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This article is intended to link to the rules pdfs, forums, Facebook groups, etc for other games set in the same fantasy setting as Warmachine and Hordes.

See also Useful External Links for links that are more Warmachine & Hordes specific.

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Company of Iron


Extreme Colossal Wrestling


Fallen Corvis

Fallen Corvis is a fan-made modification to the core Warmachine & Hordes ruleset. It is intended to be a Mordheim-style warband game.

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High Command


Iron Kingdoms RPG

d20 system (2004)


d6 system (2012)


D&D 5e (2021)


Riot Quest

RQ is a little unique in that it is a seperate game, but the models released can also be used in a game of Warmachine & Hordes. See Category: Riot Quest for a list of these models.

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Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika

The Convergence have never had a clear understanding of what form their goddess, Cyriss, takes. As it turns out, Cyriss is a living galaxy on the other side of the universe which took interest in humans due to the Infernal contract. When these alien entities invaded, the faithful of Cyriss gathered some other like-minded allies from outside the Convergence and created a gateway to their goddess. These intrepid explorers found themselves in a living galaxy, home to thousands of worlds bound together by the techno-magical hyperunion. Humans quickly expanded across the new safe haven and have become the new inheritors of Cyriss's blessing.

Warcaster takes place 5000 years after this first settlement, with a number of human factions vying for control over the Hyperunion and the access it provides across Cyriss. Something has changed, and Cyriss seems to be dying. It is up to the great heroes of humanity, warcasters, to save the galaxy! The first of these factions is the semi-autocratic Iron Star Alliance. Iron Star is the dominant human power in Cyriss, with the largest population and most worlds. However they face fierce resistance from the anti-autocratic Marcher Worlds. The Aeternus Continum is a galaxy-spanning cult which has infiltrated both Iron Star & Marcher territories. Finally, the original scions of the Hyperunion have returned the mysterious and alien Empyreans.

Warcaster is a game where you, the player, are the warcaster. You are powerfully linked to every soldier on the battlefield, capable of channeling your magical arcanessence into powerful spells from far across the hyperunion. Warcasters are also capable of controlling the extremely potent Warjacks, magical machines of war with their original back on Caen. All models in Warcaster are teleported in through the hyperunion, giving a warcaster an effectively infinite number of reinforcements. Reinforcements however cost the same magical energy used to cast spell cards, cyphers, and to charge troops already presence.

Warmachine: Tactics


Widowers Wood