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Quick Draw - Once per round during your opponent's turn, when an enemy model within {{{1}}} of this model that is in its LOS targets this model with a ranged attack, this model can make a ranged attack against the enemy model before it makes its attack roll. If this model's ranged attack hits, the enemy model suffers no damage but its attack automatically misses. Edit description

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Rules Clarification : Quick Draw      (Edit)

  • Since the Quick Draw is a ranged attack, you must obey all the normal rules for making a ranged attack: having LOS, not being stuck in melee with someone else, etc.
    • You must choose a weapon to make the Quick Draw attack. You can't just roll 2d6 and add your RAT and claim you have made a weaponless ranged attack with infinite range. (Infernal Ruling)
  • If the attacker is attacking multiple models (eg they're firing a spray) then the Quick Draw will only cause a miss against the Quick Drawer. It doesn't make the entire spray disappear.
  • Quick Draw occurs at step 2, before stuff like Sacrificial Pawn and Sucker!
  • Quick Draw vs Sacrificial Pawn (Edit)
    • If enemy "Model A" shoots you, and then you use Quick Draw against "Model A", but they use Sac Pawn to move your Quick Draw attack to "Model B" then ... Quick Draw has no effect (or rather, it affects "Model B" who isn't currently shooting you so is irrelevant). Point is, "Model A" can continue shooting you.
    • This won't happen with Shield Guard though (outside of a very low-probability scenario) because Shield Guard can only be triggered during an enemy turn.

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