Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood

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Trollblood Logo.jpg Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood

Trollblood Trollkin Warlock

Jarl Skuld is an infamous bandit and highwayman who has become an unlikely guerilla leader among the desperate trollkin remaining in the Thornwood. A skilled gunfighter, Skuld uses a pair of customized, rune-scribed pistols to deadly effect. With lightning raids and devastating ambushes against Cryx, Khador, and other enemies of his people, Jarl Skuld has truly earned the moniker “Devil of the Thornwood.”

Basic Info

Skuld1 (aka Jarl1)
Missing Info
COST {{{cacost}}}
UNIT SIZE {{{casize}}}
FA {{{cafa}}}
Warcaster 0
BASE Medium
M.A. N/A
DEF 15
ARM 15
ESSENCE {{{essence}}}
HP 16
F. Field N/A
WJP {{{wjp}}}
WBP +30
IHP {{{ihp}}}
Warcaster 1
the Statblock
  • Warlock - All warlocks come with a stack of standard special rules - most notably being awesome. Click here for a newbie-friendly recap, or click here for the full rules.

Feat: Rolling Fog

Place d3+3 4" AOE cloud effects anywhere completely within Skuld's control range.

  • Rolling Fog AOEs do not block friendly Faction models' LOS.
  • Friendly Faction models can advance through other friendly Faction models that are in a Rolling Fog AOE, if they have enough movement to move completely past them.
  • While in one or more Rolling Fog AOEs, living enemy models suffer -2 to attack rolls.

Rolling Fog lasts for one round.


  • Gunfighter symbol.jpg Gunfighter
  • Pathfinder symbol.jpg Pathfinder
  • Tough symbol.jpg Tough
  • Dodge - This model can advance up to 2" immediately after an enemy attack that missed it is resolved unless it was missed while advancing. It cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.
  • Field Marshal [Swift Hunter] - Warbeasts/warjacks in this model's battlegroup gain Swift Hunter.
  • Swift Hunter - When this model destroys one or more enemy models with a basic ranged attack, immediately after the attack is resolved it can advance up to 2".


  • Rune Pistol (x2) - 12" range, POW 12 ranged weapons
  • Axe - 0.5" reach, P+S 10 melee weapon


Magic Bullet

2 6 - - Turn No
If target friendly Faction's model next ranged attack directly hits, after resolving the attack choose another model within 4" of the model hit. The chosen model suffers an unboostable POW 12 magical damage roll. The point of origin for this damage is the model hit. The damage is not considered to have been caused by an attack. After this damage roll is resolved, Magic Bullet expires. Magic Bullet lasts for one turn.

3 6 - - Upkeep No
Target friendly Faction model/unit gains +2 SPD, and +2 DEF against ranged and magic attack rolls.
Tactical Supremacy

2 6 - - Upkeep No
Target friendly Faction model/unit gains Reposition [3"].
Reposition [3"] - At the end of an activation in which it did not run or fail a charge, a model with Reposition [3"] can advance up to 3", then its activation ends.
Weald Secrets

2 6 - - Upkeep No
Target friendly Faction model/unit gains Pathfinder and Hunter.
Hunter - A model with Hunter ignores cover and concealment when making ranged attacks.

Theme Forces

  • Other Factions

Thoughts on Jarl Skuld

Jarl Skuld in a nutshell

Jarl Skuld is a warlock who looks as if he's wandered over from the Circle Orboros to lead Trollblood armies. Tricksy and full of movement shenanigans, the Jarl is an excellent change of pace for a troll player and would be utterly broken in Circle where he could stack his tricks with theirs - but in Trolls he mostly adds a splash of tricks to add flavour to an army.

He can sometimes struggle to cast and upkeep the spells he wants to have in play while loading the Krielstone, but the Storm of the North theme and/or the Runebearer help with that.

His main selling point is his handing out a very good speed buff and his personal contribution; with magic Bullet he can carve out important solos or CA's, clear infantry, ect. and he can even do it irrespective of Stealth, Shield Guard and other anti-shooting tech as Magic Bullet is not a ranged attack.

Feat thoughts

His feat is a cloud wall that also debuffs living targets fast enough to go through it. Block LoS for the alpha strike. The variable number of AOEs will let you down when you need it most, but even 4 can cover enough of the board to make some impact.

Beware models that can remove or ignore cloud tech.

Spell thoughts

  • Quicken is probably the best of his three upkeeps - +2 DEF is good (and would be better if the trolls weren't known for low DEF). Of course there are always Storm of the North Champions.
  • Magic Bullet - have your Runebearer cast this every turn after the first. Use it to scalpel out support models.
    • Outside of Storm of the North Jarl will either be able to cast this spell or cycle one of the others plan accordingly.
  • Weald Secrets - in Storm of the North the pathfinder component to this spell is fairly null (unless it’s on a warbeast), Hunter is also quite match specific, but it’s good to have it when you need it.
  • Tactical Supremacy is great on ranged units to draw them further from the enemy charge. But it is also well placed on the Krielstone - especially in storm of the north with the Northkin elder.
    • The reason for this is Jarl struggles to load it so it needs to make use of its *action more - thus it needs a way to keep up with the main battle line

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • His big weakness is that he has serious problems loading the Krielstone as he also has three upkeeps he wants to cast on turn one. It is sometimes better to activate the Krielstone first and hope for a good awaken the stones roll - otherwise you need to plan accordingly.
    • alternatively cast Tactical Supremacy on the Krielstone and accept that you will need to rely on awaken the stones
  • He lacks a damage buff (and doesn't really have an accuracy buff).
  • He solves the weaknesses associated with the faction, but he doesn’t leverage anything trolls are naturally good at - creating an OK all round package.

Tricks & Tips

  • You can shoot your own models in the back to trigger Magic Bullet, which circumvents most anti-ranged techs. Use Troll Whelps or Pyg Lookouts for this.
  • With a Trollkin Runebearer and Harmonious Exaltation you can cast all three of his upkeeps on turn 1. This leaves him camping 0 - so make sure he's hiding behind something solid. (In later turns the Runebearer is going to be casting Magic Bullet - a nice effective use of the Runebearer as it keeps him a lot safer than most 3 cost spells would)
  • The enemy are there to be messed with. And to dance out of range of - measure their threat ranges when you play.
  • Try and make sure you play the Jarl with a cluttered battlefield.
  • You almost never are going to succeed with a ranged assassination from the Jarl (two boosted POW 12s are nowhere near enough) but most opponents will get very worried if you are able to take a few pot-shots at their caster.

List Building Advice


His main win condition is to frustrate the enemy and win by hitting when they can't hit back. He has no innate way of winning the game on his own so delivering enough of his army and having models with armour cracking capabilities (which he doesn’t do) are necessary.

Like many Troll warlocks you are playing the attrition game with Jarl Skuld, but unlike his competitors he is focused on control and denial rather that stat buffing or protection.

Theme Thoughts

When looking at the Jarl one might think that he should play a shooty army and pester the opponent at range. This is not true actually, since he doesn't support ranged units that well, apart from granting occasional concealment and reposition. His main personal contribution to his forces is speed, and he does nothing for damage. Weald Secrets and Magic Bullet are often used on himself, or his Bomber. Trollkin Fennblades, at Speed 6 aren't a bad option in Band of Heroes.

The rest should be self-sufficient units that don't need much input from their caster, because the Jarl has none to give. These units include the Battle Bears and Fire Eaters.

    Support models - Various themes    

  • Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes are a surprisingly good target for tactical supremacy, letting them move 8-9" while using awaken the stone.
  • Trollkin Runebearer mandatory since it can echo Magic Bullet and expand Skuld's cloud wall.
  • Fell Caller Hero he buffs melee infantry and there's never enough buffs you can have on your melee infantry.
  • Stone Scribe Chronicler an easy to forget support model as it lives in themes Skuld doesn’t really want to play in often. But dirge of mists granting concealment stacks nicely with quicken.

    Storm of the North    

The combination of theme benefits and Northkin Elder on the Krielstone are a godsend to a warlock like the Jarl. Storm of the North is his strongest theme. He simply doesn't have the focus to consistently do his thing an without free upkeeps. He want to camp, shoot, buy and boost, cast magic bullet, fuel the Krielstone, and the free upkeeps on Northkin models enables his fury-fed dreams. Storm of the north gives the Jarl multiple builds centering around a few main models.

Champion Build

Long Rider Build

  • Trollkin Long Riders in either two minimum units or one full unit usually form the nexus of this build. Quicken pushes this unit as far as possible, but often lands them out of range of the Krielstone. Quicken can be hot-swapped, however.
  • Horthol, Long Rider Hero is optional, and often gets squeezed out by newer models, such as the archon.

Ranged build

  • Pyg Lookouts provide Mark Target and the Jarl really doesn't like needing to boost to hit, so it adds fury efficiency. Also Prowl is great with snow drifts and his feat.
  • Northkin Fire Eaters your premier self-sufficient unit for clearing infantry.
  • Northkin Raiders can find themselves far upfield, jamming on the far side of zones.

Any Build

  • Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears have Prowl and so love the Jarl's feat while providing armour cracking potential. Most importantly they don't need any input from the Jarl to do this.
  • Northkin Shaman more clouds? More clouds!
  • Rök: A warbeast with Primal that hits really hard - that's great on a warlock like Skuld who lacks a damage buff. Also Swift Hunter with Assault Sprays are really nifty. You can actually charge an enemy model, assault it to death and swift hunter into melee with a model that is not your original charge target. Your charge will not fail, as long as you ended your initial charge movement within range of the charge target.

    Power of Dhunia    

Offers superb fury management. A Dire Troll Bomber can effectively use it's animus, boost twice, and reload for only 1 fury if a Dhunian Knot is nearby.

    Band of Heroes    

Provides access to Remove from Play, and fast moving Trollkin Fennblades, who enjoy an extra 2" SPD. Although the units available have no ranged options that benefit from Hunter, being able to pass around Pathfinder can allow a Fell Caller Hero to use its other abilities.

    Kriel Company    

The Jarl doesn't actually like KC all that much, because many of his mainstays (like Battle Bears, Rök or Champions) are not in this theme. You might want to run War Wagons, but both Grim and Horgle run those lists much better than he does. Focus on your strengths!

  • Pyg Lookouts & Northkin Fire Eaters, mentioned above, can also be in this theme.
  • Trollkin Scouts also have Prowl so enjoy the cloud wall, they already have Hunter and Pathfinder already so don’t need Weld Secrets. But Tactical Supremacy is great on a ranged unit that wants to get stuck in. Separately with no way to handle heavy armour preventing healing let’s you play a bit more of an attrition game.



The Jarl is severly fury strapped, he should run a minmalist battlegroup. Unless he is in PoD or SotN where he has a little more flexibility.

  • Dire Troll Bomber: The old reliable Bomber provides Far Strike and kills stuff dead with its bombs. An absolute staple with any ranged warlock
  • Dire Troll Blitzer: Because of shooting gallery, swift Hunter and dual attack you can Tokyo drift through a lot of infantry with a good roll on the variable gun.
  • Pyre Troll: is also a ranged warbeast that can swift hunt twice if you are lucky, but most importantly it can set Fire Eaters on fire. It has a built in damage buff that Skuld sorely needs in the form of its animus.
  • Troll Impalers: are budget Bombers since they also provide Far Strike. The have less killing power and board presence than their big brothers though. With the changes they are more Fury efficient than a Bomber and can use assault to then use swift hunter and get into a better position.
    • speaking of position magic bullet will trigger based on a slammed models final location it can help improve your target options or deny them entirely it’s just something to bear in mind if aiming for that collateral effect.
  • Slag Troll Assault still triggers swift hunter and it brings its own damage buff allowing it to trade with heavies at a discount cost.
  • Swamp Troll it will never break armour but swift hunter and dual attack lets it charge in, kill some enemies then drift in to jam others, while generally a bit too expensive for Skuld to cast; Swarm is great with dodge.



  • Released in Hordes: Domination (2011)
  • "Jarl" is his title, not his name. It's pronounced "Yarl" and translates as "Danish or Norse chief".
  • At one point in his life his weapon was titled “Sword” despite clearly being an axe.

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Rules Clarifications

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Warlock      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

  • General
    • Damage from a feat is neither an attack nor Damage Type: Magical (unless the feat says it is).
    • FURY (uppercase) is the stat printed on the warlock's card. Fury (lowercase) refers to fury points a model currently has.
    • Your CTRL area is double your FURY stat, not double your fury points. (Infernal Ruling)
    • Casting spells or using feats is an anytime ability with the added restriction that you can't use them on the same turn you run even before you run.
      • See also the clarifications on Any Time abilities (below).
    • Some warlocks are also Battle Engines and thus follow all the Battle Engine special rules.
      There is no particular interaction between the Battle Engine rules and the Warlock rules.
  • Reaving & Leeching
    • If you choose to Reave, it's all or nothing. You must Reave all the Fury (up to your limit) and you can't choose to "let some disappear". (Locked thread)
    • If your warbeast is Removed From Play, you can still reave fury off it. (Locked thread)
    • If your warbeast is destroyed or RFP'd while under your opponent's control then:
      1. You cannot reave fury off it. Because it is still enemy at the time it was destroyed/RFP'd, and you can't reave from enemy warbeasts.
      2. After it is taken off the table, it returns to your control and is eligible for Spirit Bond and (possibly) Return to Play stuff (like Thagrosh1's feat).
  • Transferring Damage
    • If both the warlock and the warbeast are damaged by the same attack (such as an AOE), then you need to apply the 'normal' damage to the warbeast before the transferred damage. This distinction can be important when you're working out who/what actually destroyed the beast. (Infernal Ruling)
    • If there is too much damage for the warbeast and it "overlaps" back to the warlock, then that damage is considered ... unsure at this time. (Infernal Checking)
  • Restrictions on "Any Time" abilities     (Edit)         [Show/Hide]
    • "Any Time" abilities can be used at any time during a model/unit's activation, except:
    1. Before any compulsory forfeiture of movement/action. See step 2 of the activation sequence, appendix A.
    2. After the model with the "Any Time" ability has had their activation end "prematurely". By this I mean you resolved something which includes the phrase "its activation ends". Examples include:
      • Running, failing a charge, or failing a slam.
      • Abilities that include "then its activation ends" (such as Reposition and Teleport).
    3. In between declaring your charge target and making your charge movement. (Infernal Ruling)
    4. In between completing your charge movement and determining whether it was a successful charge. (Infernal Ruling)
    5. When you're in the middle of moving. (Note: Impact Attacks count as being in the middle of movement).
    6. When you're in the middle of an attack. Which also includes effects that occur "after the attack is resolved".
      (Although the attack is "resolved" at Step 11, in terms of using an "Any Time" ability the attack is not "finished" until after Step 14. Refer to the first paragraph of Apdx A.)
    7. Your opponent interrupted your activation to trigger one of their own abilities (such as Countercharge).
    8. Warcasters/warlocks/etc can normally cast a spell or use their feat "At any time". However, there is a core rule saying they cannot do so on the same activation that they run. So, they are subject to all the same restrictions listed above, plus they can't cast/feat before running.
    9. Units: See below.

    • In general you can use "Any Time" abilities while you're knocked down or stationary (except Spells and Feats which specify you can't).
    • If you have a gun with a random ROF, you can use an "Any Time" ability inbetween rolling the number of shots and actually making the first attack. (Infernal Ruling)

    Units with "Any Time" abilities
    • You cannot use an "Any Time" ability before issuing/receiving orders. See step 1 and 2 of the activation sequence, appendix A.
    • A model in a unit can't use an "Any Time" ability after they run (Infernal Ruling) or fail a charge. Because that makes that specific model's activation to end even though the unit's activation is still ongoing, and you can't use abilities on models that are not active.
      • You can use an "Any Time" ability before running, however.
    • A model in a unit can't use an "Any Time" ability after anyone in the unit has begun a Reposition move. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Warcaster/Warlock Cavalry ( Edit )
    • Warcasters/Warlocks can't cast spells or use their feat while resolving Impact Attacks. Because Impact Attacks occur during movement - you can use spells or feat before moving, or after moving, but not during movement.
      • Exception: If your Impact target(s) include your charge target, then your movement has ended (refer rulebook, last paragraph of 'Impact Attacks') and thus you're fine to use "any time" abilities before starting the Impact attacks.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Warcaster Unit or Warlock Unit     (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

This summary is specific to Warcaster/Warlock units. You may also want to check the Warcaster and Warlock pages respectively, for the "regular" rules clarifications.
  • All models in the unit count as part of the battlegroup. So, for instance, Butcher3's argus can be moved via his Energizer spell.
  • Warcaster units can have attachments. They can even attach units (such as the WSC). (Infernal Ruling)
  • The non-caster models are trooper models but are not normally Grunt models. Therefore they're not normally eligible for stuff like Revive.
  • Press Forward Order vs Spells cast at Any Time (Edit)
    • As of 2020.08, I have lost track of how this is supposed to work and I'm giving up until it is sorted properly. Refer to this thread for the latest ruling and follow-up questions.

  • Steamroller 2018
    • The non-caster models can contest scenario zones & flags.
    • The caster model cannot contest.
    • The caster model can control zones and flags by itself, but:
      • to control a zone, the entire unit remaining in play needs to be in formation.
      • to control a flag, the entire unit remaining in play must be within 4" of the flag.
  • Units Buying Attacks (Edit)
    • If you make attacks with model [A], then start making attacks with model [B], you cannot 'go back' and buy more attacks with [A]. Because:
    • A model can only buy additional attacks during its Combat Action.
    • A model in a unit must complete its Combat Action before the next model starts theirs (with some exceptions, like CMA).
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Unit of Warcasters or Warlocks     (Edit)

  • Even though they're warcasters, if they're out of formation they suffer the normal penalties (can't make attacks, actions, spells, etc).
  • They can't upkeep each other's spells.
  • They can only dominate one SteamRoller scenario element at a time.
  • Each warlock/warcaster can have different upkeeps on them if those upkeeps are "target SELF" or "target model". If you cast an upkeep that is "target model/unit", that is the only upkeep any of them can have.
  • Units Buying Attacks (Edit)
    • If you make attacks with model [A], then start making attacks with model [B], you cannot 'go back' and buy more attacks with [A]. Because:
    • A model can only buy additional attacks during its Combat Action.
    • A model in a unit must complete its Combat Action before the next model starts theirs (with some exceptions, like CMA).
  • The Legion Twins
    • Rhyas cannot dominate a zone while out of formation.
    • Rhyas can use the feat while out of formation.
  • Haley3
    • Only Haley Prime is an 'actual' warcaster model, and as such she is the only one that can dominate a scenario element.
    • The echoes can Control/Contest scenarios like a normal unit.
    • Haley Prime can dominate an element even if the echoes are out of formation.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Gunfighter      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

  • You cannot Aim if you start your activation in melee. (Infernal Confirmation)
  • A free strike with a ranged weapon still gets the +2 to hit and boosted damage (I'm pretty sure - I'd like to double check it though).
  • If you have a Gunfighter stuck in melee and the Gunfighter wants to shoot a friendly model, then you can only do so if that friendly is within the Gunfighter's melee range. Also, if that friendly model is engaged by an enemy, that friendly model will always get the +4 DEF bonus (because the point of origin of the attack, the Gunfighter, is not "in melee" with the friendly model).


  1. Outside of melee
    • If the Gunfighter isn't in melee, and didn't charge this turn, then it shoots just the same as a normal model.
  2. In melee, but didn't charge
    • If it didn't charge, it can target anyone it's "in melee" with.
    • This can be any model in the Gunfighter's melee range, plus any models that have the Gunfighter in their melee range.
    • If a Gunfighter kills all the enemies it is in melee with, and still has the ability to make more ranged attacks, then those attacks just follow the normal Ranged Attack rules. (Infernal Ruling)
  3. Charged into melee
    • If it did charge, its initial attacks can only target models that are in the Gunfighter's melee range.
    • If all models in the Gunfighter's melee range are killed before it makes its initial attacks, it loses any unspent initial attacks. (Infernal Ruling)
    • However if it can purchase additional attacks (via Reload for instance) and/or get free attacks (via Black Spot for instance), then those non-initial attacks can target anyone it's "in melee" with, as per #2 above.
  4. Other targeting notes
    • Remember, you can never be "in melee" with a friendly model, so a Gunfighter can pretty much never choose to target a friend while it's in melee.
    • If the gunfighter is unengaged, it can still shoot a friendly model, which would just be a normal ranged attack.
    • Gunfighter doesn't change the RNG of your gun, it just provides you an ability to use it while in melee and imposes some targeting restrictions.
      • If you're affected by a debuff that reduces your RNG to 1", that will further limit who you can target.
      • If you're affected by a debuff that reduces your RNG to 0", you cannot make attacks (refer 'Weapon Statistics', page 19 of rulebook).

Attack Roll

  • You use the Gunfighter's RAT for the attack roll.
  • Gunfighters do not ignore the Cover/Concealment bonus. (Infernal Ruling)
  • How the +4 DEF bonus for "being in melee" works with Gunfighters is:
    • they always ignore it vs enemies, because the "point of origin of the attack is in melee with the target".
    • they never ignore it vs friendlies, because you cannot be in melee with a friendly target.

Incorporeal Gunfighters

  • Note that enemy models without magic weapons can't hurt you in melee, but they can engage you.
  • If they engage you then you're in melee and your target selection is limited to just models in melee (as explained above).

Gunfighter + an AOE weapon

  • If you miss then the AOE will deviate as per the normal AOE rules. Not very far, though, considering the max distance you'll be apart is 2".
  • If you use an AOE weapon to make a free strike, you get the +2 to hit and you get boosted damage against everything under the blast template.

Gunfighter + a spray weapon

  • Who you can target with the spray is limited as described above, but you get to put the whole spray template down and potentially hit models well outside the melee.
  • If you use a spray weapon to make a free strike, you get the +2 to hit and you get boosted damage against everything under the spray template.

Units of Gunfighters

  • If a unit of Gunfighters successfully charge, but someone else in their unit kills their charge target before they get a turn to attack, then they may redirect their attack.
  • Redirected attack:
    • If they're still engaged, their initial attack (s) must be vs someone in their melee range.
    • If they're still engaged, but no one is in their own melee range, they don't get any initial attacks.
    • If they're unengaged, they are now free to shoot anyone within the gun's normal range.

Other interactions

  • Gunfighter vs Point Blank (Edit)
    • If a model has both Gunfighter and Point Blank, then you should declare whether you're using it as a ranged attack or melee attack whenever you shoot the gun. Because that can limit what other initial/additional attacks you can make. (Infernal Ruling)
    • These two abilities are subtly different, but it's an important difference.
    • Gunfighter allows you to make ranged attacks while in melee.
    • Point blank allows you to make melee attacks with your ranged weapon.
      • Since you can't make both ranged and melee attacks in the same turn, a Gunfighter model has a choice of either initial melee attack(s) or initial ranged attack(s). (unless it has Virtuoso or something).
      • Whereas a Point Blank model chooses to make initial melee attacks, and then gets to make attacks with both weapons.
    • Furthermore, the types of bonuses, penalties, and special effects you (or your opponent) can trigger will change dramatically:
      • Any buffs/triggers on ranged attacks (such as Evasive, Shield Guard, Deadeye, etc) will affect Gunfighter attacks, but not Point Blank attacks.
      • Any buffs/triggers on melee attacks (such as Battle Lust, Riposte etc) will affect Point Blank attacks, but not Gunfighter attacks.
  • Gunfighter & Cavalry ( Edit )
    • A cavalry model that charges then makes a Gunfighter attack will not gain a boosted charge attack roll, because a ranged attack is not a charge attack. (Infernal Ruling)
    • You also won't gain a boosted charge damage roll, as per normal for a Gunfighter.
  • Gunfighter vs RNG modifiers (Edit)
    • Unlike what most people might tell you, Gunfighter doesn't have a "range", it just lets the model make ranged attacks while in melee. The gun's actual RNG is unaffected though, until you put something like Windstorm (-5 RNG) on it. Then what happens is:
    1. If the gun is RNG 7, Windstorm will reduce it to 2". Thus it won't affect any Gunfighter attacks.
    2. If the gun is RNG 6, Windstorm will reduce it to 1". Thus you can only make Gunfighter attacks vs models within 1" (if you can - charging Gunfighters may be more limited).
    3. If the gun is RNG 5, Windstorm will reduce it to 0". Thus you can't make any attacks as per 'Weapon Statistics' (page 19 of the core rulebook).
    (Infernal Ruling)
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Pathfinder      (Edit)

Rules Clarification : Tough - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Dodge      (Edit)

  • Dodge triggers after any missed attack - melee, ranged, or magic.
  • An enemy model with 2" melee range that is B2B with you before you Dodge, will be exactly 2" away afterwards, and thus will be able to attempt a 2nd melee attack.
  • If you're missed by an AOE attack, but it doesn't deviate very far and still hits you then: Dodge still triggers, but the AOE does damage before you get the Dodge movement. (Infernal Ruling)
  • If an enemy can attack you when you advance and then stop moving (such as Countercharge or Defensive Strike) and they miss you, then you can trigger Dodge (because you're no longer advancing).
  • Dodge plus Riposte (Edit)
    • If a model has both Dodge and Riposte, you can choose whether to dodge or riposte first. Appendix A Step 13 applies here, because the controller of the model being attacked is not the active player.
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Rules Clarification : Field Marshal      (Edit)

  • Field marshal only grants the ability to warjacks/warbeasts in the battlegroup, so (normally) the caster does not have the Field Marshal ability.
  • However if it is listed on the caster's card separately, such as on Magnus2, then they do have it. (Closed thread)
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Rules Clarification : Swift Hunter and/or Overtake     (Edit)

  • The free move must be resolved before other abilities that involve attacks (such as Quick Work or Berserk). Refer Step 12 vs 14 in Appendix A.
  • This ability does not trigger off special attacks, only basic ones.
  • An important difference:
    • Swift Hunter can be triggered by any attack, including out-of-activation attacks.
    • Overtake only works on attacks during your Combat Action. Even stuff like Impact Attacks won't trigger it.

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Rules Clarification:  : Magical Damage      (Edit)
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* The "Damage Type: Magical" is not inherited by "secondary" damage from a weapon. That is, stuff like arcs (Electro Leap) or hazards (Scather). (Infernal Ruling)
  • All spells have "Damage Type: Magical" (refer errata).
    • This is inherited by "immediate" secondary damage (such as Eruption of Spines). (Infernal Ruling)
    • and might be inherited by "lingering" secondary damage (see below).
  • If a spell leaves a template in play that does damage to models that walk around in it, then:
    • if it is not described as a hazard it will do magical damage to models that walk around in it. (Example: Razor Wall)
    • if it is a hazard then it will not do magical damage to models that walk around in it. Instead, it does whatever damage type is specified by the spell description. (Example: Breath of Corruption).
    • (Infernal Ruling)
  • If a weapon/spell includes Magic Damage and another kind of elemental damage it will still damage Incorporeal models. Incorporeal models are not affected by the rule "if an attack does multiple types of damage and a model is immune to at least one it is immune to the entire attack."
    The phrase "immune to non-magical damage" should be interpreted as "immune to damage that doesn't include Damage Type: Magical" (not interpreted as "has immunity to Corrosion and Electricity and Cold and etc.")

Rules Clarification : Black Penny - None yet. (Edit)

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Rules Clarification : Magic Bullet      (Edit)

  • If Magic Bullet is cast on a model with a spray weapon, then you can choose any model in the spray to "bounce" from. But you only get one "bounce", not one per model in the spray, because "choose another model" is singular.
  • If Magic Bullet is cast on a model with an AOE weapon, only the original target is directly hit by the AOE, and so they're the only one it can "bounce" from. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Magic Bullet & Firing Formulae (Edit)
    • Firing Formulae gives no bonus to the damage roll caused by Magic Bullet. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Not considered an attack & "Non-attack damage roll" (Edit)   [Show/Hide]
    • There are two ways you can get these "non-attack" damage rolls. Either way, they interact with other special abilities that trigger on 'attack/damage' (such as Vengeance) in the same manner, and as such we'll call both types "Pure Damage" for brevity.
    • Type 1 - A secondary damage roll that is not considered to be an attack:
      Some attacks create a second damage roll that is explicitly "not considered an attack" (such as Electro Leap).
    (Note that although the second damage roll is not an attack, the original attack certainly is and will trigger stuff normally. These clarifications don't apply to the original attack.)
    • Type 2 - Non-attack damage roll:
      Some special abilities & special actions tell you to make a damage roll without mentioning whether it is considered an attack or not (such as Vent Steam and Flak Field).

    • Pure damage is not an attack, so doesn't trigger stuff like Vengeance.
    • Pure damage is not an attack, so doesn't benefit from stuff that affects 'attack damage rolls' (such as Bethayne1's feat). (Infernal Ruling)
    • Pure damage (normally) doesn't actually hit the model(s) it damages, so doesn't trigger stuff like Shock Field. (A few of them do specify they hit, though, like Warhead.)
    • Pure damage is not from an attack, but it is damage from the original model. This has two implications:
      1. It's not an attack from a weapon so:
        • it won't gain damage buffs from the weapon (such as Poison).
        • it won't gain any Damage Types from the weapon. (Infernal Ruling)
      2. It is a damage roll from a model so:

Rules Clarification : Quicken - None yet. (Edit)

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Rules Clarification : Tactical Supremacy      (Edit)

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Rules Clarification : Reposition      (Edit)

  • Models out of formation cannot move via Reposition. Refer to the "Out of Formation" rules in the core rulebook.
  • End of Activation (Edit)
    • Some end-of-activation abilities explicitly state your activation ends as part of resolving the ability (like Reposition), and some don't (like Refuge).
    Whether it is explicit it or not, it is the last thing you can do for the activation. You can not do a different "at any time" ability during or after triggering an end-of-activation ability. You cannot cast spells, purchase additional attacks, use a mini-feat, etc.
    For instance, if you resolve Refuge and then continue your activation to cast more spells, then you have not used Refuge at the end of your activation.
    • If you start resolving an end-of-activation-movement (such as Reposition) then you cannot trigger abilities that occur "at any time" (such as Go To Ground). Because you can't trigger it while moving, and after moving your activation has ended. (Infernal Ruling)
    • For units: if any model in the unit starts resolving the unit's end-of-activation-movement, then no model in the unit can trigger an any-time ability. (Infernal Ruling)
    • If you have more than one end-of-activation ability, you have to choose which one to resolve, then your activation ends and you cannot use the other one.
    • See also the training article: LPG - End of Activation.
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Rules Clarification : Weald Secrets      (Edit)

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Rules Clarification : Hunter      (Edit)

  • Although you ignore cover/concealment, you don't ignore "secondary" bonuses a model gets from it. For example, a model with Prowl will still gain Stealth from their concealment. (Infernal Ruling)