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A model making a head-butt power attack smashes its head into a model to drive it to the ground.

  • A head-butt power attack made by a colossal or gargantuan has a 2˝ melee range. A head-butt power attack made by any other model has a 0.5˝ melee range.
  • The attacking model makes a melee attack roll against its target. If the attack hits, the target becomes knocked down and then suffers a power attack damage roll (2d6 + STR).
  • A model cannot head-butt a model with a larger base.
Power Attack (Edit)
Power Strike Category: Colossals & Category:Gargantuans only
Slam Category: Slam
Sweep Category: Colossals & Category:Gargantuans only
Throw Category: Throw
Trample Category: Trample