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Last Stand - Cost 2, 6" range, Upkeep
Friendly Faction model/unit gains an additional die on its melee attack and damage rolls. But a model that makes a melee attack is destroyed at the end of the turn.
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Rules Clarification : Last Stand      (Edit)

  • If you make a CMA, only the attack leader is destroyed. The attack participants didn't actually make an attack.
  • If a model triggers Last Stand, then you make the upkeep expire (for example casting it on a different unit), then that model is destroyed despite the spell expiring. (Infernal Ruling)
  • If a model triggers Last Stand, then you kill it yourself and resurrect it in the same turn (for example with the Supreme Guardian), then is not destroyed because effects expire on models when they're destroyed. (Infernal Ruling)
  • I thought the two rulings above conflicted with each other but apparently they don't; essentially because "you don't track triggered effects on models that aren't on the table". (Infernal Ruling)

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