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Signs & Portents

4 SELF CTRL - Turn No
While in the spellcaster's control range, friendly Faction models gain an additional die on attack and damage rolls. Discard the lowest die in each roll. Signs & Portents lasts for one turn. Edit this spell template
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Rules Clarification : Hand of Fate and/or Manifest Destiny and/or Signs & Portents     (Edit)

  • This buff affects any damage roll that is caused by a model, not just normal attacks. For instance, it can affect the damage roll when a Berserker explodes via Unstable. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Discard Die (Edit)
    • If you're discarding lowest or highest, you have to discard even if you want it for a critical hit.
    For instance: if you discard "the lowest die", need 6+ to hit, and roll a 3, 3, and a 4 ... then you must discard one of the 3s, and you'll end up with a non-critical hit with the 3 + 4.

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