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juckto's Iconbox template


This is a 'master' template that is used to create multiple "slave" templates that share a similar style. It requires 5 inputs:

  • width_total (default is 75%) (controls overall width)
  • width_left (default is 50pts) (controls width of lefthand "image" box
  • font_size (default is 100%)
  • fgcolor (default is #f80, orange)
  • border_top_px is the thickness of a dashed line added to the top of the box (default is 0px, which means no dashed border is displayed by default)
  • leftbox is normally an image file, such as an exclamation mark (default is "no image available.png")
  • heading = heading (default is blank)
  • break = optional input. By default it will put a break between the heading and the content. If you want no break, change this input to a null input.
  • content = content (normally left as an input, for "slave" template to use)
  • class_input = where you can put class info. Normally left as blank so everything defaults. Occassionaly set to class_input="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"


Creating a "Slave template" with the code:

would produce:

Ambox warning red.png


Where {{{1}}} is the content which is left as "free" for the end user to edit.