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Menoth is the god that (supposedly) created mankind, and he is an unforgiving god who demands strict adherence to the True Law which he gave to mankind before departing the mortal realm of Caen. Worship of Menoth dates back to pre-Orgoth times and there are many followers spread throughout the Iron Kingdoms, but the vast majority are found within the Protectorate.

Before the Protectorate became a nation it was a religous group within the borders of Cygnar, but when they became firmly entrenched in their "Burn all the Heretics" mindset they were kicked out of Cygnar and given a desert area to the Southeast, which became what is now the Protectorate of Menoth. They are a belligerent and aggressive nation able to contend with their larger neighbors thanks to the indomitable faith of their people. In recent years they have started large crusades outside their borders and have established a large enclave in war-torn Llael, far to the north.

Led by their clergy, the devout and devoted populous of the Protectorate has marched to war to return humanity to its true allegiance. Too many centuries of adherence to heresies has lead to the current sad state of affairs, and only the burning, undiluted flame of the True Law can preserve mankind and restore the proper course of civilisation. Blessed by Menoth's divine mandate and empowered by his holy fire, the nation marches to a war not of conquest but of redemption, one not fought for the aggrandisement of the few but for the salvation of all. The humans of Western Immoren will remember and embrace their true master, or they will burn.

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Unknown eons ago, Menoth created mankind. Tossed into a world dominated by hardier species (trollkin, ogrun) and more sophisticated cultures (dwarves), humanity needed help. Menoth provided that in the form of divine power, holy fire, and the beginnings of civilisation. Then He went back to hunting the Devourer Wurm, the primordial divinity of chaos and the wilderness. Only uncompromising adherence to Menoth's True Law stood between humans and the howling horrors beyond their stout walls, and the Menite priest-kings zealously enforced this law while carving out a place for their people in Immoren. After millennia of victory and order the barbarian Orgoth conquered Immoren and overturned the True Law. The oppressed people abandoned Menoth for the heretical Church of Morrow and its uplifting philosophies, displacing Menoth's loyal followers and reducing them to a minority in the civilization they had built.

After centuries of violent clashes and persecutions the visionary Visgoth Sulon called all Menites to migrate to the eastern half of the city of Caspia, a place that had been a haven for the Menite minority. Before a jubilant crowd of thousands Sulon took the title of Hierarch over the faithful. The Cygnaran military attempted to disperse the believers, but their interference sparked riots. The conflict spiraled into the First Cygnaran Civil War, which ravaged the kingdom for two years. Sulon was killed in the war and the Menites ultimately compromised for peace. The Protectorate of Menoth was established as a homeland for the Menites but was under the authority of the Cygnaran crown. The Menites were forbidden weapons and were made to pay taxes to Cygnar. Over a century the faithful bided their time, amassing wealth and secret armories as they trained for war. When Cygnar and Khador clashed, Hierarch Voyle declared a great crusade to retake Immoren. After driving off Cygnaran attempts at invasion Menite forces penetrated the walls of Caspia but were ultimately thrown back after the death of Voyle. Severius was named Hierarch and he directed the Menite armies to crusade north in Llael, the battleground of Khador, Cygnar, and Cryx. The Protectorate is a small and upstart nation, but its people have fought the armies of the old Iron Kingdoms and emerged victorious. The Protectorate of Menoth is independent and resurgent, and crusades to reclaim the world for their god with fire and faith.

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