solo and one Mercenary unit that will work for Khador.
    • These models/units can be included even if they have the Partisan [Khador] rule.
    • Mercenary units can include non-Ranking Officer attachments.

Models allowed

The models allowed in Armored Korps are:   [Show/Hide]

This list was last updated: 2018.11   (Edit)


  • All Khador warcasters


  • All non-character Khador warjacks
  • Behemoth
  • Character warjacks can be taken, but only if they're in their bonded model's battlegroup.

Battle Engines




  • Up to one solo
  • Up to one unit

Requisition Points

You can spend each Requisition Point on either:

  • One Khador CA
  • One Tanker solo
  • One other Small- or medium-based Khador solo with a point cost of 5 or less

Theme Bonuses

  1. When a model in this army is affected by the Repair special rule, remove 1 additional damage point.
  2. Man-O-War units and Tanker solos in this army gain Advance Move.
    Advance Move - Before the start of the game but after both players have deployed, a model with Advance Move can make a full advance.

Thoughts on Armored Korps

Armored Korps in a Nutshell

"When I die, I die in steam!" - Man-o-War motto

Welcome to the page for Khador's Armored Korps theme force. The Armored Korps' Man-o-War are elite combined-arms combatants who trade agility for strength by fighting in steam-powered armor. They exemplify both Khadoran strength and resilience, and favor battles of attrition over mad scrambles. Slow and methodical, Man-o-War thunder up the battlefield as an indomitable wall of iron, crushing everything in their path. This page offers you all the information you need to get started and excel with your own Armored Korps. If you're looking for a beginner-friendly theme that lets you march small forces of tightly packed elite troops across the tabletop, you've come to the right place; Armored Korps forces are powerful, accommodate various play styles, have a wide selection of models and viable warcasters available to them, have an iconic aesthetic and their models are easy to assemble and paint while still providing ample opportunity for artistic expression.

Strategy & Tactics

This section describes the Armored Korps' key features, as well as general strategies and tactics that will be key to understanding and mastering the ways they fight.

    Elite Soldiers & Equipment    
Man-o-War are elite combatants across the board, all wielding a selection of top tier equipment suited to combined arms warfare and attrition-based combat. They are trained to be highly independent and can do well under the guidance of almost any Khadoran warcaster. By combining their superior training with their signature steam-powered armor, Man-o-War forces boast very high accuracy and power with both melee and ranged attacks as well as extremely stout protection and veteran discipline. The greatest drawback to this approach is their extremely low body count: Man-o-War forces feature very few models compared to most others, which also frequently caused their volume of attacks in a turn to be comparatively low. Every attack is very likely to hit and harm something, but that doesn't count for much if the opponent can simply overwhelm them. The other end of that problem is that while all their attacks are very powerful, they're not all só overwhelmingly powerful that they crush every threat with a single blow. The Man-o-War approach to solving these problems is to employ the services of the various specialists in the Korps, or to employ Mercenaries to conquer specific threats. An important part of doing well with Armored Korps forces is to first learn how to construct forces that can deal with all comers, and then to learn which tools you'll need to bring to each match-up to maximize your advantages.

    Trading Mobility for Power & Protection    
To wield such powerful suits of heavy armor, Man-o-War gladly trade a large part of their mobility away. They move slowly, and frequently struggle in rough terrain. They are especially vulnerable to enemy strategies that disrupt their--already limited--movement. However, they're not exactly slow in a way that matters to them. Most Man-o-War in an Armored Korps get Advance Move, which heavily compensates for their low base mobility and makes them capable at taking and holding objectives. They're good at picking a spot and fighting from there, but struggle to keep up if they're forced to keep moving. Generally speaking, their strategies revolve around slowly and methodically approaching and forcing the enemy to engage rather than going on the offensive themselves. If the opponent is able to out-shoot a Man-o-War force or bait them into chasing after their troops, the Man-o-War are at a significant disadvantage. Man-o-War don't often make the initial charge, and instead thrive in retaliation. The goal is to pepper enemy forces with artillery while denying their objectives, and overpowering them when they commit to a close combat engagement.

    Tried, True & Predictable    
The Armored Korps' battle plans are reliable, but predictable. Due to their fondness for specialist combatants, opponents will generally be able to guess what they're up to, and their low threat ranges make it difficult to pull out big upsets in a typical battle. Once you commit to a battle plan, it's hard to switch gears or change directions; this can be equal parts blessing and curse though because it pushes you to keep dictating the pace of the engagement but also heavily telegraphs your plans which gives opponents ample time to sabotage you. Play to your fundamental understanding of the game's rules and your force instead of relying on flashy interactions or gambles. All this isn't to say that Man-o-War are boring or one-note; they sport numerous synergies and interactions, have access to cavalry that can threaten enemies at very odd angles, and can perform some bizarre feats under the leadership of some of the most underhanded Khadoran warcasters.

List Building Tips

Khador has a general predilection for "old meets new" approaches to combat, and Man-o-War do not break that mold. They are very commonly formed up like one would a pre-modern army, with a tough first wave of fighters formed up in a wide front line and followed by a damage-oriented second wave and backed up by supporting units. This main formation can be supplemented with more agile troops on the flanks that seek to harass the enemy formation from the sides or deal with enemy harassers, or a contingent of mercenary skirmishers or ambushers that take or contest far-flung objectives and disrupt enemy strategies. You have a lót of flexibility here, as much depends on the types of forces you're expecting to face.

    First Wave    
An Armored Korps first wave is all about withstanding ranged attack damage and screening the rest of your force. You generally do not expect these units to (fully) recoup their costs, and instead focus on soaking up damage and taking or contesting objectives in the mid-field. Once that job is done, feel free to commit them and deal whatever damage they still can. While they are defensive pieces, they're also Man-o-War, which means they can threaten almost anything they can reach.

  • Man-o-War Shocktroopers are the basis of almost any Armored Korps; they are a superlative all-purpose screening unit that also threatens a wide range of foes and seeing one to two full units of Shocktroopers with their Officer are very common. Unless you're certain you won't face significant ranged attacks, Shocktroopers are an obvious inclusion.
  • Man-o-War Tankers are about as resilient as Shocktroopers, and are frequently formed up alongside them to help with screening as well as deal with incoming threats. Tankers sport one of two loadouts, either specialized towards dealing with heavy individual threats or with large volumes of weak or agile foes.
    • Strike Tankers specialize in tackling the former, using their Slug Cannon to punch holes in the thickest of armors and down the heaviest of foes.
    • Suppression Tankers lay down withering barrages of fire with their twin Volley Guns that will clear out any light- and most medium troops.
  • Warjacks: Many Khadoran warjacks feel comfortable as part of the front line of an Armored Korps.

    Second Wave    
An Armored Korps first wave is entirely filled with combatants seeking to deliver overwhelming amounts of damage once the enemy has come within range. These fighters are far more vulnerable to ranged attacks, and are most effective when screened on the advance. If the opponent does not boast significant damage at range, they can be fielded as first wave combatants instead.

  • Man-o-War infantry: Often seen trailing the generalist Shocktroopers, the Armored Korps features two other Man-o-War infantry units, each specialized to deal with different threats; very similar to Tankers.
    • Man-o-War Demolition Corps: A single unit of Demolition Corps led by the infamous Sergeant Dragadovich is a solid inclusion in numerous Armored Korps builds. They use their vicious Ice Mauls to lay waste to medium- and heavy threats. With proper support, they're even suited to tackling superheavy targets. They're a great inclusion if you expect to face highly armored opponents.
    • Man-o-War Bombardiers are a less frequent inclusion because almost any opponent will field at least a few heavily-armored fighters, they won't necessarily field suitable targets for Bombardiers to decimate. Like Suppression Tankers, Bombardiers excel at crowd control, but unlike the Tanker they are completely capable of threatening medium threats, and thrive as a stationary fire base lobbing shells from their Grenade Cannons to clear a path for your other troops. If you're facing forces with a high volume of troops, definitely consider bringing a single unit of Bombardiers with their Officer.
  • Man-o-War Kovniks enhance the mobility of their troops with Desperate Pace, and are an obvious inclusion for many Armored Korps, but their utility depends on how useful those extra inches of movement will be. They usually start a battle by urging their comrades on and then transitioning to dedicated combat duty. If you expect to perform at least one proactive charge attack with a Man-o-War unit, the Kovnik comes highly recommended; many forces even bring two.
  • Bulkhead: Where the Kovnik is a support solo first, and a combatant second, Bulkhead is entirely dedicated to being a powerful fighter. If you're considering taking a Kovnik for their combat prowess, bring Bulkhead first and go from there.
  • Warcasters: Many Khadoran warcasters thrive in combat themselves and almost all of them love being screened on the approach, only to unleash their martial prowess once the enemy has drawn near. Refer to #Warcasters of Note for more information.

The two combat waves are generally followed up by a contingent of supporting troops and command units. These are generally not suited to combat, or simply do better as dedicated support units.

  • Kommandant Arconovich and his Standard Bearer are an automatic inclusion in almost any Armored Korps; their abilities are invaluable and they're capable combatants when it comes down to it. Between Tactician and three powerful Battle Plans, Atanas is an obvious early buy for many Armored Korps builds.
  • Greylord Forge Seers are more Greylord than Man-o-War, but their Empower spell is very powerful and really benefit from the protection of so many other Medium-based miniatures around them. Forge Seers are optional for many Armored Korps forces that don't really need to extra Focus, but they're almost never a bad inclusion because they bring magical attacks to a theme that barely has any. Consider the Seer to be a utility pick; always consider whether you'll need their services in any particular battle.
  • Warcasters: Some Khadoran warcasters do nót want to get mixed up in melee combat until perhaps the very end, and will instead hang back to support their troops and battlegroup from a distance. Refer to #Warcasters of Note for more information.
  • Warcaster Attachments: Most warcasters appreciate the services of one of the two Khadoran Warcaster Attachments, and aren't generally interested in non-Faction options available to them.
    • Greylord Adjunct: The Adjunct is dedicated mostly to empowering warcasters who prefer to fight from behind the combat waves, and is an obvious inclusion with several support warcasters.
    • War Dog: By contrast, the War Dog enhances many combat warcasters, and is also a very common sight in Armored Korps forces.
  • Battle Mechaniks are the unsung heroes of the Armored Korps who keep everyone up and running. They are exceptionally cheap, and their theme-enhanced Repair services are highly prized in many Armored Korps builds, especially those that emphasize ranged combat. Their Officer is very powerful but not strictly necessary unless you have a specific purpose in mind for them.

To aid Man-o-War with their mobility issues, Khadoran stablemasters have bred massive Karpathan war horses to carry them into battle. With their help, Armored Korps forces are capable of fielding limited flanking forces that can do a wide range of things.

  • Man-o-War Drakhuns are in equal parts capable at melee combat and taking and holding objectives. They threaten enemy skirmishers, hunters and support pieces, and require a dedicated effort to dislodge them once they take a far-flung objective. They are worth the investment if they're a part of your battle plan, but not as simply an all-purpose combatant; carefully consider whether you need a Drakhun's service for any particular battle.
  • Man-o-War Chariots are heavy weapon platforms drawn by pairs of Karpathans. Each of two variants is again dedicated towards dealing with specific types of threats, but unlike Tankers they can comfortably mix it up in melee they're both terrifying when charging. Chariots require a lot of finesse to be played well, and they're expensive miniatures so they don't see a lot of tabletops but both are very powerful pieces for experienced players.
    • Assault Chariots are fitted with a Barrage Gun, dedicated to mowing down hordes of sacrificial or lightly armored foes. Unlike Bombardiers, they're constantly on the move and do excellent work contesting far-flung objectives and threatening the enemy flank simultaneously.
    • Siege Chariots are far more flexible in their purpose. They still threaten charge attacks, but their main draw is the excessively powerful Heavy Gun that sends even heavy foes flying, and it sports twin smoke launchers to boot! The Siege Chariot is best described as a disruption piece that can mess up almost any plan. It can be run on the flanks to contest objectives but can also be a supplemental screening unit.

The Armored Korps features exactly zero in-Faction skirmishing units, but does have access to a wide range of Mercenaries and Minions to provide these services. Mobile units that can hunt solos, harass enemy flanks or simply hold or contest objectives can be invaluable for an Armored Korps. Refer to #Mercs & Minions of Note for more information.

Safe Early Buys

When starting an Armored Korps, there are several inclusions that will almost certainly give you good value for your money. These mini's work well in small encounters and scale well, while also being accessible to beginners. There are numerous viable alternatives to these picks, but we believe these recommendations will serve the vast majority of players well.

  • Warcasters: There are four simple and effective picks that most players will consistently enjoy playing with and against.
    • Kommander Zoktavir, the Butcher: Orsus brings massive amounts of power and synergistic spells, appreciates being screened and is a champion in slugfests.
    • Lord Kozlov: As Khador's battlebox 'caster, Kozlov is straightforward and he works very well with Man-o-War.
    • Kommander Kratikoff: Khador's ice queen has natural synergies with Man-o-War in general, but Demolition Corps in particular, and she's a powerful and flexible 'caster at all encounter sizes.
    • Kommandant Kratikoff: Sorscha's third incarnation is a Man-o-War herself and boasts various synergies with them. If you don't expect to quickly branch out into other themes, she's an excellent starting pick; though slightly more difficult to master.
  • Warjacks: While almost all Khadoran warjacks can do well in an Armored Korps, it's often wise to start out with a few highly flexible options that are more straightforward and work well with numerous 'casters.
    • One or two boxes of "Classic" chassis warjacks that you can magnetize to create single frames that can be played as Decimators, Destroyers, Juggernauts or Marauders.
    • One or two boxes of "Mobility" chassis warjacks to do the same and create frames for Grolars and Kodiaks.
    • Or you can go big early on and get the Behemoth. It's a less efficient choice overall, but it's such a great and flexible 'jack that you're still very likely to field it regularly. Just mind the price tag.
  • Warriors: There are a few evergreen selections most new Armored Korps players will want to make.
    • You can't go wrong with a box of Man-o-War Shocktroopers and their Officer.
    • Another safe bet is a box of Man-o-War Demolition Corps and their Sergeant; they don't require as much screening in smaller encounters, and Dragos bumps their survivability significantly.
  • Kommandant Arconovich: Atanas works great with Shocktroopers and Demo Corps, and only becomes more valuable as you expand your force.
  • Man-o-War Kovnik: While not an absolute necessity, Kovniks slot very well into the vast majority of builds and they're just about never a non-option.
  • Man-o-War Tanker: Generally getting a Suppression Tanker early on is highly recommended to deal with jamming units. Only opt for the Strike Tanker instead if you know your local meta is dominated by heavy armor.

At 25pts you'll be able to field a warcaster with two or three warjacks, one full infantry unit w/ Command Attachment; then add some or all of Arconovich, the Kovnik and the Tanker for an extremely solid and flexible starting force. Or perhaps consider the Brawlmachine list below for inspiration.

Starting a 25 point Brawl List

In 2020.10 Phillip Melvin, one of the LOS authors, put together this list for the Brawlmachine format. It was then updated for the 2021.10 errata. He even wrote about it's playstyle and expanding it beyond 25 points, which you can read here.

Sorscha3: [+28 WJP]
Man-O-War Suppression Tanker: [Free] (6 pts)
Man-O-War Kovnik: [3 pts]
Man-O-War Demolition Corps (Max unit): [12 pts]
  • Command Attachment: [4 pts]
Kommandant Atanas Arconovich & Standard: [5 pts]

For more Brawlmachine list ideas, see Category: Brawl List

Warcasters of Note

Man-o-War function well under a wide range of warcasters so you have a lot of viable options. Many of these 'casters transform the ways in which your Man-o-War play, whereas others mostly operate separately alongside a mostly independent Man-o-War force. This section discusses the many warcasters who work well leading Armored Korps forces, and why.

  • Kommander Zoktavir, the Butcher: Between Fury, Iron Flesh and his Feat, the Butcher is both a support and second wave 'caster whose Medium base is easily screened by Man-o-War before he and his battlegroup go in for the kill.
  • Kommander Zoktavir, the Enraged: This incarnation of the Butcher is an absolute maniac combat 'caster whose Fury and Feat work wonders with Man-o-War, but he'll mostly be looking for a screen before getting stuck in.
  • Kommander Zoktavir, the Unleashed: Favoring his Arguses over his troops, Orsus is again mostly looking to do his own thing in combat, but still offering Silence of Death to his troops. Again, the ability to screen his Medium base is invaluable.
  • Cylena Raefyll, Guardian of Nyssor (League Model): If you're not playing in a tournament, Cylena is a support 'caster who's especially good at fielding Man-o-War with a lot of firepower; especially Bombardiers. Between Fire for Effect, Shatter Storm and her Feat she turns them and the ranged 'jacks in her battlegroup up to eleven.
  • Kommandant Irusk: As a superlative support 'caster for all Khadoran warriors, Irusk works magic with Man-o-War. His Battle Plans, Battle Lust, Inhospitable Ground, Iron Flesh and even his Feat, Irusk is a perfect fit.
  • Supreme Kommandant Irusk: Somehow iterating upon perfection, the Supreme Kommandant does as much for Man-o-War but putting more emphasis on artillery this time around. Sporting Tactician, Total Obedience, Artifice of Deviation, Battle Lust, Fire for Effect, Solid Ground and again his Feat; almost his entire toolbox supports Man-o-War.
  • Lord Kozlov: Simple and effective, Kozlov's Gang Fighter is a revelation with melee-centric Man-o-War, and his Fury, Tactical Supremacy and especially his Feat turn even Man-o-War into a blitz-ready force.
  • Kommander Malakov: Irusk's protégé is without question the most devious and ruthless of all Khadoran 'casters, and rocking a supporting toolbox of nasty tricks to beat his enemies in ways they can never see coming. His cruel Battle Plans, Discombobulate, Tactical Supremacy, Veil of Mists and mind-bending Feat let Man-o-War break with their reputation for being predictable. And Malakov is especially fond of working with a Demolition Corps.
  • The Old Witch of Khador & Scrapjack: Zevanna is an unorthodox mixed-method 'caster who does well at crowd control and is always angling for a personal melee kill. She's mostly on her own trajectory, but her Gallows, Iron Flesh and Weald Secrets also synergize very well with Man-o-War; who in turn are able to screen her Scrapjack.
  • Kommander Kratikoff: As a both a supporting ánd melee assassination 'caster, Sorscha's stationary effects work very well with Demo Corps' Shatter ability, her Fog of War provides excellent protection and her legendary Feat evens the amount of attacks the enemy can generate compared to the low volume of Man-o-War.
  • Kommandant Kratikoff: In this incarnation, Sorscha's triples as combat 'caster, melee assassin and absolute specialist at supporting melee-centric Man-o-War in many ways. Her Field Marshal ability is positively terrifying, she can set foes up to be Shattered by Demo Corps and she provides protection with Storm's Embrace and Iron Flesh. To boot, her Feat is an amazing control tool that dictates enemy movement, eliminates jamming units and screens her forces.
  • Dark Champion Tzepesci: The Dark Champion is a mix of combat and support warcaster whose toolbox benefit Man-o-War especially well. Arcane Might, Hand of Fate and Wind Blast support a balanced force of melee and ranged Man-o-War, and his Feat is devastatingly powerful, especially when applied to solos who can make several attacks like Bulkhead, Kovniks and Drakhuns.

Mercs & Minions of Note

  • Alexia Ciannor & The Risen: Alexia comes with a built-in jamming force to blunt the enemy force, while herself staying out of sight. Her utility is extremely dependent on what kind of enemy you're expecting, be it dangerous melee attackers, living models for Stir the Dead or undead models for Dominate Undead.
  • Alexia Ciannor, Mistress of the Witchfire: As a cavalier solo, Alexia can generate value from enemy deaths from behind a Tanker or warjack and sling Hellfire at incorporeal and Tough targets.
  • Alten Ashley: Between Bucking Jenny's Grievous Wounds and his Monster Hunter ability, Alten is a highly reliable sniper and utility pick against warbeasts and Tough models.
  • Brun Cragback & Lug: In cases where you need a second combat formation, Brun & Lug can offer their services, and occasionally Freeze something or knock it down.
  • Croe's Cutthroats: Croe and her Cutthroats are a superlative skirmishing and harassment unit that do excellent work independently from your Man-o-War formation. Bring them when you feel confident they'll be able to Backstab something and/or target suitable Prey.
  • Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios: The legendary huntress is quite the asset for an Armored Korps. She can threaten solos and hold far-flung objectives, but her real utility is in taking out key targets, such as those with incorporeal, Tough or Stealth, as well as disrupting warjacks and 'beasts. She's expensive, so make sure you know her purpose.
  • Eiryss, Angel of Retribution: She's very similar to her previous incarnation, but way more of a melee combatant, and geared towards taking out spellslingers and those under the effects of upkeep spells. If you're facing those, Eiryss can be a wonderful addition to your force.
  • Glyn Cormier w/ Vigilants: Glyn and a unit of Vigilants are an expensive but elite flanking and/or skirmishing force of specialists that excel at hunting down foes that rely on protective spells, clouds or Stealth for protection. If you're having trouble with those, they're an unorthodox and powerful solution.
  • Gobber Tinker: The Mechanikally Adept Tinker can Repair Man-o-War in a pinch, but is also a cheap, fast and reliable babysitter for safe objectives.
  • Gorman DiWulfe, Rogue Alchemist: If you're struggling with especially resilient models, his Black Oil and Rust grenades are invaluable. If not, steer clear of this alchemist.
  • Gubbin: This little Creeper is a devious and fun inclusion that puts melee-centric opponents at risk of either a Catastrophic Explosion in their ranks, or a stream of Explosives blowing their force apart.
  • Herne & Jonne: These two put out quite a few shots in a turn, and Man-o-War can screen Jonne's Medium base.
  • Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter: Hutchuck's a flexible combined arms utility model who poses a solid melee threat as well as utility with his Alchemical Grenades.
  • Kayazy Underboss Vizkoya: Kayazy are Khadoran Partisans and can benefit from many Faction-exclusive spells and abilities. They're also a good fit as second wave fighters. Vizkoya is particularly interesting when you're up against a lot of characters or want to disrupt key targets.
  • Kayazy Assassins: Kayazy are Khadoran Partisans and can benefit from many Faction-exclusive spells and abilities. They're also a good fit as second wave fighters who specialize at taking down more expensive enemy units. With the Underboss, they're an expensive unit that will need to do a lot to earn their spot, and should mostly be considered in larger battles, or in builds that don't rely on Man-o-War synergies as much. Make sure they have worthwhile targets to go after so you can eliminate that unit and then use them to jam the enemy up with Shadow Dance placement.
  • Kell Bailoch: Like Alten, Kell is an elite sniper who can be parked in a bush to apply two shots a turn with absolute precision. He's excellent against incorporeal and Tough enemies, but also threatens systems and aspects with Marksman and high-ARM targets with Deadly Shot, and all at a very affordable price.
  • Malvin, Revenge Artist: If you decide to run a Gobber Tinker or Tubbin you may add Malvin to your force via his Mastermind rule! And you might want to if you're interested in enabling Shatter attacks because Malvin's especially good at Freezing enemies while staying safe behind a Shield Wall. And his Frost Gun can affect incorporeal foes to boot!
  • Malvin & Mayhem: If you decide to run a Gobber Tinker or Tubbin you may add Malvin & Mayhem to your force via his Mastermind rule! This odd couple combine to make an expensive but completely independent and powerful melee warjack with a hilarious set of rules that enables it to both reach and deal with just about any target. Just make sure it gets enough done to recoup its cost!
  • Ogrun Bokur: Client and Shield Guard on a powerful fighter like the Bokur makes for a heady mix and they have more tricks besides. Their Medium base can be screened by Man-o-War and they're an excellent bodyguard for Bulkhead or a Kovnik.
  • Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inquisitor: Orin is a flexible support unit for a Man-o-War line because he can both help clear jamming units and provide protection from spells.
  • Ragman: Giving Man-o-War Dark Shroud helps them crack heavier armor, and Bone Shaker is a very powerful utility spell.
  • Rorsh & Brine: In cases where you need a second combat formation, Rorsh & Brine can offer their services.
  • Saxon Orrik: They're both a specialist at hunting enemy warbeasts with Blind Spot, Dismember and Inflict Pain, but also has Reconnaissance to give Pathfinder to a force that often has trouble navigating rough terrain.
  • Thor Steinhammer w/ Ghordson Basher: If you're interested in messing up the enemy formation with a lot of slams and/or knockdown effects, Thor is one of the few truly good 'Jack Marshals who runs a Basher very well. If you're in need of a Basher's help he's a great fit.
  • Tubbin: Like the Tinker, Tubbin is Mechanikally Adept and a capable mechanic, but his major draw is his Tune Up ability that can help make Chariots sing. He's also geared up very similarly to a Man-o-War Shocktrooper and so looks the part.



  • Released in the Themeopocalpse (2017.09) before many of the models in the theme were available.
  • Originally the official name was "Armored Corps". It received its korrect name in the 2019.07 Oblivion update.
  • Previewed in PP Insider September 5 2017

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Rules Clarification : Advance Move - None yet. (Edit)

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Rules Clarification : Repair      (Edit)

  • When repairing warjacks, you can choose which damage boxes to heal - they don't all have to be the same column.
  • If you get a +1 bonus to a repair roll, that is one extra hitpoint healed. Not +1 to the number of pips showing on the dice.
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Rules Clarification: Theme Forces     (Edit)

Themes that change a model's Faction   [Show/Hide]
  • Many themes swap which Faction a model counts as. They're slightly inconsistent with how exactly this is worded. Despite this inconsistency - whenever a model is considered a different faction to normal, it will not be its original faction. (Infernal Ruling)
For instance Lukas stops being a Crucible Guard model when taken in an Infernal army, and as a consequence he cannot take Toros or Vanguards in Infernals. (Infernal Ruling)
Rerolling the starting roll   [Show/Hide]
  • You cannot use the theme benefit to reroll if it is a draw. Instead both players reroll until there is a loser, and then the loser can use their reroll benefit (if they have it). (Infernal Ruling)
  • If both players have a reroll, first the original loser uses their reroll.
    • If the original loser still loses, fine.
    • If the original loser now wins, the other player can use their reroll.
    • If it is now a draw, both players reroll until there is a loser. Then the player that hasn't used their theme benefit reroll can still use it, if they want.
Warjacks/Warbeasts with bonds   [Show/Hide]
  • A warjack/warbeast with a bond can always be included in a theme force, whether or not they're in the list of allowed models, but only if they're controlled by that bonded model.
  • This applies even if that bonded model isn't a full warcaster/warlock (changed as of 2018.06).
Including Mercenaries   [Show/Hide]

Number of Mercenaries

  • If your "up to one Merc" ...
    • ... can take warbeasts/warjacks, then you can add warbeast(s)/warjack(s) (without exceeding your "up to one" allowance)
    • ... comes with a Companion model, then you'll get that Companion (without exceeding your "up to one" allowance)
  • There is a bug in Warroom that allows you to not only take one Merc solo/unit, but the entire FA of that Merc solo/unit. It's a bug.

Mercenaries and Ranking Officers

  • Adding a Ranking Officer to a Merc unit doesn't increase the number of Merc units you can take.


  • See also the section on Partisans
Including Partisan Mercenaries   [Show/Hide]

Partisans & Theme Forces (Edit)

  • Partisans are Mercenary/Minion models, so there are two ways you can add them to a theme force:
    1. Freely: If the Partisan is on the list of allowed models, then you can take as many as you want plus another Mercenary unit/solo. (Infernal Ruling)
      They can be explicitly allowed (for example Jaws of the Wolf allows "Kayazy models/units" so Partisan Kayayz can be used freely).
      They can be implicitly allowed (for example Scourge of the Broken Coast allows "living Cryx models/units" and Partisan Cephalyx fit that criteria, so they can be used freely). (Infernal Ruling)
    2. Limited: If the Partisan isn't on the list of allowed models, it does use up your "Up to one Mercenary/Minion" slot, so you can only have the one.
  • Whether you used option 1 or 2 above, once they're in your theme force they count as a Faction model and so:
    • They can be taken as a Requistion Option (if they fit the Requistion description).
    For example Lanyssa can be taken as a free solo in the Legion of Dawn theme. (Infernal Ruling)
    • They will get any theme benefit that they fit the description for.
    For example Storm Division gives all Cygnar models Immunity Electricity, so Partisan Mercs in that theme get immunity too.
    For example Nemo4's Mechaniks get Reposition [3] in Heavy Metal. (Infernal Ruling)
Requisition Points   [Show/Hide]
  • You can choose the same Requisition option as many times as you like, as long as it doesn't put you over a FA limit.
  • You can't mix and match models from different options. Say one option allows 3 Machine Wraiths and another allows 3 Necrotechs. You can't use your Requisition Point to get 2 Wraiths and 1 Necrotech.
  • If you have an option that allows one other solo, you can't use it to get something already on the list. For instance, Ghost Fleet allows 3 Misery Cages (which are FA 4) for one Requistion Point, and it allows 1 other solo. That "other solo" can't be a 4th Cage.
  • If your theme allows "3 weapon attachments" as a Requistion Option, you can spread them into different units. (Locked Thread)
  • Models with the Man-Sized rule count as small-based models for the purposes of being a Requistion Option. (Locked Thread)
Free models and Specialists (ADR)    [Show/Hide]
  • If your theme only allows one merc solo, you can't have one in your main list and a different one in your specialists.
Unit Attachments   [Show/Hide]
  • If a unit is allowed in a theme, any-and-all of its attachments are allowed too. Exception: Ranking Officers are not allowed unless explicitily mentioned.
  • If the theme force gives a benefit to a specific unit, any-and-all attachments to that unit will benefit too. Even if it is a "generic" attachment like the Void Leech. (Infernal Ruling)
    For example, a Trollkin Sorcerer will gain Serenity if its attached to a Dhunian Knot unit in a Power of Dhunia theme force.
  • If your theme allows "3 weapon attachments" as a Requistion Option, you can spread them into different units. (Locked Thread)
  • A non-character unit with a character attachment (i.e. Captain Karli) still counts as a non-character unit. (Infernal Ruling)
When to apply theme benefits   [Show/Hide]
  • With reference to special abilities that themes give to models, Ranking Officers, adding new models, and/or taking control of models:
    1. Theme force benefits are applied when you construct your list or put a new model into play. A model already in play will not lose or gain any theme benefits mid-game based on any changes of faction status or otherwise. (Infernal Ruling)
    2. However, if the theme gives a benefit to models "at the beginning of the game" (such as Devourer's Host letting models begin the game with 1 corpse token) then this benefit does not apply to new models that are put into play mid-game. (Locked Thread)
    • Example 1: Sons of the Tempest says "ATGM units in this army gain Pistoleer". If your opponent takes control of one of them, it keeps Pistoleer while under their control even though it's currently not "in the army".
    • Example 2: Storm Division gives Immunity:Electricity to "Cygnar models in the army." If you include a Mercenary unit with a Ranking Officer, they will get the theme benefit and also keep it even after the Ranking Officer dies.
    • Example 3: Stange Bedfellows gives solos Swift Vengeance. If Nemo4 creates a new solo mid-game, that solo will have Swift Vengeance.

See also these Theme-Specific Rulings   [Show/Hide]
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Rules Clarification : Black Industries      (Edit)

  • The entry which allows "Cephalyx models/units" only applies to Partisan Cephalyx. That's because the theme's rules start off with "this army can only include the following Cryx models"​. Partisan Cephalyx are the only ones that fill that condition.
  • The Cephalyx Agitator also works for Cryx and can go in Black Industries but, because it is not a Partisan, it will use up your Mercenary solo slot.
  • (Infernal Ruling)
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Rules Clarification : The Creator's Might      (Edit)

  • ​Elias Gade is allowed in Creator's Might. (Infernal Ruling)
  • You can spend the "Two Vassal solos" requistion option on one Vassal Mechanik and one Vassal of Menoth. Warroom has a bug and tells you that you can't. (Infernal Ruling)
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Rules Clarification : Flame in the Darkness      (Edit)

  • You can take any number of Mercenary jacks. You can also select two additional jacks from Khador and Cygnar in any combination you like. Character warjacks with a bond don't count against this limit of 2. (Infernal Ruling)
  • There is a bug in Warroom that allows you to take two Cygnar and two Khador jacks.
  • Morrowan Battle Priest:
    • If your warcaster is a Cygnar model that makes every unit you take a Cygnar unit, and Battle Priests can be attached to any unit.
      Warroom has a known bug where it doesn't allow this interaction.
    • If your warcaster is a Mercenary or Khador model, though, the only units the Battle Priest can attach to are the Morrow ones.
    • If you attach the Battle Priest to The Devil's Shadows Mutineers then it can be returned via Blood Bound. (Infernal Ruling)
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Rules Clarification : Llaelese Resistance      (Edit)

  • It is 2 Cruicible or 2 Cygnar or 2 Menoth.
    You can't take more than 2, and you can't mix and match from multiple Factions. (Infernal Ruling)
  • You can have a non-character unit with a character attachment (i.e. Captain Karli). (Infernal Ruling)
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Rules Clarification : The Talion Charter      (Edit)

  • The 3rd benefit is "Sac Pawn [Sea Dog trooper]", not just any Sea Dog. (Infernal ruling)
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Rules Clarification : The Bones of Orboros      (Edit)

  • Una1 cannot be taken in this theme (yet) due to the conflict between the theme's "Only Construct warbeasts allowed" and Una1's "Must take warbeasts with flight". There are no construct warbeasts with flight (yet). But if/when there is, then Una1 can be taken in this theme. (Infernal Ruling)
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Rules Clarification : The Devourer's Host      (Edit)

  • Bradigus1 is not legal in this theme. The theme only allows living warbeasts, his rules only allow construct warbeasts, and you can't just 'skip' his battlegroup - you have to spend your warbeast points.
  • If you create a new model mid-game (ie with the Well of Orboros and that model can have corpse tokens, that model does not enter play with a corpse. Because it's not the beginning of the game. (Locked thread)
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Rules Clarification : The Wild Hunt      (Edit)

  • The animus benefit doesn't apply to enemy warbeasts. (Infernal Ruling)
  • The animus benefit doesn't stack with the Druid Wilder's Herding ability. (Infernal Ruling)
  • When it comes to other things that alter COST (such as Lamentation), follow basic maths: Double/halve first, then add/subtract.
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Rules Clarification : Oracles of Annihilation      (Edit)

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Rules Clarification : The Exalted      (Edit)

  • If a Construct model loses the Construct advantage mid-game, it keeps the theme benefit anyway. (Infernal Ruling)
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Rules Clarification : Band of Heroes      (Edit)

  • Boomhowler2 uses up your Minion slot. His Fell Calls ability is not enough to make him a "Fell Caller model/unit". (Infernal Ruling)
  • Boomhowler3 does not use up your minion slot on account of having the Champion keyword.
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Rules Clarification : The Blindwater Congregation      (Edit)

  • Void Leeches attached to a Gatorman Posse will gain Snacking, but they won't gain extra hitpoints. (Infernal Ruling)
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Rules Clarification : Magnum Opus      (Edit)

  • If Mosby is attached to a Mercenary weapon crew unit, they would gain 3" reposition and would not lose it if Mosby is no longer in the unit. (Infernal Ruling)
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Rules Clarification : Hearts of Darkness      (Edit)