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This article runs through the various parts of a model article and provides guidance on what is intended to be within each section.

A model's article should be divided into 3 parts.

  1. Basic Info - A rehash of what is on the model card.
    • Comments/Opinions should be kept to a **minimum** in this section.
    • This section is primarily for the benefit of people without the card nor Warroom.
  2. Thoughts on [Model] - This is where we go to town discussing the pros and cons of the model, and how to use it.
    • Most model articles have this section subdivided with more headers (see below), but not all - we're still in the process of updating older entries.
  3. Other - Trivia, Rules Clarifications, and links to other related models (i.e. other models in the same faction).

What goes in "Basic Info"[edit]

The Basic Info section is just that: Basic. We don't want to see opinions or tactical advice in this section.

Since December 2016, PP has been okay with us posting exact stats and rules on to 3rd party websites (such as Battle College).


It's a copy of the stats - with irrelevant stats omitted.

If a model can't make Power Attacks, its STR is omitted. P+S is far more relevant.
If a model doesn't have a ranged weapon, its RAT is omitted.
If a model is immobile, its SPD is omitted.
And so on.

Weapons, Abilities, etc[edit]

Abilities are inserted using the Template system. You can learn more about them at How to use Templates.

But generally, it's simply {{Ability}}. For example if you write {{Undead}} on a model page then it will display

Undead - This model is an undead model and not a living model.

Tip lightbulb.png

Tip !
Remember, if you want to link to the Undead article instead of inserting the Undead template, you need to use the square [ brackets instead. For example if you write [[Undead]] on a model page then it will display Undead

Thoughts on [X][edit]

Description Bad Example Good Example

[Model] in a nutshell[edit]

Keep in mind that the Basic Info section already covers all the models stats, weapons, and abilities, so you don't need to rehash them here. Instead what you should be doing is describing what the 'final product' is.

  • Is the model a sniper, a beat-stick heavy, an acrobatic assassination? Is it a support piece, tarpit unit, or elite skirmisher?
  • Does the model have a good combination of abilities at a competitive points price? Or is it a bizarre mix of Skornegy that is overpriced?
  • Most importantly, is the model worth adding to my army or not?

1 to 3 paragraphs should do it.

Placeholder for when I find a bad example Placeholder for when I find a good example

Maximising his/her/its Feat and Spells (warcasters & warlocks)[edit]

(This section will only be on warcasters & warlocks, obviously.)

Once again, the Basic Info should cover what the in-game effects are, so the purpose here is to discuss strategy and tactics.

  • Is the feat powerful, lackluster? When's the best time to use it?
  • Is the spell list awesome? Is there one spell you'll want to cast all the time and some never? What is the best time/targets for different spells?
Placeholder for when I find an example Placeholder for when I find an example

Typical army & strategy (warcasters & warlocks)[edit]

(This section is the caster version of "Combos & Synergies")

You'd start with the strategy - how does this caster win? And a one-word answer is not sufficient.

  • Does he attrition the enemy down until nothing is left? What makes him good at attrition?
  • Go for scenario? How? Does he buff his army to hold zones or prevent enemies moving into zones?
  • Assassinate? How? Personally, in melee? Or via offensive spells? Or does he send in a buffed-to-hell warjack to execute the enemy warcaster?

Then we'd move into the army that helps with this strategy.

  • You'd describe the "Must Haves" for that 'caster/'lock,/why they're Must Haves, ("This warcaster excels at melee assassination, and to help him get there you want to take models X Y and Z because of reasons A B and C)
  • Don't just give a "grocery list" of models that you normally take with the caster.
  • Do explain your recommendations, and how they help the caster specifically.
Placeholder for when I find a bad example Placeholder for when I find a good example

Combos & Synergies (non-caster models)[edit]

(This section is the non-caster version of "Typical army & Strategy")

Describe what other models you'd want to take at the same time, and why.

  • Don't just give a "grocery list" of models that you normally take together.
  • Do explain your recommendations, and how they help each other specifically.
  • Captain Maxwell Finn can speed them up and give them a MAT/RAT boost.
  • Warcasters with the Deadeye spell can increase their accuracy. (Haley1, Caine1, Kara Sloan)
  • The Grenadier warjack - it gets extra shots from Trenchers, and they can be safely dug in next to it.
  • Trenchers and Long Gunners are good friends. A Long Gunner unit behind Trenchers can take shots and then the Trenchers can put up smoke clouds to block LOS to their Long Gunner friends. ||

Drawbacks & Downsides[edit]

Briefly touch on any negatives the model might have. Bad matchups, better options for the same points-cost, difficult model assembly, butt ugly sculpts from 8 years ago, etc.

  • If it's a cheap model, Do make a point of mentioning that all cheap models have downsides, but that doesn't make it a bad model.
  • Don't just give a "grocery list" of abilities that the model hasn't got.
  • Do explain how a missing ability can be worked around. For instance, using Saxon to give the unit Pathfinder.
  • Don't just say that the model is bad. That doesn't help anyone, and there is no model in the game that someone, somewhere, can't get work out of.

For the few models that are significantly overcosted (and thus "really truly bad");

  • Do say why you don't think the unit is worth it's points cost, and what can do the same job better.
  • Don't go to the nth degree comparing it to every other option in the army. Make your case and move on, don't belabor it.
  • Fragile
  • Support bloat
  • No pathfinder
  • It has poor defensive stats, so dies before doing anything useful if you're unwise with its placement.
  • Support bloat - If you spend too many points on support models like this guy, you'll have nothing left in your army to do any real work
  • It needs to move around the board quickly, and without pathfinder even a little bit of terrain can really mess up it's day.

Tricks & Tips[edit]

Any neat tricks you can pull off with this model. This should not be confused with strategy.

  • Taking Bane Thralls can increase your army's damage potential.
This is a Strategy. If you want to include this sentence in the article, then "[Model] in a nutshell" would be more appropriate
  • Bradigus hates Cognifex Cyphon - you all have Pathfinder and your Drudges have Eyeless Sight. It's as good a counter to Wold War as I think any army has.
This isn't a Trick, a Tip, or hell even a strategy. It's just an observation.
  • Run a Bane Thrall into melee range of a high ARM enemy - although the Bane won't get to attack, his Dark Shroud will still debuff the enemy and the rest of your army can benefit.
This is a Tip.
Other sections

Other sections you might add include:

  • Thoughts on using this model as a 'Jack Marshal
  • Thoughts on whether or not to add the WA/UA
  • Thoughts on using mercenary models in different factions. || Placeholder for when I find an example || Placeholder for when I find an example ||