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Most of Convergence works lile a normal Faction. The part that is different are their warjacks known as "Vectors". They are like warjacks in most respects (having damage grids, spend focus to buy/boost, can make poer attacks, etc) but differ in three ways:

  • How they get focus (Induction)
  • Their MAT/RAT
  • Getting a Field Marshal benefit


Vectors do not have a Cortex and do not get a free focus via Power Up.

Instead whenever a Vector spends a focus, they can immediately "induct" it to another Vector within 6" that is in the same battlegroup. This can be extended to 9" if there is an Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex solo nearby.

So the Convergence player ends up filling one warjack with focus at one end of their battleline, then chaining that same focus through every warjack towards the other end of their battleline.

To get the focus on a warjack to begin with, the Convergence player either has to allocate it from their warcaster or use the Corollary support warjack.

Lastly, because they don't have a Cortex, they are immune to stuff which targets the Cortex (such as Shock Field and Dark Dominion). They have an Induction Node instead and if that gets crippled it works as you'd expect: You lose all current focus and can't gain any more until it is repaired.


Vectors do not have a stat for MAT or RAT. Instead they use the current MAT or RAT value of their controller.

  • If a Vector gets hit by a debuff that makes it "suffer -2 RAT" then it doesn't care.
  • If a Vector gets hit by a debuff that makes it "suffer -2 to ranged attack rolls" then it does care.
  • If a Vector's controller gets hit by a debuff that makes it "suffer -2 RAT" then all the Vectors get debuffed.

In the Warroom app, if you build a Convergence army, it will auto-substitute the controller's MAT/RAT when you look at the Vector's card.

Field Marshall

Technically this isn't a rule on the Vectors nor a Faction-unique rule, but almost every Convergence warcaster has a Field Marshal ability which gives all their Vectors an extra ability. What that ability is changes from caster to caster.

Between this and their variable MAT/RAT scores, Vectors can behave quite differently depending on who is controlling them.

Official Rules

From the 2020.02 version of the core rules:


The Convergence of Cyriss does not use warjacks in the traditional sense. Their machines, called vectors, are built using arcane science fused with applied physics and mathematics. Each completed vector is an act of worship to Cyriss, the Maiden of Gears as well as an irrefutable triumph of engineering. The smooth lines and artisanal attention to detail contrast with the pure brutality that the science of kinematics can inflict on enemies of the Clockwork Goddess.

In addition to the standard warjack rules (p. 66) Convergence warjacks have the following rules.

    Interface Node    

Instead of a cortex, Convergence warjacks have an interface node. The (I) boxes of a Convergence warjack’s damage grid represent this interface node.

This model can gain focus. This model can have no more than 3 focus points at any time. Unless otherwise stated, this model can spend focus only during its activation. This model cannot gain or spend focus while its Interface Node system is crippled.

Because an interface node is not a cortex, Convergence warjacks are immune to effects that cause a warjack to suffer damage directly to its cortex (such as Cortex Damage and Shock Field) or that require a warjack to have a functional cortex (such as Domination).

    Warjack MAT & RAT    

Convergence warjacks do not have MAT or RAT values. Instead, their MAT and RAT are equal to the current MAT and RAT of their controlling warcaster. For example, a Convergence warjack under the control of a warcaster with MAT 6 and RAT 4 would have MAT 6 and RAT 4. Vectors do not directly benefit from MAT/RAT bonuses or suffer from MAT/RAT penalties, but any MAT/RAT alterations to a warcaster controlling one or more vectors will be passed along to those vectors.

Note that spells and abilities that affect attack rolls will still affect vectors normally.

EXAMPLE: The Conservator heavy warjack’s Hand of Vengeance special rule grants it +2 on melee attack and melee damage rolls. Its MAT will remain equal to the MAT of the warcaster controlling it, but it will gain +2 on its melee attack rolls from Hand of Vengeance.

    No Power Up    

Though Convergence warjacks can be allocated focus normally, they do not power up and do not automatically gain a focus point for being in their controlling warcaster’s control range during the Control Phase.

    Focus Induction    

When a warjack with an Interface Node spends a focus point during its activation, you can give a focus point to another warjack with an Interface Node if the two are in the same battlegroup and are within 6” of one another. Note that a warjack with an Interface Node still can have no more than 3 focus points at a time.


Rules Clarifications

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Vector      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

  • They don't have one.
  • They're immune to all effects that specify "cortex" - for instance, the spell Domination.
  • They're not immune to disruption. You cannot allocate or induct to a disrupted Vector.

Interface Node and Induction

  • A Vector can induct any number of times, to any number of Vectors, as long as it has focus to spend.
  • You can induct to the same Vector repeatedly, if you want.
  • You cannot go over the normal focus limit as a result of Induction. Refer to the Interface Node rules in the core rulebook.
  • You can induct to a Vector that has already activated. Although the only tactically-wise target is the Corollary.
  • Anything which prevents a model 'gaining' focus will prevent a Vector receiving focus via Induction.
  • When a Vector spends a focus to charge/run/slam/trample, it does so before movement. So you need to resolve Induction from its original position, not its final position.
  • A Vector doesn't need to be in its caster's control range to give/receive focus via Induction.
  • Warcasters can't Induct or be Inducted to.
  • Similar to a normal warjacks, when a Vector has its Interface Node crippled it does lose the focus currently on it. (Infernal Ruling)
  • You can't spend focus to buy attacks (and Induct the focus) if no one is in your melee range. (Infernal Ruling)


  • Vectors use their controller's current RAT/MAT.
    • The line that reads "use their warcaster's RAT/MAT" was supposed to change to "battlegroup controller" in the 2020 update. (Infernal Ruling)
  • So, for things which affect RAT/MAT directly (such as Deneghra1's feat):
    • If your warcaster is affected, then all of your Vectors are affected.
    • If your Vector is affected, then it simply doesn't care.
  • And for things which affect your attack roll (such as Positive Charge)
    • There is no interaction between the caster and Vectors for 'attack roll' bonuses.
    • If your warcaster is affected, then your Vectors don't care
    • If a Vector is affected, then that Vector is affected (but not other Vectors)
  • And for things which affect other stats (such as -2 SPD, STR, etc)
    • Vectors work the same as normal models for all other stats. There is no special interaction between caster and Vectors in that regard.

Some MAT/RAT examples

  1. A caster has a MAT 6 and RAT 4.
    All Vectors in its battlegroup are MAT 6 and RAT 4
  2. In that same battlegroup, a Vector is affected by the Deneghra1's feat (affected models suffer -2 RAT & MAT).
    That Vector remains MAT 6 and RAT 4.
  3. In that same battlegroup, the caster is affected by the Coven's feat.
    All Vectors become MAT 4 and RAT 2.

Vectors in non-Convergence factions

  • If Aurora2, Nemo4, or Asphyxious4 die while controlling a Vector:
    • The Vector remains whatever Faction it started the game as.
    • If the Vector is re-activated by a 'Jack Marshal, its new MAT/RAT score will be 0. If the 'Jack Marshal then dies, the MAT/RAT remains 0.
    • (Infernal Ruling)

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