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Infernals are designed as a "Limited Release Faction". This means the Faction has a much smaller model selection than normal Factions, and seldom gets new models (one new model every year or longer).

In compensation and to stay competitive, the synergies within the Faction are strong, list-building is flexible, and/or models have completely unique abilities. Some Limited Factions even have rules that affect the core rules of the game.

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The only information released about this model is spoilers (so far).

This Faction was announced June 2018 for release in 2019. You can expect to see the beta rules in CID in March 2019, and the finished rules in June 2019. The models will have a "phased rollout" and will become available for purchase June through September 2019.

Infernals are evil beings from a mysterious realm that is beyond both Caen and Urcaen; Caen being the mortal world in which Warmachine and Hordes is set, and Urcaen being essentially the afterlife world.

The inhabitants of Caen lack deep knowledge of the Infernals, only knowing that they are ruthless predators with a thirst for mortal souls. Infernals will go to great lengths and may offer tremendous power to those who betray and offer up the souls of their own species or other intelligent creatures.


Infernals for Beginners[edit]





Unique Core Rule : Yer an Infernal, Harry[edit]

Infernals write their own rules. (Placeholder)

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Mercenaries that work for the Infernals[edit]

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Deep Lore[edit]

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