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Siphon Bolt

3 8 - 13 - Yes
When this spell hits an enemy model with 1 or more focus/fury points on it, that model loses 1 focus/fury and the spellcaster gains 1 focus point. Spellcasters without the Focus Manipulation special rule cannot gain focus as a result of Siphon Bolt. Edit this spell template
Energy Siphon - When this attack hits an enemy model with 1 or more focus, fury, or essence points on it, that model loses 1 focus, fury, or essence point and this model gains 1 {{{1}}} point. Edit description
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Rules Clarification : Siphon Bolt and/or Energy Siphon     (Edit)

  • The focus/fury is stolen on "Hit", before they have a chance to spend it to reduce/transfer damage.
  • If you hit something which can't have focus reduced (ie Egregore) then you still get +1 focus, and they ignore the -1 focus. (Infernal Ruling)

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