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Beware, gentle reader, for you have stumbled upon an article hidden within The Vaults. These dim and dusty halls are a resting place for articles that are seldom read, seldom updated, and sometimes woefully obsolete. Plus, you know, all the other junk we can't find a better place for.

This article is written for players that stopped playing several years ago, started again recently, and want to know what's changed in the meantime.

Mk2 Reboot (2010)[edit]



  • Point scale changed more or less entirely. What used to be a 500 point game is now a 35 point game.
  • LOS entirely dictated by model volume.
  • Clouds now provide concealment.
  • No more screening.
  • No more "waterfalling" damage from charges.
  • Many special rules simplified. If there were multiple similar rules, they got condensed into a single version. Some special rules were eliminated.
  • Many common rules are now icons on the front of the card.
  • Introduction of Retribution of Scyrah and Minions as full Factions.

Warcasters and Warjacks

  • Warcasters no longer cost points to add to your army. They also come with extra points that can only be spent on warjacks.
  • Warjacks need to be completely destroyed to be removed, different mechanics for some lost systems.

Warlocks and warbeasts

  • Warlocks have battlegroups now
  • Warlocks no longer cost points to add to your army. They also come with extra points that can only be spent on warbeasts.
  • Warlocks can no longer reeve from beasts they transfer to.
  • Frenzy simplified.


  • Formation just in CMD now
  • Units come in specific sizes. Normally you can choose between a "Minimum" or "Maximum" sized units, but some units are a fixed size. No spending points on individual dudes.

Mk2 Expansion (2011-2016)[edit]

  • 2011.06
    • New model type Ranking Officers
    • An attachment for mercenary units which makes them a Faction unit, letting them be targetted by "Faction-only" buffs and spells.
    • New model type Battle Engines
    • A huge-based (120mm) model with a power level approximately equal to (or slightly above) a heavy warjack/warbeast. But they're not part of your battlegroup.
  • 2012.07
    • New model type Colossals
    • A huge-based (120mm) warjack with a power level to match.
  • 2013.02
    • New mini-faction Convergence
    • A cult of machine-worshippers who have managed to transfer their souls into robot bodies.
  • 2013.03
    • New model type Gargantuans
    • A huge-based (120mm) warbeast with a power level to match.
  • 2014.08
    • New Mercenary contract Cephalyx
    • Cephalyx dwell underground, are powerful psychics, and capture live creatures and transform them into mindless drudges to be their combat troops.
  • 2014.09
    • New model type Warbeast Packs
    • A mixture of the unit rules and the warbeast rules.
  • 2014-ish

Mk3 Reboot (2016.06)[edit]

Free rules[edit]

  • Rules (both the core rules and the model rules) can be downloaded from the PP site for free. See the Useful External Links article.


  • Point scale basically doubled, and more points shunted into either your warcaster/warlocks free points, or into your theme free points.
    • What was a 1000 point game in Mk1, or a 50 point game in Mk2, is now a 75 point game (plus about 45 points of free models)
    • As of the time of writing (2019.01) the standard game size is 75 points. However some people (including one of the Game Devs, Hungerford) are starting to encourage going back to 50 point games.
  • You can premeasure everything.
    This led to some knock-on effects with people putting down 1000 proxy bases to mark all possible movements, which led to it being addressed in Steamroller:
    • In Steamroller, you're only allowed to leave two markers on the table for stuff you've measured. Whether it's where you want to move your own model, move an enemy model, the enemy's max charge range or shooting range, the ambush zone ... anything you want to mark out - Two markers max.
    • If you have to put a proxy base down because your model overhangs its base and can't fit, that proxy base doesn't count as a marker.
  • Many special rules simplified. If there were multiple similar rules, they got condensed into a single version. Some special rules were eliminated.
  • Many more common rules are now icons on the front of the card.
  • Incorporeal models:
    • They still ignore non-magical damage, but can now be affected by all effects (such as knock down or consume) regardless of whether the attack is magical or not.
    • Cannot make free strikes any more. They can still engage enemies in melee, though.
  • No more distinction between Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry (other than in their stats and how good they are at Repositioning).
  • Models need to be completely within forests/clouds/hills to benefit from it. No more "toeing in" for the concealment/elevation bonus.
  • You can still "toe in" for scenario zones.
  • No more fear and morale rules.
  • The same spell is now more often found within different Factions.
  • More spells and effects are "Friendly Faction only". This has decreased the use of Mercenaries & Minions in other Factions.
  • Rather than Epic, character models just have numbered versions.


  • You can't declare charges vs friendly models.
  • ROF changed. It now gives you multiple initial attacks with the gun, instead of needing to spend focus/fury on multiple shots. Many special rules like Multi-Fire, Strafe-Fire, Quick-Fire, etc were made into ROF 2 or ROF 3 guns. There are still a couple of guns in the game that can spend focus/fury for extra shots, with the Reload rule.
  • Melee weapons now have a RNG stat. 0.5", 1", 2", or very rarely 3".

Power Attacks[edit]

  • You can't make Power Attacks vs friendly models.
  • Push and Weapon Lock Power Attacks removed from the game.
  • Throw rules simplified.
  • There is now a better distinction between Throw caused by a Power Attack, Throw caused by a weapon/spell, and Being Thrown. Similar clarity for Slams.


  • You can't cast a friendly spell on a model that is out of formation. (Offensive spells can target oit of fornation dudes just fine.)
  • Unit Attachments (UA) now called Command Attachments (CA).
  • Field Allowance (FA) of CAs matches FA of base unit now, so every unit can always have an upgrade.

Warcasters and Warjacks[edit]

  • Warcasters no longer gain extra ARM for camping focus. Instead they can spend focus to reduce damage (up to 5 damage ignored per attack).
  • Warjacks no longer leave wreck markers.
  • Warjacks gain 1 free focus each turn. They need to be in a battlegroup (not controlled by a Jack Marshal) and be in CTRL range during the Control Phase.
  • 'Jack Marshal rules rewritten, they're a fair bit better now.

Warlocks & Warbeasts[edit]

  • Warlocks can leech fury from warbeasts that are already long dead. During the Control Phase they can gain a fury for every non-lesser warbeast destroyed in the game.
  • Warbeast animi are always spells, whoever casts it.
  • Frenzy simplified.

Theme Forces[edit]

  • Theme Forces completely restructed. They're no longer "one per warcaster/warlock". Now they're "4 to 6 per Faction" and can be led by any caster.
  • Bonuses aren't locked into tiers anymore - if you play in the theme, you get all the bonuses.
  • You get "free cards" for taking specific stuff. For instance, taking 20 points of Bane models in Dark Host will let you get a free solo. Taking 40 points will get you two free solos, etc.
  • Most themes only allow up to one Mercenary unit, and up to one Mercenary solo. And they almost never count towards free points. This has decreased the use of Mercenaries & Minions in other Factions.

Mk3 Expansion (2016.06 - today)[edit]

New Factions & Model Types[edit]

  • 2017.06
    • New mini-faction Grymkin
    • A Hordes faction, they're sort of creepy fairytale creatures. Their warlocks don't have feats, but have 3 weaker "Arcana" instead.
  • 2017.09
    • New model type Structures
    • A huge based, immobile model. They tend to be support-orientated, with a powerful gun.
  • 2018.06
    • New mini-faction Crucible Guard
    • A Warmachine faction, they have straightforward rules (nothing like Arcana or Induction). They have a focus on guns and debuffs.
  • 2019.06

The Theme Force Effect[edit]

What didn't become clear until about a year after mk3 launched was just how big theme forces would become. Nowadays, everyone plays in a theme force. Although you can play non-theme if you want to get a specific combination of models, the benefits of playing in-theme drastically outweigh the drawbacks.

Also, most themes only allow up to one Merc/Minion unit and one Merc/Minion solo. This has decreased the use of Mercenaries & Minions in other Factions.

Steamroller Changes[edit]

There have been 4 key changes that have affected how people play the game and design army lists:

  1. Game length limited to 7 rounds.
  2. Terrain set out rules implemented, which require a LOS-blocking piece of terrain at or near the centre of the board.
  3. To win on scenario you need to get 5 points more than your opponent, instead of just 5 total.
  4. Although any type of model can contest a scenario element, to control it you need a specific type of model. Flags can only be controlled by solos (and flags are the only things solos can control) etc.


Stands for Community Integrated Development. It's a PP-run forum separate to their main forums, where once a month or so they have a 2 week window where they ask players for feedback on new models about to be released, or existing models that are about to be errata'd. Then they close the forum, run about another month of internal testing, before all the releases are made "live".

It has created bit of a weird play environment because ...

  1. some players continue using CID rules even after the feedback window has closed (so for about a month or more they're playing with rules that "aren't real")
  2. some players don't play with models/factions that are about to be in CID, because either
    • they're expecting the CID to give them a buff and, until then, feel that playing the unbuffed version is a handicap
    • they don't want to deal with learning rules for models when all those rules are about to change.

PP Forums Downsized & Pressganger Programme shut down[edit]

At the end of mk2 PP closed down parts of their forum - General Discussion and all the Faction-specific subforums are no more. In the years since, players have migrated to a mixture of Lormahordes, Discord, Facebook, and Reddit. There has been a bit of community splintering as a result.

Around the same time, PP shut down the Pressganger programme (the mostly-volunteer-run recruitment/marketing/tournament-organising group). They shut it down because another game company with a similar programme had a lawsuit made against it and PP didn't want to be in the same boat.

No more paper publications[edit]

PP has moved to a digital-only format. In Mk3 they intended to release "Command books" for each faction followed by "Theme books" for each new theme, but not enough people were buying the books (why would you when the rules are free) so they stopped producing theme books and moved the "theme content" into No Quarter Prime.

But not enough people were buying the monthly No Quarter magazine so it was briefly discontinued, then came back as a once-every-3-months No Quarter Prime, only for that to get discontinued as well because people still didn't want to buy it.

The current plan (as of 2018.11) is to put that sort of content on to their online Privateer Insider. The Insider is a series of articles which are a cross between a blog, and news announcements, and "behind the scenes" articles, each written by different staff member.

BAHI & Mini-Crate[edit]

Black Anchor Heavy Industries is the name of PP's direct-order only range of models. BAHI models can only be purchased from PP's own online store (or bought 2nd-hand).

Don't be (too) alarmed, not every new model is going to be a BAHI. BAHI is only used for huge-based models that have been released since 2017, and even then it's only "most" not "all" of the ones released since 2017.

Mini-Crate is the name of PP's subscription-only range of models. They're alternate sculpts of existing models. They're mostly mercenary or minion resculpts. You sign up for a 6 month (or 12?) subscription, and every month a new limited edition sculpt gets posted to you. Plus one bonus one for when you first register.

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