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This series of articles are still a WIP.

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As of 2020.12 the LOTS articles are a WIP. If you have a question that isn't answered, or a topic you'd like to see added, we'd like to hear about it. Post your thoughts on the Talk:Learning to Play the Game (LPG) page.

Welcome to Intermediate Training, aka Learn Objectives, Tactics, & Strategy (LOTS).

Articles in the LOTS series are aimed at intermediate players, who have a good grasp of the core rulebook and their own model's special rules, and now want to become better players and win more games.

So, you've read the rulebook. You purchased some models (or found some proxy counters or whatever). You know how the game goes, and the difference between Fury and Focus. You know how to Activate your units, and you know that a Feat requires timing. Obviously, you can read the statistics on each models (and the articles on this site) to get wiser on their properties, but it still might be hard to fathom what your army is supposed to do. But from here onward, you can go a long way in this game by creating a balanced army list where the units synergize with each other. So we are going to discuss here what it is the game is about.

What are you trying to do when you pick up your models and move them within striking distance of your opponent? How do you create synergies? What are the common strategies, and what tactics are used to accomplish them? WarmaHordes is a game of prioritizing very limited resources, so what are they? How about that 2d6 dice format, why is that so clever?

In conventional war, tactics consist of the actions and reactions on the field. A tactician knows the overall strategy that their forces are built around. Your strategy might be war of attrition by having lots of armor supported by huge quantities of infantry; or attrition by lots of guys designed to die in order to release corpse tokens or soul tokens that empower the rest of your standing army. The tactician must apply tactical choices and prioritize their resources to get the most out of the strategy.

Conventional tactics are maneuvers such as attacking on the flank, stealth, applying pressure with tanks/elite fighters, suppressing fire, the hit-and-run, or fortification. Obviously, game tactics are less elaborated than conventional warfare tactics, but this game is surprisingly full of maneuvers. Many a game has been won or lost due to one side being better at fury/focus management, unit positioning, timing, maneuvering or activation order.

The following is a breakdown of the game into a series of "lessons", each manageable as food for thought for the new player, before advancing to the next lesson. Each lesson is either written by a Battle College user such as yourself, or distilled from various community strategy bloggers, from tips and tricks from many an excellent player, and from Privateer Press' faction forums, or the old MK2 Battle College and updated where necessary to MK3.

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