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Cephalyx warcasters use a different model type, Monstrosities, instead of warjacks.

At the time of writing (2019.11) Cephalyx can be used in 3 ways:

  • Most Cephalyx are locked into Operating Theater (a Mercenary theme force) and cannot be used anywhere else.
  • A handful of units and solos can be taken as Mercenary options in a Cryx force, most notably the Partisan ones.
  • If you're playing a 2+ caster game, you can also put a Cephalyx Warcaster and their battlegroup of Monstrosities into a Cryx force.

Cepahlyx Unique Rules


Most Cephalyx models/units have the Selective special rule, which states that they can be included only in a Mercenary army made using a Cephalyx theme force (p. 94). This means that unless they are included in a non-Mercenary Faction army, the army they are included in must be created using a Cephalyx theme force.


Some cephalyx have the ability to directly control multiple monstrosities and wield formidable powers. While the root of their powers is distinct from those warcasters dwelling on the surface, the control they exert over their augmented slaves is roughly the equivalent of a warcaster’s command of his battlegroup.

Cephalyx warcasters can control only monstrosities and cannot control warjacks. A Cephalyx warcaster can allocate focus points to monstrosities in its battlegroup as if they were warjacks. A Cephalyx warcaster’s warjack points must be used on monstrosities even though they are not warjacks. In addition to the standard warcaster rules (p. 82), Cephalyx warcasters have the following rules.

Healing - At any time during its activation, this model can spend focus points to heal damage a monstrosity in its battlegroup in its control range has suffered. For each focus point spent this way, remove 1 damage point.


Though telepathically linked to their controllers and serving the same purpose as warjacks, monstrosities are not machines but living beings.

Monstrosities are large-based models (50mm). Even though it is assigned to a specific battlegroup, each monstrosity is an independent model.

Monstrosities can be controlled only by Cephalyx warcasters.

Monstrosity Special Rules

All monstrosities have the following special rules.

Living Models

Unfortunately for them, monstrosities are living models. They are not warjacks and do not have cortexes.

Damage Grid

Monstrosities have damage grids like warjacks.


A monstrosity can be allocated focus but can have no more than 3 focus points at any time. Unless otherwise stated, it can spend focus only during its activation. A monstrosity cannot gain or spend focus while its Brain system is crippled.


Though monstrosities can be allocated focus normally, they do not power up and do not automatically gain a focus point for being in their controlling warcaster’s control range during the Control Phase. Instead, a monstrosity gains 1 focus point each time it suffers damage as a result of an attack or a continuous effect.

Note that monstrosities are not warjacks and focus points are not removed from them during the Control Phase.

  • Focus: Additional Attack A monstrosity can spend focus to make additional melee attacks as part of its Combat Action (p. 50). It can make one additional attack for each focus point spent. Some models possess special rules that also enable them to spend focus points to make additional ranged attacks.
  • Focus: Boost A monstrosity can spend 1 focus point to boost any of its attack rolls or damage rolls during its activation. Add an extra die to the boosted roll. Boosting must be declared before rolling any dice for the roll. Remember, a single roll can be boosted only once, but a monstrosity can boost as many different rolls as you choose and can afford.
  • Focus: Run or Charge A monstrosity must spend 1 focus point in order to use its Normal Movement to run or charge.
  • Focus: Shake Effect During your Control Phase after allocating focus, a monstrosity can spend focus points for the following:
    • If this model is knocked down, it can spend 1 focus point to stand up.
    • If this model is stationary, it can spend 1 focus point to cause the stationary status to expire.
    • If this model is suffering an effect like Blind or Shadow Bind that can be shaken, it can spend 1 focus point to cause the effect to expire.

Unthinking - Monstrosities do not have a CMD stat or a command range.

Power Attacks - Monstrosities can make power attacks. To make a power attack, a monstrosity must spend 1 focus point. A monstrosity can make head-butt, slam, and trample power attacks. A monstrosity with at least one non-crippled weapon with the Open Fist weapon quality can make throw power attacks.

Warcaster Destruction

If a Cephalyx warcaster is destroyed or removed from the table, the monstrosities in its battlegroup become autonomous. Autonomous monstrosities remain active but do not have a controller. An autonomous monstrosity acts normally but cannot be allocated focus, though it can receive focus from other sources. A monstrosity must have a controller at the start of the game; it cannot begin the game autonomous.

A Cephalyx warcaster can take control of an autonomous friendly monstrosity. To do this, a Cephalyx warcaster must spend 1 focus point during its activation while base-to-base with the autonomous monstrosity. The monstrosity must forfeit its Combat Action the turn it becomes controlled. The monstrosity becomes a part of the battlegroup of the warcaster that took control of it.

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