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Necromancy (★) Stats vary every time

While the Deathjack is in its controller's control range, it can spend focus points to cast its controller's spells. The Deathjack cannot cast upkeep spells or spells with a RNG of SELF or CTRL. Use the Deathjack's Magic Ability score when making magic attack rolls. Deathjack does not need to use his Combat Action to cast spells, and can cast more than one.

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Geomancy 1 Stats vary every time

Once per turn, if it is within its warlock's control range, this model may be forced (for 1 fury) to cast a spell from the warlock's card with a COST of 3 or less, excluding upkeep spells and spells with RNG of SELF or CTRL. Geomancy can be used at any time when forcing is possible.

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Spell Slave (★ Action) or (★ Attack) Stats vary every time

While in its controlling warcaster/warlock's control range, this model may cast a single spell from their boss's spell list with a COST of 3 or less, excluding upkeep spells and spells with a RNG of "SELF" or "CTRL".

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Rules Clarification:  : Necromancy      (Edit)
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Important Note

This Rules Clarification is very similar to the ones for Spell Slave and Geomancy (since all 3 are very similar abilities). Where Necromancy is different to the other two, the text has been coloured purple.

Who does the casting

  • It is the Deathjack that does the casting, not the warcaster. (Infernal Ruling)
    • It's not anything simple like the warcaster getting an extra spell during their own activation.
    • Nor is it anything like an arc node.
    • Any buffs/debuffs currently on your warcaster/warlock are completely irrelevant.
  • For stuff that interacts with spellcasters (such as Witch Hunter) it is the location of the Deathjack that matters, not the location of the warcaster.
    • If the Deathjack is within an area of "models cannot cast spells within this area" effect, it cannot cast spells. Regardless of where your warcaster is.
    • If the warcaster is within an area of "models cannot cast spells within this area" effect, that has no affect on what the Deathjack can do.

When/how does the Deathjack cast

  • Deathajck uses his Magic Ability to cast spells, but because it is neither a (★ Attack) or (★ Action) it means he can cast spells as an "Any Time" ability.
  • The Deatjack must pay the full COST of the spell.
    • Since it pays the full cost of a spell, it is affected by stuff like Lamentation.

What spells can the Deathjack choose to cast

  • The Deathjack cannot cast spells with a range of SELF or CTRL, or that are an UPKEEP.
    • Unlike Spell Slaves and Geomancers, it can cast spells with a COST more than 3.
    • It can cast spells that use the phrase "Spellcaster's battlegroup" because it's in the battlegroup.
    • In addition to this, the Deathjack is limited by the definition of 'Spellcaster'. Often it will be able to cast a spell fine, but the benefits won't be fully applicable to the Deathjack.
      • Deathjack cannot benefit from anything that occurs in the 'Spellcaster's CTRL area' because they don't have one. (Infernal Ruling)
        For instance, a Deathjack that casts Excarnate will not be able to summon a new grunt.
      • Deathjack cannot benefit from spells that give the caster Focus. Such benefits are limited to models with the 'Focus Manipulation' rule, which only warcasters have.
        For instance, a Spell Slave that casts Siphon Bolt would still take focus from the enemy, but won't gain any focus itself.

How can they boost the spell

  • The Deathjack can spend focus to boost, just like with a regular attack.


  • The Deathjack doesn't gain any buffs/abilities that are on your warlock/warcaster (such as True Sight).
  • The Deathjack cannot channel spells through arc nodes. You can only channel through nodes in your control range, and he doesn't have a control range.
  • The Deathjack can use spells like Annihilation to gain enemy souls. But he will be unable to use the soul tokens so they will stay on the Deathjack for the rest of the game (doing nothing). (Infernal Ruling)
    • A Soul Trapper cannot remove these souls from Deathjack. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Not only are warjacks in the caster's battlegroup, they are also in each other's battlegroup. In other words, all the warjacks are in Deathjack's battlegroup. (Infernal Ruling)
    • This means DJ can cast spells like Locomotion. Also, he can cast it on the same target as Mortenebra2 because the spell is limited to "target warjack once per activation" not "target warjack once per turn."
    • Despite having a battlegroup, DJ can't cast spells like Overrun because he doesn't have a control range.

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