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Mercenary models are normally allowed to be included in the armies of other factions as friendly, non-faction models on a theme-by-theme basis where they are seen onesy-twosey.

As a faction unto itself, Mercenaries are comprised of NINE mostly unrelated theme forces that allow wildly different models from nearly every faction in the game.

The Mercenary "faction" serves as a way for players to branch out and expand their collections. A Cygnar or Protectorate player could build a Llaelese Resistance army. A Cryx or Convergence player could expand into Strange Bedfellows. And once you have one of those forces built, an army in The Irregulars theme is usually easy to acquire. And so it goes.

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Tip !
New players often misunderstand how they can include Mercenary models in a non-Mercenary Faction (especially how they can include Mercenary warjacks/warcasters).

  • Mercenary warjacks can only be controlled by a Mercenary model.
    In a normal game, this means other Factions need to hire a Mercenary 'Jack Marshal or a Mercenary "Junior Warcaster".
  • A Mercenary warcaster can only be put in a non-Mercenary army if you're playing a 2+ caster game.
    If you're only playing with 1 caster, and that caster is a Mercenary warcaster, then by definition you're playing a Mercenary force.
  • Mercenary units, solos, and battle engines can hire themselves out to any non-Mercenary army that is listed on their card.
    Most non-Mercenary Theme Forces place a limit on how many Mercenaries can be included.

There are many exceptions to the above rules, such as Partisan, Limited Employment, and Maker's Mark.

Starting your own Mercenary force


Mercenaries are the largest, most expansive faction with no central unifying theme. Pirates, dwarfs, holy warriors, divine manifestations, undead and clockwork angels are all considered mercenaries, but all fight for different reasons, so there is no concise way to sum it up.


There is so much variety in the faction that essentially any playstyle is possible. You will never shoot as well as Cygnar or fight as well as Grymkin or Cryx, so combined arms is usually the best way to go.

Mercenaries have the best inventory of heavy warjacks in the game point for point. The lights and colossals are solid as well, though not the best.

Mercenary warcasters tend to be low focus (usually 6), support-oriented, and most have unusual and very powerful feats. Few are capable caster-killers.

Mercenaries do not feature fire, ice, lightning, force or corrosion themes like the other Warmachine factions, but they do have the most blast weapons of any faction by a huge margin.

Starter Sets

No mercenary starter set exists or likely ever will again. In Mk1 over a decade ago there where 2 Magnus1 and Gorten both had a battlebox, but due to the nature of mercenaries as a faction its difficult to say these where aimed at beginners.

Worthwhile early purchases

The Mercenary faction has nine theme forces, each at least as large as a mini-faction. Most factions have four or five. There is also very little model overlap between the themes so you need to plan your first purchases carefully.

It is best to pick your favorite caster and build around them. Research which theme forces they play in (the Talion Charter theme only allows Privateer warcasters, for example) and make a plan to build your army for those themes.

After your warcaster you'll need to buy a battlegroup. Human, Rhulic and Cephalyx casters are restricted to different types of models in their battlegroup. Human casters cannot run Rhulic warjacks and vice-versa. Cephalyx run only monstrosities.

  • All the human merc warjacks are solid picks. For those on a budget, get 3 Nomad kits and magnetize the arms.
  • Cephalyx monstrosities can also be magnetized so 3 heavies will start you off on the right foot.
  • Rhulic players should start with 2 Drillers and 4 Gunners, then buy 4 Blaster gun bits from the Privateer Press online store and magnetise the Gunner/Blasters.

Unit and solo purchases are far more theme-dependent. In brief, your first purchases for each theme should be:


Merc art5.jpg

Given the sprawl, there is quite a bloat of models to collect in the Mercenary faction. You can mix-and-match so many different permutations of models/units and it is perfectly fine to field an army with Humans, Trollbloods, Dwarves, Undead, Gatormen, Ogrun, Farrow, Iosans and Nyss. You can do almost anything. On top of all these options, a mercenary player has access to almost every unit from Cygnar, Protectorate and Crucible Guard in the Llaelese Resistance theme force, and even a bit of Cryx, Khador and Convergence at your disposal in other themes making the options nearly endless.

Theme Forces

Flame in the Darkness

This theme represents the Thamarite and Morrowan forces putting aside their ideological differences and teaming up to fight off the Infernal invasion. It is shared with Cygnar and Khador and grants access to their warjacks. It is a very melee-oriented force featuring angels and holy warriors.

The models allowed in Flame in the Darkness are:   [Show/Hide]

This list was last updated: 2020.12   (Edit)

Warcasters - For Mercenary players

Warcasters - For Cygnar players

Warcasters - For Khador players

Note: All warcasters get the same warjacks to choose from, regardless of their original Faction:

  • All non-character Mercenary warjacks (except the Rhulic ones)
  • Up to two non-character Cygnar or Khador warjacks (one of each is legal).
  • Gallant
  • Other character warjacks can be taken, but only if they have a bond and they're in their bonded model's battlegroup.



Hammer Strike

Rhul is a nation of Dwarves and Ogrun located in an impregnable mountainous region between Khador, Llael and Ios. Primarily a trade empire, Rhul has a military on par with any of the Iron Kingdoms, and they defend their own borders meticulously, but only involve themselves in the conflicts of the other nations to keep the trade lanes open and provide combat experience to its troops. On the tabletop, Hammer Strike plays to all the standard tropes of dwarves: slow, sturdy, well-trained, and well-equipped.

Llaelese Resistance

A guerilla force made up of Llaelese patriots engaged in a desperate struggle to restore Khadoran-occupied Llael as a free and independent nation. Most importantly, it grants you access to any 2 units from any one of Cygnar, Protectorate or Crucible Guard, which is super exciting.

Merc art3.jpg
The models allowed in Llaelese Resistance are:   [Show/Hide]

This list was last updated: 2020.06   (Edit)



  • All non-character Mercenary warjacks
  • Character warjacks can be taken, but only if they have a bond and they're in their bonded model's battlegroup.


Mercenary Units

Non-Mercenary Units
You can also include up to two non-character units from one of Cygnar, the Protectorate, or the Crucible Guard. (Note: The two units have to be from the same Faction.)

Operating Theater

Ambox warning orange.png

Unlike other Mercenary models, Cephalyx may only be played in this theme force. They cannot even be played in an out-of-theme list.

Merc art2.jpg

Cephalyx are a reclusive and pitiless race of psychically powerful creatures that live underground. They capture and experiment upon live creatures, turning them into lobotomized brutes to wage their wars for them. On the tabletop, they are meant to play as a swarm of expendable infantry interspersed with hulking Monstrosities and backed by powerful psychic overlords. However the best armies have Asphyxious4 and Void Archons as mainstays.

The models allowed in Operating Theater are:   [Show/Hide]

This list was last updated: 2020.02   (Edit)






Soldiers of Fortune

Soldiers of Fortune represents the professional mercenary companies of the famed Steelheads, with a few free agents tagging along. The theme places a heavy emphasis on combined-arms and features some of the best artillery in the game.

Strange Bedfellows

During the Infernal invasion, Aurora, and her followers broke away from the Convergence along with Nemo in an attempt to save humanity. This theme is shared with the Convergence and it allows you to mix Cryx, Convergence, Mercenary, and Cygnar models in the same force. It allows only Aurora and Mortenebra warcasters and features a mix of Clockwork Angels, Stormsmiths and Thralls.

The models allowed in Strange Bedfellows are:   [Show/Hide]

This list was last updated: 2021.02   (Edit)



  • All non-character Convergence warjacks
  • All non-character Mercenary warjacks
  • Mortenebra only: all non-character Cryx warjacks
  • Character warjacks can be taken, but only if they have a bond and they're in their bonded model's battlegroup.
Note 1: Warcasters can take any mix of warjacks they like, regardless of their original Faction.
Note 2: Vectors keep their Induction node, and Warjacks keep their Cortex, regardless of who their controller is.
Note 3: Asphyxious4 and Nemo4 can also take Cryx or Cygnar warjacks respectively, due to their own special rules.

Battle Engines



The Irregulars

A catch-all theme for the weirdos who won't work for the other themes. This theme allows Mercenary character models/units and a few non-character partisan units. It gives bonuses to marshalled warjacks. If you want to field the lesser warlocks, this is the place. It is less-cohesive than the other themes, but has more solos than you can shake a stick at to hand out the bonuses you want.

The models allowed in Irregulars are:   [Show/Hide]

This list was last updated: 2020.12   (Edit)


  • All Mercenary warcasters, except the Cephalyx ones.


  • All non-character Mercenary warjacks,
  • Character warjacks can be taken, but only if they have a bond and they're in their bonded model's battlegroup.

Battle Engines


(★) The Commodore Cannon can only be included if your warcaster is a Privateer.


The Kingmaker's Army

Cygnaran rebels and hired sellswords led by Magnus in his ultimately successful effort to install a new king of Cygnar. Very similar to Soldiers of Fortune, but with a few Cygnaran units thrown in. Trencher Infantry, most importantly.

The models allowed in The Kingmaker's Army are:   [Show/Hide]

This list was last updated: 2019.07   (Edit)



  • Non-character Mercenary warjacks (only the "Human" ones)
  • Character warjacks can be taken, but only if they're in their bonded model's battlegroup.



(★) These models are normally Cygnar models, but become Mercenary models when taken in this theme.

The Talion Charter

The Charter is a group of pirates and privateers who also happen to sell their services as armies for hire. It is named after Captain Shae's ship. The only non-privateer models allowed are warjacks. Cryx Scharde units may be taken as privateers in this theme.

The models allowed in The Talion Charter are:   [Show/Hide]

This list was last updated: 2021.02   (Edit)



  • All non-character warjacks (human only, not the Rhulic ones)
  • Scallywag
  • Other character warjacks can be taken, but only if they have a bond and they're in their bonded model's battlegroup.



(★) indicates Scharde models which are normally Cryx.


Merc art4.png


Ashlynn1 Ashlynn d'Elyse
Ashlynn2 Ashlynn d’Elyse, the Queen’s Blade
Aurora1 Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis (Strange Bedfellows only)
Aurora2 Archnumen Aurora (Convergence Partisan)
Blaize1 Constance Blaize, Knight of the Prophet (Cygnar Partisan)
Caine3 Caine's Hellslingers (Cygnar Partisan)
Crosse2 Lieutenant Gastone Crosse
Damiano1 Captain Damiano
Fiona1 Fiona the Black
Macbain1 Drake MacBain
Magnus1 Magnus the Traitor
Magnus2 Magnus the Warlord
Montador1 Captain Bartolo Montador
Mortenebra1 Master Necrotech Mortenebra & Deryliss (Strange Bedfellows only)
Mortenebra2 Mortenebra, Numen of Necrogenesis (Strange Bedfellows only)
Rahera1 Captain Rahera, Terror of the Wailing Sea (Cryx Partisan)
Shae1 Captain Phinneus Shae
Stryker -1 Steelhead Captain Stryker (Not tournament legal)


Cyphon1 Cognifex Cyphon
Thexus1 Exulon Thexus


Durgen1 Durgen Madhammer
Gorten1 Gorten Grundback
Ossrum1 General Ossrum

Warjacks & Monstrosities

Battle Engines

(Nemo1 to 3 are Cygnar warcasters)


(Asphyxious1 to 3 are Cryx warcasters)

Special Attachments



Mercenary Minion models

These models are both Mercenary models and Minion models, making them perfect for a player that wants to expand their collection from one to the other.



Official Short Stories

See Lore - Source Material#Short Stories