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This article covers events describedfrom Khador's invasion of Llael in 604 AR through to the beginning of the Infernal invasion in 613 AR. These events are described in various rulebooks and novels released from the start of Warmachine (2003) up to the Oblivion expansion (2019).

For other time periods, see:

Mk 1


This section is copied from another wiki. I didn't play mk1 but it seems like it doesn't cover much of mk1. Hell, for all I know, these events might have happened before mk1 was published.

604 AR

Khador launches an invasion of Llael.
Meanwhile Vinter completes the Second Unification of Skorne.

605 AR

The Llaelese capital of Merywyn falls to Khador, swiftly followed by (almost) the entire rest of Llael. Queen Ayn Vanar XI declares herself Empress of the Khadoran Empire, in defiance of the Corvis Treaties.
The Llaelese Resistance is founded in Rhydden, the sole Llael city to remain free.
Meanwhile Everblight takes control of nearly the entire Nyss population in the wilds north of Khador and forms the Legion of Everblight.

606 AR

The Harbinger of Menoth arrives at the Protectorate capital of Imer. Hierarch Garrick Voyle calls a crusade against the faith's enemies and leads an attack into Caspia.
Grand Scrutator Severius simultaneously leads the Northern Crusade into occupied Llael, and takes the city of Leryn from Khador. Leryn becomes the base of Protectorate's northern operations.
Meanwhile, in Skorne, Vinter sends Archdomina Makeda west to begin the second Skorne invasion of the Iron Kingdoms.

607 AR

Garrick Voyle is killed in Caspia and the Menites are driven away from the city. Grand Scrutator Severius succeeds Voyle as Hierarch.

608 AR

Everblight consumes the athanc of his brother Pyromalfic and gains substantial power.
Makeda returns to the east, overthrows Vinter Raelthorne and becomes Supreme Archdomina of the Skorne Empire.

Deneghra & Haley story arc

Deneghra & Haley are twins separated at birth. Cryx received a prophecy (from I forget who) of the birth of a great warcaster, but the prophecy didn't mention there were two. So they only abducted one.

Asphyxious raises Deneghra, she is essentially brainwashed and forgets her life from before the abduction. Eventually Asphyxious reveals the existence of Haley and convinces Deneghra that Haley has stolen a portion of her power, that the only way to reach her full potential is by killing her sister and taking her soul.

Deneghra manages to ambush Haley and overpower her, and begins extracting Haley's soul only to find she is weakening as her sister dies. While Deneghra pauses in confusion, Haley reaches in to the cortex of Deneghra's Slayer and uses the warjack to slice Deneghra in half, then Haley escapes.

Deneghra takes back control of the Slayer and uses it to carry her body back to the Cryx base, where she then dies and is reborn as an undead creature. She later sanctifies the Slayer that killed her and it becomes her pet warjack, Nightmare.

Asphyxious story arc

Asphyxious manipulates Cygnar forces into killing his master, the Lich Lord Daeamortus. He takes over Daeamortus' job as Cryx general of the Thornwood forces, and converts Daeamortus' essence into his personal weapon to add insult to injury.

He then manipulates Khador and Cygnar forces into a massive battle over the ruins of the Temple of Garrodh, an Orgoth ruin, while he sits inside and uses the Orgoth tech to gobble up all the souls of the dying soldiers. He intends to get enough soul power to transform himself into a literal god, but is defeated because <stuff that happened>.

Goreshade story arc

Lord Ghyrrshyld, leader of the House of Vyre, becomes infuriated with the Iosan government's handling of the increasing number of Ios born soulless. He begins his own secret experiments on the soulless to discover the reason. He views these soulless creatures as less than animals, and his experiments become dark and twisted as he searches deeper for truth. He becomes convinced that the soulless are tied to the waning power of the Iosan gods, their waning power is tied to their continued presence on Caen, and that if he kills the gods they will "wake up" back in their home realm of the Veld.

He begins the first civil war in Ios, infamously by dashing a soulless babies brains out on the floor of the Council chambers. He loses the war, is driven to become an Eldritch (undead Elf) to escape death at the hands of Vyros. He is renamed Goreshade the Bastard and retreats to the lands of Cryx to rebuild his power base. During the war, other Houses cleanse the lands of Vyre, discover his hidden laboratories, and are suitably horrified and disgusted. It leaves the next leader of Vyre, Lord Arcanist Ossyan, with a diminished power base and a lasting legacy to overcome.

Goreshade manages to find and break into the Vault of Nyssor, located under a secret Greylord base in Khador. The Khadorans had been experimenting upon him to improve their mastery of cold magic. Forces from the Retribution of Scyrah also manage to infiltrate the Vault at the same time, and manage to prevent Goreshade from killing Nyrssor, but Goreshade does manage to steal the god's weapon Voass. Also, Lacyr's Mantle, with the power to resurrect the Divine Court, vanishes from the Vault.

Mk 2

I filled in this section from memory, so nothing is dated, events are probably out of order, and I've forgotten a lot of character and place names. Also I never read the Hordes fluff so portions of the plot are missing entire.



Thornwood story arc

Khador lays siege to two Cygnar cities, <city 1> and Seven Points, on the river <name> just south of the Thornwood forest. They feint towards <city 1>, but invade Seven Points.

Kommandant Strakhov leads an undercover mission into Seven Points to open a bridge for the Khador forces and locks it open. On his return journey he discovers a Cephalyx/Cryx tunnel under the battlefield. Khador collapse the one tunnel entrance they found and continue their original invasion plans, planning to deal with the Cryx "later". Unhappy with that plan, Strakhov leads an attack into the tunnels where he later becomes trapped.

Khador battle through the city for a full day then, just as they have Cygnar forces pinned down to a few isolated garrisons and are starting to congratulate themselves, Cryx emerge from the tunnels in force to slaughter Cygnar & Khador alike. This is the first time Cryx has revealed the strength of their armies on the mainland.

Cryx capture the city, handing over most of the surviving citizen population to the Cephalyx as part of the bargain for using their tunnels, and convert the remainder into thralls and/or soul goo. Surviving Khador & Cygnar forces form an alliance to escape the city somewhat intact.

During the battle Karchev is captured by Deneghra, who used her wraith walker abilities to rip him out of his warjack chassis. She keeps Karchev alive for weeks, trying to corrupt him but he resists with pure rage. Eventually Karchev is rescued by Stakhov who had been living in the tunnels since the battle, disguised as a lobotomised drudge.

The surviving forces of Seven Points convince their High Command to form an alliance, and they return in force to defeat the Cryx only to find Cryx have retreated to the Thornwood. High Command decide to pursue the Cryx forces and root them out of the Thornwood "for once and for all". They are over-confident in the power of the newly commissioned colossals (not as big as the Rebellion era colossals, but still huge) and unaware of the full strength of Cryx. They are led into a trap and thoroughly defeated.

Athanc story arc

Prior to the battle for Seven Points the Old Witch approaches Deneghra with info about the location of Nidoboros' Athanc, which the Old Witch had hidden nearly two millennia ago. Her reasons for revealing it are unclear. During the meeting Deneghra is distracted by spying thralls, which she pursues and discovers they belong to the Lich Lord Malathrax. He says some stuff.

Deneghra takes the Athanc knowledge back to Lich Lord Asphyxious, who then has a meeting with Lich Lords Terminus and Venethrax. It is decided that Venethrax will retrieve the Athanc and bring it back to the river <name> where it would be loaded onto one of Skarre's boats. To this end, Asphyxious would lead Khador/Cygnar forces away from Seven Points and <river> by appearing to retreat into the Thornwood (refer to the Thornwood story arc, above). Meanwhile Terminus would occupy Protectorate forces by attacking <city 3> in Llael.

Venethrax arrives at <location> with <someone> where they defeat the local religious Ogrun defenders, then discover the Athanc in a giant, baffling piece of arcane machinery. The contraption appears to be holding the Athanc in stasis and preventing Nidoboros from regenerating his physical body. The necrotechs roughly remove the machinery, load it onto a giant steamwagon, and begin transporting it underground back to <river>. Terminus retreats from <city 3> and rejoins Venethrax.

A story in a Hordes book describes the tunnel collapsing. The next book I read starts with them digging the wagon out of the cave-in and repairing the wagon. The stasis field is beginning to fail from the damage both from the cave-in, and the slapstick job the necrotechs did extracting it from <location>.

They manage to return to <river> but are ambushed by Sloan and <someone> who aren't with the rest of the Cygnar/Khador forces in the Thornwood ambush because <reasons>. Sloan snipes Terminus dead. In the confusion Lich Lord Malathrax arrives and steals the Athanc for reasons unknown.

Haley's story arc

Haley is garrisoned at Seven Points prior to the battle but receives a note left by a time-travelling parallel version of herself. The note warns of a Cryx assassination of her mentor, Nemo, who is currently at <city 1>.

She leaves Seven Points before Khador's attack to go save Nemo. She is successful, but is hit by a Cryxian poison dart meant for Nemo. This poison both destroys her arcane power and feeds upon it. The more spells she casts and contact with warjack cortexes she has, the weaker she becomes.

She is given a vision, or something, to travel to <mountains>. Her journey there is in a book I didn't read, but I gather she encountered the Convergence of Cyriss who offered to save her from the poison by transferring her soul into a clockwork body.

She refused, and instead mastered her power of time manipulation to transfer her soul into the healthy body of a time-travelling parallel version of herself. She returns to the warfront fully healed (including a new arm to replace the one she lost decades ago) and with the power to summon echoes of herself to her side.

Iosan story arc

Mk2 describes the return of the Retribution forces to Ios carrying the sarcophagus of Nyssor. They are reinforced en-route with forces from House Vyre, led by Lord Ossyan. House Vyre have only just thrown in their lot with the Retribution. Just before the rendevous the smaller team is ambushed by Goreshade but Ossyan saves them. Goreshade has a nice little heart-to-heart chat with Ossyan, since Goreshade was the master of House Vyre before he started a civil war and became undead. Ossyan does not enjoy the chat. Goreshade retreats. The Iosans are later ambushed by Khador (I think?), which is also unsuccessful but it does slow their return to Ios.

They are eventually successful in returning to Ios, which cements the Retribution as a legitimate force in Ios, whereas previously they had been an illegal terrorist organization, and began the incorporation of the Retribution into the Iosan military as a whole

During the Skorne invasion a short while later, however, infiltrates Iosan borders with a small force of Banes to pursue his agenda of killing the Iosan gods in order to free them (like in the Inception movie), taking advantage of the fact that Scyrah and Nyssor are now physically in the same place. Scyrah awoke and was going to smite him dead, but she and Nyssor had a telepathic talk where it was revealed that Nyssor had 'plans' for Goreshade. Scyrah made the choice to sacrifice much of her remaining power (she had spread her soul among every living Elf to attempt to save their souls when they died, allowing the rebirth cycle to continue) to restore Goreshade to life and crown him her champion. Goreshade abandons his plans of killing his gods (presumably because he now knows the truth of why the gods power is fading) and resumes his original title of The Vowelless One Lord Ghyrrshyld.

No one in the Retribution is pleased about Ghyrrshyld's new status, but neither is anyone going to question Scyrah herself. My personal theory is that Nyssor passed Lacyr's Mantle to Goreshade, and intends for him to ascend to Godhood and begin rebuilding the Divine Court, saving the Elvish people. Boy will that piss Lord Vyros off - Goreshade took his eye!

Llael story arc

Constance Blaize and Captain Damiano travel to Llael for ... reasons. Maybe Damiano was hired and Constance just tagged along? Anyway, they end up at the same city that Terminus attacks and help defend it.

Meanwhile, Vladimir (Khador) tries to have a diplomatic meeting with Vindictus (Protectorate) saying he has critical information he needs to share. Vindictus assumes he is a filthy lying heathen and doesn't give him a chance to speak. Instead he attacks, traps, and captures Vladimir. Later Vladimir's pet warjack, Drago, rescues him from prison.

Vladimir retreats back to Khador-held lands, but returns with a large force of Uhlans just as Kreoss (Protectorate) is about to attack <city>. The two armies clash and Vladimir battles his way through to where Kreoss is standing. But instead of attacking Kreoss, Vladimir declares himself King of Umbrey (which is essentially an act of rebellion vs the Khador Empress), and demands the ancient Menite-King's right for audience with the Hierarch. Kreoss raises an eyebrow and says "Okay."

Mk 3

Grymkin arc

The Old Witch unleashed the Wicked Harvest - the Grymkin from their prisons in Urcaen - because they would, by their nature, purge the Infernalists and those with dark enough souls to barter with Infernals. The Old Witch calculated that dealing with the Grymkin, should they become a larger problem, would be easier than dealing with the full might of the Infernals. It worked, too, outrageously well!

Mk 3.5

Mk 3.5 is marked by the release of the Oblivion book, and completely changes the main plotline dynamic. It is covered in the next article, Lore - Current Events.

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