Learning to Play the Game (LPG)

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Welcome to Basic Training, aka Learning to Play the Game (LPG).

Articles in the LPG series are aimed at very new players, who have read the core rulebook but are still getting to grips with how it all works. We try to explain the parts of the rules that new players typically get tripped on.

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Tip !
If you're really new, it'll probably pay to watch these official Gameplay Tutorials (they're about 45 minutes long)

Also, you may want to check out some of the unofficial Cheat Sheets.

Once you have the core rules down pat, you'll be ready to move onto Intermediate Training, aka Learn Objectives, Tactics, & Strategy (LOTS). Those articles deal with more abstract concepts such as how to design an army list, how to manouvre around the battlefield, when is the best time to boost an attack, etc.

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