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Rules Clarification : [[:Category: {{{header}}}|{{{header}}}]]      ([{{FULLURL:Template:RC {{{header}}}|action=edit}} Edit])
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juckto's Rule Clarification template


This template uses the Iconbox 'master' template to create a RCbox template. Then, from here, you create a RC and input that onto a model page. This RCbox requires 2 inputs:

  • font_size (default is 85%)
  • Name= The name of the ability Note: must match actual page name
  • list= what the rules clarifications are.

Optional input:

  • Header2 (default is blank) This allows RC to share the same box. For instance Extended Control Range & Long Leash

Note "Name" and "list" are case-sensitive., and you must have the equals sign.


Creating a clarifcation using the code:
* Ghostly doesn't allow you to move through models

would produce:

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Ghostly      (Edit)

  • Ghostly doesn't allow you to move through models