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Editing Conventions[edit]

Please observe the following conventions when editing/creating pages.

When to use Capital letters[edit]

1. Names of models are always capitalized. Examples:

  • Baldur the Stonecleaver
  • Madrak Ironhide, World Ender
  • Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
  • Freebooter

2. Special abilities, special actions, and spells are always capitalized (unless they are within the core rule book). Examples:

  • Capitalised:
    • Lightning Tendrils
    • Set Defense
    • Armor Piercing
  • Not capitalized:
    • continuous corrosion
    • pathfinder
    • buckler

3. The following words are NOT capitalized, unless beginning a sentence:

  • warcaster, warlock, warjack, warbeast, unit, solo, focus, fury, animus (animi), faction.
  • elevation, cover, concealment, cloud, charge, trample, etc.

Bold, Italics and Underlining[edit]

When it comes to bold, italic, or underlined text follow the rule of "less is more". Only use it to emphasise a point.


1. The following abbreviations should be used:

Word Abbreviation Word Abbreviation Word Abbreviation
Speed SPD Focus FOC Area-of-Effect AOE
Strength STR Fury FURY Control Area CTRL area
Melee Attack MAT Threshold THR Base to Base B2B
Ranged Attack RAT Range RNG Special Action (★ Action)
Defense DEF Rate-of-Fire ROF Special Attack (★ Attack)
Armor ARM Power POW warjack 'jack
Command CMD Power + Strength P+S warbeast 'beast

2. The following words should NOT be abbreviated.

  • Friendly faction ; battlegroup
  • Warcasters and warlocks should NOT be referred to as "warnouns"

Star Actions & Star attacks[edit]

These have been standardised and can be reused via:

{{Star Attack}}
{{Star Action}}

Please don't bold them. They stand out enough as it is.

Tone of Voice[edit]

"Tone of Voice" is how we talk about what we talk about.

  1. Speak to a beginner's experience
    • It is assumed that most of Battle College reader's are newbies, and as such you should make an effort to explain your recommendations.
    • Sentences like "Take Maxwell Finn with this unit" are not particularly helpful. It would be much better as "Take Maxwell Finn with this unit, because he will provide them with a +2 to hit bonus."
  2. Avoid slang, jargon, and abbreviations
    • While you might be excited about discussing your new Deathchicken vs. GMCA strategy, it leaves the uninitiated in the cold.
    • Slang, abbreviations, and nicknames should be avoided, though "common nicknames" ("Darth Striker" for "Epic Striker," or "Gaspy" for "Asphyxious") are acceptable in moderation, as they expose newer players to the jargon
    • They should never be used in headers.
    • Try to use proper english sentences like "cast the same spell again" vs. "spam".
  3. Be optimistic, but realistic, about a model
    • Being overly positive about what a model can do isn't ideal. Nobody likes spending money on a model because they read online that it's super-great, only to learn in the first game that it's ... not.
    • At the same time, being overly negative about a model isn't ideal either. For every model you think is useless, there are hundreds of players that love it for its look, playstyle, or some nifty trick that they've figured out.
    • Thus, you need to walk a careful line about describing a model in positive terms, without over-selling it.
  4. Don't use negative speech
    • Swearing, insulting, and being rude about models you think are useless isn't cool. Use the "Downsides & Drawbacks" section to, let's say, politely lay out your grievances.