Great Princess Regna Gravnoy

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Infernal Logo.jpg Great Princess Regna Gravnoy

Infernal Solo - (Master Infernalist)


Basic Info

Great Princess Regna Gravnoy
Missing Info
Princess Regna.jpg
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Warcaster 0
BASE Medium
M.A. N/A
DEF 14
ARM 14
HP 5
F. Field N/A
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Warcaster 1
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  • Marked Soul - This model is a Marked Soul.
  • Maleficium - When Regna summons a horror, do not choose a marked soul to be removed from play. Instead Regna spends the essence to summon the horror and the horror is placed B2B with her.
  • Master Infernalist - Princess Regna is not an infernal master but has all the special rules of an infernal master except that she has no feat. Regna can have only light and lesser horrors in her battlegroup. She can have one horror in her battlegroup at any time and cannot summon a horror if there is already one in her battlegroup in play.


  • Dagger - 0.5" reach, POW 2, P+S 7 melee weapon
    • Blood Boon - Once per activation, immediately after resolving an attack in which it destroyed an enemy model with this weapon, this model can cast a spell with COST 3 or less without spending essence points.
    • Poison - This weapon gains an additional die on damage rolls against living models.



Dark Seduction

3 8 - - - Yes
Take control of target enemy non-warcaster, non-warlock warrior model. You can immediately make a full advance with that enemy model followed by a basic attack, then Dark Seduction expires. The enemy model cannot be targeted by free stricks during this movement. Dark Seduction can be cast only once per activation. A model can be affected by Dark Seduction only once per turn.

3 SELF Control - Round -
While in the caster's control range, friendly Faction models gain +2 ARM against ranged and magic attacks. Lasts for one round.

3 10 - 14 - Yes
Models disabled by Hellfire cannot make a Tough roll. Models boxed by Hellfire are removed from play.

Theme Forces

Thoughts on the Great Princess Regna Gravnoy

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Great Princess Regna Gravnoy in a Nutshell

Princess Regna is the Infernal equivalent of a "Junior" Warcaster. She provides additional summoning to your army, but will put a strain on your living, souled models. She has several powerful spells, but has to make decisions between casting them or summoning an maintaining her Horrors. Living the dream with her would be putting her into a position to trigger Blood Boon by killing a single wound trooper, then using Runewoods Shadow plan to get her to safety.

Combos & Synergies

  • The Wretch can give her stealth to keep her safe. As can Umbral Guardians with Shield Guard.
  • In ex-Khador Hearts you can combine Sorscha0's Fog of War with Deceleration for some nice anti-shooting tech.
  • The Hermit offers Telemetry for +2 to attack with her offensive spells.
  • Runewood2 packs Curse for her Horrors, and can use Shadow to help keep her safe.
  • The Infernal Gate gives her a much-needed discount on summoning horrors, potentially letting her summon a Light horror and cast one of her 3-cost spells in the same turn.

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • She is essence starved and as essence does not replenish every turn like focus does, she will need to sacrifice a non-soulless warrior every turn. This will not be as much of a problem in Dark Legacy as you are already planning to do that for your Infernal Master and so only need to adjust to include her. In Hearts of Darkness, however, you will need to keep in mind she will need to eat something and you wouldnt want to throw away expensive units.
  • When she dies, her horror disappears. Horrors don't go inert/wild like warjacks/warbeasts.

Tricks & Tips

  • She inherits the Inscrutable rule via her Master Infernalist rule.



  • Released with the Faction launch (2019.06)
  • She is the only Khadoran Great Princess and is a major political and financial player in the Empire, mentioned in Malakovs part of the ebook anthology Rites of Passage, 2014.04
  • Her soul is owned by Agathon, mentioned in the short story Thrones and Sovereigns, by Doug Seacat 2019.09.

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Rules Clarifications

Rules Clarification : Marked Soul - None yet. (Edit)
Rules Clarification : Maleficium - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Master Infernalist     (Edit)

  • Unlike "Junior" Warcasters and Lesser Warlocks, Princess Regna:
    • Doesn't need to start the game with a Horror in her battlegroup (although she can).
  • Regna has a completely separate battlegroup to your Master Infernal.
    • Your Infernal Master cannot allocate essence to horrors in Regna's battlegroup (and vice versa).
    • Any spells/effects that apply to your Infernal Master's battlegroup (such as Synergy) do not apply to horrors in Regna's battlegroup (and vice versa).
  • Because Princess Regna has all the special rules of an Infernal Master (except a feat) this means:
    • When she dies, any horrors in her battlegroup are RFP'd.
    • She gains Inscrutable.
    • See also the Rules Clarifications for Infernal Masters.
Rules Clarification : Inscrutable - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Blood Boonand/or Rites of Blood and/or Ritual Slaughter and/or Soul Food and/or Blood Weaver     (Edit)

  • Timing (refer Appendix A):
    • If you choose a non-offensive spell then it's resolved at Step 12.
    • If you choose an offensive spell then it's resolved at Step 14.
    • If you have another ability that triggers at Step 12 (such as Iona1 having Overtake), you can either cast a non-offensive spell and resolve them in any order, or you can resolve the other ability before the free offensive spell. You can't cast an offensive spell at Step 14 then go back to Step 12.
    • (Infernal Ruling for all of the above)
  • If you trigger the free spell from an attack that also grants a free melee/ranged attack (such as Rahera1 with Black Spot) then you can't have both an offensive spell and the free attack, because of the "attack-generating abilities" rule in the core rulebook. You can cast a non-offensive spell and get the free attack, though. (Locked Thread)
  • The free spell doesn't interact with abilities that change the COST of a spell. (Infernal Ruling)
    • For instance, if you trigger it while being affected by Lamentation then you can still cast a COST 3 spell (even though if you spent focus to do the same thing it would cost you 6 focus/fury).
  • (Rites of Blood only): The Priestess doesn't need to be in the caster's CTRL range to use her ability.
  • (Blood Weaver only): It's not tied to a specific weapon, and it can be triggered multiple times per turn.

Rules Clarification : Poison - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Dark Seduction     (Edit)

Taking Control of an Enemy Model (Edit)   [Show/Hide]
  • General
  • Taking control of a model means it is now friendly to you, and will immediately be engaged by it's erstwhile allies.
    • This will limit your ability to make ranged attacks.
    • If you get to make an advance with the controlled model, this can allow the original owner to take free strikes against his own model. He doesn't have to take these, of course.
  • The controlled model does not have a proper Activation, so stuff like Chain Strike won't apply.
  • You can use abilities on the controlled model, as long as they're not restricted to "during its activation" or "during its Combat Action". For example, you can use Mental Force. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Buffs and effects:
    • The controlled model counts as a "friendly model" and will benefit from any buffs that your own models are handing out (such as Mark Target), (assuming the controlled model meets the criteria for the buff).
    • If your opponent is the same faction, then the controlled model will count as a "friendly faction model" and even more buffs are potentially available (such as Veteran Leader).
  • Theme abilities:
    • If a model gains an ability via a Theme Force rule, and then the opponent takes it over, it keeps the theme ability. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Movement
  • You can advance a model into an area and force them to take damage (like an acid cloud, or a Razor Wall template), but they only take damage once per advance (ref Prime rulebook pg 65). Thus you cannot keep moving them micro-millimetres in and out of said area to inflict infinite damage.
  • The model is friendly while under your control, so you can't force free strikes by walking it past your own models. You can, however, walk it past your opponent's models and politely ask if they want to take free strikes against their own model.
  • Melee Attacks
  • Models with the Gunfighter advantage can make attacks as they normally would if the ability controlling them allows for basic attacks (e.g., Influence). Note that other "take control" abilities only allow for melee attacks, such as Seduction and Bone Shaker (Gunfighter attacks are ranged attacks).
  • Point Blank attacks cannot be made with temporarily controlled models, as Point Blank is only allowed 'during activation.'
  • Controlled models do not receive back strike bonuses, because you can only get that bonus during your normal activation.
  • With reference to the attack sequence (appendix A) your control of the model doesn't expire until after Step 14. So you can potentially trigger abilities like Snacking (Step 11.4).
    • As long as it's not limited to "during combat action" or "during activation".
  • Destroying the Controlled model
    If the model is destroyed or RFP'd while under your control (for instance you walked it into a hazard), this has two consequences:
  1. It is considered to be under your control at the moment it is taken off the table:
    • Your opponent can't reave fury off a warbeast destroyed this way, because it is an enemy warbeast when it is taken off the table.
    • Your opponent can't trigger stuff that depends on a "Friendly model" being destroyed (such as Righteous Vengeance).
    • You can't trigger stuff that depends on an "Enemy model" being destroyed (such as Cull Soul).
  2. It returns to the original owner once it's off the table:
    • Your opponent can use Spirit Bond to get fury from the dead warbeast.
    • Your opponent can use Return To Play abilities to get it back on the table (assuming it wasn't RFP'd).
  • Taking control of an enemy Trooper (member of a unit)
  • A trooper you take control of becomes an independent model. Thus:
    • It will not benefit from any bonuses that it gets from its comrades (such as Gang, Shield Wall, etc).
    • It will not benefit from any bonuses that rely on the trooper being "in formation" (such as Granted and Tactics abilities).
    • Spells on a unit are considered to be on the "unit", not on the "models that make up the unit". So a controlled trooper will not benefit from any spells on the unit.
    • If you take control of the last survivor of a unit then the "unit" ceases to exist for the duration of the control. This means that any spells on the "unit" will expire. Woo, free dispel! (Infernal Ruling)
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Deceleration     (Edit)

  • Deceleration works vs blast damage.
  • Deceleration works vs special effects on the gun/spell that cause "direct" damage. For instance, the Throw damage caused by the White Squall spell.
  • Deceleration doesn't work vs 'secondary' damage that is 'not considered to be an attack' (such as Electro Leap).
  • Deceleration doesn't work vs hazards that are put into play by spells/guns (such as the Stormwall's Covering Fire).
  • Deceleration doesn't work vs non-offensive spells that also do damage, such as Blazing Effigy. (Locked thread)

Rules Clarification : Hellfire - None yet. (Edit)