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Circle Logo.jpg Tanith the Feral Song

Circle Blackclad Warlock

Tanith the Feral Song is a harsh enforcer and remorseless killer. Often she is sent on tasks other young druids might shy away from, such as when another member of the druidic order needs to be punished or when it's deemed necessary to cull an encrouching settlement. Tanith is completely devoted to the Circle Orboros and the Devourer Wurm itself and has delved deeply into the mysteries of the Beast of All Shapes. Even among her peers and subordinates she is kept at a distance, perhaps because they know if it was required she would sacrifice them with no hesitation or remorse.

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Boxed Set
Tanith comes in the Mk3 battlebox starter set, alongside 3 warbeasts: a Pureblood Warpwolf, Gorax Rager, and Wild Argus.

At the time of writing (2019.05) she is not available for individual purchase (although the warbeasts are).

Basic Info

Missing Info
Tanith the Feral Song.png
COST {{{cacost}}}
UNIT SIZE {{{casize}}}
FA {{{cafa}}}
Warcaster 0
BASE Small
M.A. N/A
DEF 15
ARM 15
ESSENCE {{{essence}}}
HP 15
F. Field N/A
WJP {{{wjp}}}
WBP +31
IHP {{{ihp}}}
Warcaster 1
the Statblock
  • Warlock - All warlocks come with a stack of standard special rules - most notably being awesome.

Feat: Rites of the Wurm

  1. While warbeasts in Tanith's battlegroup are in her control range, she can channel spells through them.
  2. Additionally, when Tanith of a warbeast in her battlegroup casts a spell, reduce the COST of the spell by 1. The COST of a spell cannot be reduced to less than 1.
Rites of the Wurm lasts for one turn.



  • Jaws of the Earth- 10" range, POW 12 gun.
    • Roots of Shadow - On a direct hit against an enemy model, center a 4" AOE on the model hit. Enemy models in the AOE suffer Shadow Bind for one round. (Shadow Bind - A model suffering from Shadow Bind suffers -3 DEF, and for one round when it advances it cannot move except to change facing. Shadow Bind can be shaken.)
    • From Beneath - Attacks with this weapon ignore cover and concealment.
    • Magical dam symbol.jpg Damage Type: Magical
  • Staff of Fate - 2" reach, P+S 11 melee weapon



2 6 - - Upkeep No
When an enemy model advances and ends its movement within 6" of target model in the spellcaster's battlegroup, the affected model can immediately advance up to 3", then Admonition expires. The affected model cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.

2 8 - - Upkeep Yes
Target model/unit suffers -2 DEF. When a damage roll resulting from a direct hit fails to exceed the ARM of an affected model, the model suffers 1 damage point.

2 8 - 10 - Yes
When Bleed damages a living enemy model, this model can remove d3 damage points.

3 8 4 13 - Yes
The AOE is rough terrain and remains in play for one round.
Scything Touch

2 6 - - Upkeep No
Target friendly Faction model gains Dark Shroud.
Dark Shroud - While in this model's melee range, enemy models suffer -2 ARM.

Theme Forces

Thoughts on Tanith1

Tanith in a nutshell

Tanith is the Mk3 "battlebox caster" for Circle. As such she is designed to be relatively simple to learn and straightforward to use. If you're learning the game, it is best to use her vs one of the other battlebox casters because they're all designed to have roughly the same power level. None of them are top tier casters, as they lack the flexibility or strength to be top contenders.

Tanith is an offensive spellcaster. She is a mid-ranged warlock who focuses on getting the field set up for the rest of her force by applying debuffs.. She has a lot of tools to reduce DEF, making it easier for your force to wipe out the enemy.

Feat thoughts

  • Tanith's feat can either be used early as an alpha strike or it can be saved for a turn you need to spam spells.
  • Use Tanith's feat to expand your threat angles and spam the (now cheaper) bleed to assassinate softer casters hiding in the back.
  • Primal costs 1 fury on her feat turn. Putting it on all of beasts can be a serious game changer.
  • Due to some awkward skornegy with one of the benefits from the Wild Hunt some beasts animus actually cost more fury after Tanith uses her feat. Be aware of the order of activations on her feat turn.
    • This is because her feat overrides the theme benefit, placing the minimum cost clause on top. (See link in the #Rules Clarifications, below)

Spell thoughts

  • Affliction
    • Affliction and Roots of the Shadow is a very effective combo, although it does mean Tanith needs to get close to the enemy.
    • Using Affliction combined with a high volume of attacks will ensure that any heavy jack or beast can be taken down with ease. For example with Reeves of Orboros's ROF 2 guns, or any cheap infantry that costs half the points of a Reeve.
    • Sprays also become very effective against single wound infantry, even higher armor units (like shield walled troops).
  • Scything Touch
    • Circle has many solos and units, along with 3 beasts, that have 2 inch melee weapons. These are excellent choices for the spell Scything Touch because it effects a large area and effects all enemies in that area.
    • Cast it on a War Wolf then run him and use sic'em for a -2 ARM to an enemy 21.5 inch away.

Battlebox Fights

She is considered to be one of the best battlebox casters. Her strategy for these 0 point games is to make use of her feat to have a large swing turn with any of the beasts available to her; 1 cost Wraithbane off the Pureblood Warpwolf against casters with DEF/ARM buffs, Primal from the Gorax Rager to either trade off a Wild Argus or throw in the Pureblood if the situation calls for it. Affliction offers a MAT fix against any battle boxes that rely on high DEF, and the animus on the Argus allows for an even better MAT fix, bringing them down to DEF 5.

If you save the feat for an assassination, you can get a DEF 5 target with 3 sets of Bleed with boosted damage into the target. Or you can rock yourself up, shoot with your gun, apply Shadow Bind, and spell away, with bonus points for running two beasts into their back arc, one to channel spells through, and the other to apply dark shroud via upkeep.

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • Tanith has an average FURY stat that will run out quickly even when she feats.
  • Due to the range on her attacks and spells, she is forced to be closer to a fight than is safe. Be careful not to put yourself in a bad position while trying to set up your force.

Tricks & Tips

  • Use Tanith before attacking key targets with the rest of your force, as she makes the targets easier to hit.

List Building Advice


Beyond the battlebox, Tanith is primarily a de-buff caster so she can make even mediocre units are decent, and good units really shine. She is however pretty fragile so watch out she isn't too exposed to an assassination. Because she wants to play closer to the action having shield guards, transfers, triggers for her prowl or line of sight blockers are all a good idea. You may also consider putting her Admonition spell on her. That said, getting shadowbind out with her ranged attack is very good and the def de-buff stacks with Affliction.

Theme thoughts

With the exception of one small issue between the Wild Hunt and her feat turn, Tanith is one of the few casters then can run any of the Circle themes fairly well.

The Wild Hunt

The Devourer's Host

    Support models - Various themes    

  • Druid Wilder's help spread out her army on feat turn, and works in most themes.



Loki is her pet warbeast that she can take in any theme.
  • Loki is her pet warbeast that she can take in any theme. She appreciates his shield guard quite a bit.
  • Tanith has excellent synergy with the any of the Griffons which, on feat turn, can use their high speed and flight to get into position behind the enemy before she channels through them; this allows Tanith to get the backstrike bonus, ignore shields, etc.
    • Alternatively you might be better off using a Shadowhorn Satyr instead for its Bounding Leap.
  • A Wild Argus can help ensure that Tanith easily hits with her offensive spells by paralyzing non-reach targets.
  • Gnarlhorn Satyr + Admonition = Fun. The enemy moves towards you, then you Admonition away, then you countercharge back in.
  • When a Woldwarden or Megalith geomancy Bleed they can remove d3 damage. They are also an excellent means of casting Rift. The Woldwarden's animus is another way to get Prowl.



  • Released at the start of Mk3 (2016.06).
  • Tanith's weapon "The Staff of Fate" is made from one of Wurmwoods living branches and was given to her by her master, Vernor the Nightbringer, when she completed her druidic training.

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Video Battle Reports

Rules Clarifications

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Feat:Rites of the Wurm

  • When combined with other abilities that change COST (such as Lamentation) use normal maths: double/halve first, then add/subtract. (Infernal Ruling)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Roots of Shadow      (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Shadow Bind , Force Hold, Force Lock, Quagmire, and/or Crawling Chaos     (Edit)

  • Models affected by this ability may still advance 0" and thus abilities that trigger on "ends their movement within ..." or "after this model advances ..." will still trigger (for example Slipstream, Countercharge, etc).
  • Models may still be placed, so abilities like Apparition will still work.
  • The restriction applies to all advances: normal activation, bonus in-activation (like Overtake), and out-of-activation (like Energiser).
  • Shadow Bind only
    • If you manage to free strike a charging model and Shadow Bind it, their charge movement ends because they can no longer advance. At that point, you check whether their charge movement was successful or not.

Rules Clarification : From Beneath - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Magical Damage      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

* The "Damage Type: Magical" is not inherited by "secondary" damage from a weapon. That is, stuff like arcs (Electro Leap) or hazards (Scather). (Infernal Ruling)
  • All spells have "Damage Type: Magical" (refer errata).
    • This is inherited by "immediate" secondary damage (such as Eruption of Spines). (Infernal Ruling)
    • and might be inherited by "lingering" secondary damage (see below).
  • If a spell leaves a template in play that does damage to models that walk around in it, then:
    • if it is not described as a hazard it will do magical damage to models that walk around in it. (Example: Razor Wall)
    • if it is a hazard then it will not do magical damage to models that walk around in it. Instead, it does whatever damage type is specified by the spell description. (Example: Breath of Corruption).
    • (Infernal Ruling)
  • If a weapon/spell includes Magic Damage and another kind of elemental damage it will still damage Incorporeal models. Incorporeal models are not affected by the rule "if an attack does multiple types of damage and a model is immune to at least one it is immune to the entire attack."
    The phrase "immune to non-magical damage" should be interpreted as "immune to damage that doesn't include Damage Type: Magical" (not interpreted as "has immunity to Corrosion and Electricity and Cold and etc.")

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Pathfinder      (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Prowl      (Edit)

  • Whether you can trigger Prowl is a bit awkward; As long as you have concealment you can trigger Prowl ... even if the attacker ignores concealment, (such as with Hunter).
    • If you're standing in a cloud, and the attacker "ignores clouds for LOS" (such as Bird's Eye) you get Prowl.
    • If you're standing in a cloud, and the attacker "ignores clouds completely" (such as Alchemical Mask) you don't get Prowl. (Infernal Ruling)
    • Similar for standing in a forest.
  • If a debuff removes Stealth, Prowl does not reapply stealth. But this ruling is being rechecked. (Infernal Checking)
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Stealth      (Edit)

  • Stealth models are not invisible and you can target them - you'll just auto-miss most of the time.
  • You can target them with a charge.
  • You can target them with an AOE, have it auto-miss and scatter, luckily land on top of them anyway, and that will hit them.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Channeler  and/or Arc Node     (Edit)
Channeler - LOS

  • You use the channeler's abilities when determining LOS (such as whether you can see your target through a forest).
    • If the channeler has an ability to ignore LOS or DEF bonuses (such as Eyeless Sight), then you only apply that "ignorance" to LOS.

Caster - Attack roll

  • You use the caster's abilities when determining attack roll modifiers (such as whether a target standing in a forest gets +2 DEF or not).
    • If the caster has an ability to ignore LOS or DEF bonuses (such as Eyeless Sight), then you only apply that "ignorance" to the dice roll.

Stealth - It affects both LOS and the attack roll

  • Since Stealth has both a LOS modifier (stealth models more than 5" away aren't intervening models) and an attack roll modifier (stealth models more than 5" away are auto-missed) things get a little complicated.
  • If only the channeler ignores stealth, then all stealth models count as intervening models and block LOS, but the caster will auto-miss models more than 5" from the channeler.
  • If only the caster ignores stealth, then only models within 5" of the channeler block LOS, but the caster won't auto-miss no matter what you target.
  • If both channeler and caster ignore Stealth, it works as you'd expect.
  • Stealth Examples     [Show/Hide]
    • Caster has Eyeless Sight, channeler does not.
      1. Stealth model is within 5" of channeler
        • LOS - The model counts as an intervening model, as per the normal Stealth rules
        • Attack roll - If you attack it then you don't auto-miss, as per the normal Stealth rules
      2. Stealth model is more than 5" away from channeler
        • LOS - The model does not count as an intervening model, as per the normal Stealth rules.
        • Attack roll - If you attack it then you don't auto-miss, as the attacking model has Eyeless Sight.
      3. Stealth model is more than 5" away from channeler, and you want to target a model behind it.
        • LOS - The front model doesn't block LOS
        • Attack roll - Doesn't auto-miss
    • Caster hasn't got Eyeless Sight, channeler does.
      1. Stealth model is within 5" of channeler
        • LOS - The model counts as an intervening model, as per the normal Stealth rules
        • Attack roll - If you attack it then you don't auto-miss, as per the normal Stealth rules
      2. Stealth model is more than 5" away from channeler
        • LOS - The model counts as an intervening model, because the model drawing LOS ignores Stealth.
        • Attack roll - If you attack it then you will auto-miss, as the attacker doesn't ignore Stealth.
      3. Stealth model is more than 5" away from channeler, and you want to target a model behind it.
        • LOS - The front model blocks LOS, so you can't target the rear model.
        • Attack roll - N/A

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Admonition      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

* What does trigger Admonition
    • Admonition triggers off any advance, not just in-activation stuff. You could even trigger your Admonition off an enemy's Admonition!
    • Standing still but changing facing is an advance.
  • What doesn't trigger Admonition
    • Aiming, or forfeiting your movement, is not advancing.
    • If a model doesn't move, doesn't change facing, doesn't aim ... does nothing but skips straight ahead to its Combat Action, this is not an advance. (Infernal Ruling)
    • Being placed (such as Teleport) is not an advance.
    • Involuntary movement (being slammed, thrown, or pushed) is not an advance.
  • You don't have to trigger Admonition the first time an enemy moves nearby - you can save it until it best suits you. (Infernal Ruling)

  • Countercharge within your own activation ( Edit )
    • You can trigger Countercharge during your own activation, but only if an enemy model somehow triggers their own move. For instance, you move towards a model with Admonition and they trigger that to try to move away. (You do a normal move, they trigger admonition and move, you trigger countercharge from their admonition-move.)
    • In this scenario you may boost Countercharge attacks and trigger only-during-activation effects (such as Critical Shred & Sustained Attack) exactly as if you were in your activation (because you are).
    • Also, you can potentially get two charge attacks (one for your normal charge, one for the counter charge). (Infernal Ruling)
      This ruling still applies even after the 2018.07 update (Infernal Re-ruling)
  • Countercharge plus Admonition
    • If a model has both CC and Admonition, it can trigger both at the same time. A model moves nearby, it admonitions away, then countercharges back in.
  • Battlegroup members (Edit)
    • Spells that target/affect "models in the battlegroup" can also target/will also affect the caster, the caster's unit (if they have one), and the caster's Companion (if they have one).
    • It won't target/affect models which are Attached, though.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Blight Storm and/or Anatomical Precision and/or Affliction     (Edit)

  • With an AOE, only the model directly hit by the AOE will take auto-damage, other models in the AOE take normal damage.
  • You don't get auto-damage on stuff which isn't an attack, like Electro Leap and Flak Field.
  • If someone is immune to damage, you can't trigger the auto-damage vs them. Because you never got a damage roll in the first place. (Infernal Ruling)
  • When this ability is triggered by a spell (ie Blight Storm or Affliction) then that does not change the source of the damage to the caster, nor change the damage type to magical.
    It merely changes the result of a damage roll. (Infernal Ruling)

Rules Clarification : Bleed - None yet. (Edit)
Rules Clarification : Rift - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Scything Touch      (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Dark Shroud      (Edit)

  • Dark Shroud only applies to your melee range, and this doesn't include behind you. Refer to the latest errata.
  • The ARM debuff still applies during a free strike.