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Trollblood Logo.jpg Grim Angus

Trollblood Trollkin Warlock

Born an albino and a sorcerer, Grim has a unique talent for tracking and has focused his inborn powers to assist his love of the hunt. Grim has hunted wanted men across western Immoren and has earned a name as a tracker whose quarry never escapes. Even the rumour of Grim Angus on a man's trail has prompted outlaws to surrender immediately to the nearest authorities.

Basic Info

Missing Info
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Warcaster 0
BASE Medium
M.A. N/A
DEF 16
ARM 15
ESSENCE {{{essence}}}
HP 17
F. Field N/A
WJP {{{wjp}}}
WBP +29
IHP {{{ihp}}}
Warcaster 1
the Statblock
  • Warlock - All warlocks come with a stack of standard special rules - most notably being awesome. Click here for a newbie-friendly recap, or click here for the full rules.

Feat: Spread the Net

  1. While in Grim's control range, enemy models suffer -3 DEF.
  2. Enemy models beginning their activations in Grim's control range suffer -3 SPD and cannot charge or make power attacks or special attacks.
Spread the Net lasts for one round.



  • Headhunter - 13" range, POW 13 ranged attack
  • Snare Gun - 8" range, ranged attack that does no damage
    • Cumbersome - This model cannot attack with this weapon and with another weapon on the same activation.
    • Knockdown - When a model is hit by an attack with this weapon, it becomes knocked down.
  • Gun Blade - 1" reach, P+S 12 melee attack



3 10 4 12 (★) Yes
Warrior models hit become knockdown.
Marked for Death

2 8 - - Upkeep Yes
Target model/unit suffers -2 DEF, loses Incorporeal or Stealth, and cannot gain Incorporeal or Stealth while affected by Marked for Death.
Return Fire

1 6 - - Round No
When target friendly Faction model is targeted by an enemy ranged attack, after the attack is resolved the affected model can make one basic melee or ranged attack, then Return Fire expires. Return Fire lasts for one round.
Weald Secrets

2 6 - - Upkeep No
Target friendly Faction model/unit gains Pathfinder and Hunter.
Hunter - A model with Hunter ignores cover and concealment when making ranged attacks.

Theme Forces

  • Other Factions

Recent Changes

No changes since 2017.07

Thoughts on Grim Angus

Grim Angus in a nutshell

Grim Angus is a control caster with a simple but effective and efficient toolkit centered around debuffing the opponent's DEF and controlling engagement.

Feat thoughts

Grim's feat has an offensive and a defensive component. The offensive to lower the enemy's DEF, making them easier to hit, and the defensive to lower enemy SPD, making it harder for them to get to you. Use it either to get the alpha strike or to make sure you hit, if you have it.

Spell thoughts

  • If Grim is far enough forward for either Mantrap or Marked For Death then he is probably too far forward to survive. On the other hand, both spells are good to deal with enemy skirmishers that rush your own lines. You can cast these if you're sure that the targets will die, or if you are channeling through Mulg, but exercise caution.
  • That said... Do Not Underestimate Mantrap. First of all, the Runebearer can cast it. Second, it does not need a direct hit or to deal damage to knock down the targets. So even if you miss, a good scatter can still be very effective. Third, it only knocks down warrior models. Sure you can beacon it off of an expendable grunt or Whelp, or a warjack that you bowled into a bunch of infantry, you can also use your own warbeasts in a pinch. Mantrap is a great tool for assassinations or battlefield control. You might be surprised how strong it can be and how often.
  • Return Fire is worthwhile when you have an impactful gun to use with it; at least as good as the Bomber, but more like the knockdown gun from the War Wagon or the huge spray from the Mountain King.
  • Weald Secrets is great for Dire Trolls, ideally the Bomber.

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • He needs a fury sink. Often his beasts use more fury than he does and he needs to clear off 2 or 3. Since...
  • ...he also has no damage buffs, he should bring Rage from the Mountain King or Mauler, so he can use these problems to solve each other.
  • Grim offers no protection from ranged attacks, not so much as concealment. Return Fire can sometimes be a deterrent to combined arms, but you just can't drop him against any real gun line.

Tricks & Tips

  • Careful positioning on feat turn and moving to one side of the board can keep the enemy melee out of the game for a turn.
  • Return Fire is triggered by being shot, hit or miss, and the attack you make in response can be either ranged or melee.

List Building Advice


His main win condition is to get the alpha strike and beat down the enemy.

Anything with Ambush because that puts the opponent between a rock and a hard place. If they spread out, the Bears and Lookouts will get them, but if they move toward the middle, Grim will catch more of them in his feat.

  • The Pyg Lookouts especially. They ambush and can start hunting solos while also providing Mark Target.

Theme thoughts

Grim Angus can run just about anything if you build for it.

    Kriel Company    

He can set the enemy up to take two consecutive turns of shooting, on the first of which they are much easier to hit. This can be a very effective anti-infantry list, especially with War Wagons.

  • War Wagons - No less than two of them, because they are so good and the most compellign reason to consider the Kriel Co. theme.

    Band of Heroes    

He can set the enemy up to take charges and struggle to counter. Long Riders like his help with impact attacks and Fenns with Cleave. Champs are less likely to have to take the charge.

    Storm of the North    

Has a lot of models with ambush, which are great with Grim. It also features the always great Fire Eaters and the Northkin Elder for the stone. On top of the he gets free upkeeps on Northkin.

    Power of Dhunia    

You get more mileage out of Bait the Line and he likes having animi (especially Rage) to cast regardless. His feat is just as good at protecting high-value assets like warbeasts (especially gargantuans) as it is offensively. It helps if you can fit in a fighting unit from the Minions like Bog Trog Ambushers or Farrow Brigands but he is much better in POD than it might seem.

  • If you do put him in POD, Mulg the Ancient will help tremendously, with both an ability to channel spells and Arcane Vortex.

    Vengeance of Dhunia    
Losing the Runebearer hurts the power of your feat. But the range of other models you can take does open up some some interesting options.

  • Gun Boar counterblast and return fire can both go on 1 model for multiple out of activation shots.

    Support models - Various themes    

  • Start with the Krielstone, especially since he often needs a fury sink.
  • The Trollkin Runebearer is a must. A larger CTRL area is great with a powerful feat, and while Grim is usually stingy with fury as it is, the Runebearer can cast Mantrap, which is even better than it sounds.


  • The three gargantuans are golden with his feat. Gargantuans should keep to shooting for two turns before they commit to melee, or else you will most likely trade badly, since they go down surprisingly quickly once commited. Grim's feat ensures they have 2 turns of shooting before they start swinging at the enemy.
    • The Sea King is especially noteworth here, due to its synergy with War Wagons.
  • Dire Troll Bomber or maybe a Troll Impaler for Far Strike; better to have it and not need it than vice versa. The Bomber is also an ideal target for Weald Secrets.
  • Grab a Dire Troll Mauler or Mountain King for Rage, unless his battlegroup is nothing but one Sea King or Glacier King or two Bombers.

First Seven Purchases

A few veteran players have put their heads together and tried to figure out the seven best things to buy for this specific caster. This is not designed to add up to a nice round points limit, nor be balanced vs other "First Seven" lists you find on this website. It is simply going to give you some of the essentials this caster needs most of the time.

  1. Warbeast: Dire Troll Bomber
  2. Warbeast: Dire Troll Mauler or Rök
  3. Solo: Trollkin Runebearer
  4. Solo: Boomhowler2
  5. Unit: Trollkin Champions + CA
  6. Unit: Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes + Northkin Elder, or
    Stone Scribe Elder
    (if using Storm of the North or Band of Heroes respectively)
  7. Unit: Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears, or
    Trollkin Fennblades + CA
    (if using Storm of the North or Band of Heroes respectively)



  • Released in Hordes: Evolution (2007)
  • His abilities, weapon, and Feat are named after a Front 242 song, Headhunter.

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Rules Clarifications

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Magical Damage      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

* The "Damage Type: Magical" is not inherited by "secondary" damage from a weapon. That is, stuff like arcs (Electro Leap) or hazards (Scather). (Infernal Ruling)
  • All spells have "Damage Type: Magical" (refer errata).
    • This is inherited by "immediate" secondary damage (such as Eruption of Spines). (Infernal Ruling)
    • and might be inherited by "lingering" secondary damage (see below).
  • If a spell leaves a template in play that does damage to models that walk around in it, then:
    • if it is not described as a hazard it will do magical damage to models that walk around in it. (Example: Razor Wall)
    • if it is a hazard then it will not do magical damage to models that walk around in it. Instead, it does whatever damage type is specified by the spell description. (Example: Breath of Corruption).
    • (Infernal Ruling)
  • If a weapon/spell includes Magic Damage and another kind of elemental damage it will still damage Incorporeal models. Incorporeal models are not affected by the rule "if an attack does multiple types of damage and a model is immune to at least one it is immune to the entire attack."
    The phrase "immune to non-magical damage" should be interpreted as "immune to damage that doesn't include Damage Type: Magical" (not interpreted as "has immunity to Corrosion and Electricity and Cold and etc.")

Rules Clarification : Bait the Line - None yet. (Edit)
Rules Clarification : Cumbersome - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Knockdown      (Edit)

  • Knockdown (Edit) - Remember, knockdown only prevents what it says it does. Refer to the Knockdown page for a recap of what a model can/can't do.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Warlock      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

  • General
    • Damage from a feat is neither an attack nor Damage Type: Magical (unless the feat says it is).
    • FURY (uppercase) is the stat printed on the warlock's card. Fury (lowercase) refers to fury points a model currently has.
    • Your CTRL area is double your FURY stat, not double your fury points. (Infernal Ruling)
    • Casting spells or using feats is an anytime ability with the added restriction that you can't use them on the same turn you run even before you run.
      • See also the clarifications on Any Time abilities (below).
    • Some warlocks are also Battle Engines and thus follow all the Battle Engine special rules.
      There is no particular interaction between the Battle Engine rules and the Warlock rules.
  • Reaving & Leeching
    • If you choose to Reave, it's all or nothing. You must Reave all the Fury (up to your limit) and you can't choose to "let some disappear". (Locked thread)
    • If your warbeast is Removed From Play, you can still reave fury off it. (Locked thread)
    • If your warbeast is destroyed or RFP'd while under your opponent's control then:
      1. You cannot reave fury off it. Because it is still enemy at the time it was destroyed/RFP'd, and you can't reave from enemy warbeasts.
      2. After it is taken off the table, it returns to your control and is eligible for Spirit Bond and (possibly) Return to Play stuff (like Thagrosh1's feat).
  • Transferring Damage
    • If both the warlock and the warbeast are damaged by the same attack (such as an AOE), then you need to apply the 'normal' damage to the warbeast before the transferred damage. This distinction can be important when you're working out who/what actually destroyed the beast. (Infernal Ruling)
    • If there is too much damage for the warbeast and it "overlaps" back to the warlock, then that damage is considered ... unsure at this time. (Infernal Checking)
  • Restrictions on "Any Time" abilities     (Edit)         [Show/Hide]
    • "Any Time" abilities can be used at any time during a model/unit's activation, except:
    1. Before any compulsory forfeiture of movement/action. See step 2 of the activation sequence, appendix A.
    2. After the model with the "Any Time" ability has had their activation end "prematurely". By this I mean you resolved something which includes the phrase "its activation ends". Examples include:
      • Running, failing a charge, or failing a slam.
      • Abilities that include "then its activation ends" (such as Reposition and Teleport).
    3. In between declaring your charge target and making your charge movement. (Infernal Ruling)
    4. In between completing your charge movement and determining whether it was a successful charge. (Infernal Ruling)
    5. When you're in the middle of moving. (Note: Impact Attacks count as being in the middle of movement).
    6. When you're in the middle of an attack. Which also includes effects that occur "after the attack is resolved".
      (Although the attack is "resolved" at Step 11, in terms of using an "Any Time" ability the attack is not "finished" until after Step 14. Refer to the first paragraph of Apdx A.)
    7. Your opponent interrupted your activation to trigger one of their own abilities (such as Countercharge).
    8. Warcasters/warlocks/etc can normally cast a spell or use their feat "At any time". However, there is a core rule saying they cannot do so on the same activation that they run. So, they are subject to all the same restrictions listed above, plus they can't cast/feat before running.
    9. Units: See below.

    • In general you can use "Any Time" abilities while you're knocked down or stationary (except Spells and Feats which specify you can't).
    • If you have a gun with a random ROF, you can use an "Any Time" ability inbetween rolling the number of shots and actually making the first attack. (Infernal Ruling)

    Units with "Any Time" abilities
    • You cannot use an "Any Time" ability before issuing/receiving orders. See step 1 and 2 of the activation sequence, appendix A.
    • A model in a unit can't use an "Any Time" ability after they run (Infernal Ruling) or fail a charge. Because that makes that specific model's activation to end even though the unit's activation is still ongoing, and you can't use abilities on models that are not active.
      • You can use an "Any Time" ability before running, however.
    • A model in a unit can't use an "Any Time" ability after anyone in the unit has begun a Reposition move. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Warcaster/Warlock Cavalry ( Edit )
    • Warcasters/Warlocks can't cast spells or use their feat while resolving Impact Attacks. Because Impact Attacks occur during movement - you can use spells or feat before moving, or after moving, but not during movement.
      • Exception: If your Impact target(s) include your charge target, then your movement has ended (refer rulebook, last paragraph of 'Impact Attacks') and thus you're fine to use "any time" abilities before starting the Impact attacks.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Warcaster Unit or Warlock Unit     (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

This summary is specific to Warcaster/Warlock units. You may also want to check the Warcaster and Warlock pages respectively, for the "regular" rules clarifications.
  • All models in the unit count as part of the battlegroup. So, for instance, Butcher3's argus can be moved via his Energizer spell.
  • Warcaster units can have attachments. They can even attach units (such as the WSC). (Infernal Ruling)
  • The non-caster models are trooper models but are not normally Grunt models. Therefore they're not normally eligible for stuff like Revive.
  • Press Forward Order vs Spells cast at Any Time (Edit)
    • As of 2020.08, I have lost track of how this is supposed to work and I'm giving up until it is sorted properly. Refer to this thread for the latest ruling and follow-up questions.

  • Steamroller 2018
    • The non-caster models can contest scenario zones & flags.
    • The caster model cannot contest.
    • The caster model can control zones and flags by itself, but:
      • to control a zone, the entire unit remaining in play needs to be in formation.
      • to control a flag, the entire unit remaining in play must be within 4" of the flag.
  • Units Buying Attacks (Edit)
    • If you make attacks with model [A], then start making attacks with model [B], you cannot 'go back' and buy more attacks with [A]. Because:
    • A model can only buy additional attacks during its Combat Action.
    • A model in a unit must complete its Combat Action before the next model starts theirs (with some exceptions, like CMA).
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Unit of Warcasters or Warlocks     (Edit)

  • Even though they're warcasters, if they're out of formation they suffer the normal penalties (can't make attacks, actions, spells, etc).
  • They can't upkeep each other's spells.
  • They can only dominate one SteamRoller scenario element at a time.
  • Each warlock/warcaster can have different upkeeps on them if those upkeeps are "target SELF" or "target model". If you cast an upkeep that is "target model/unit", that is the only upkeep any of them can have.
  • Units Buying Attacks (Edit)
    • If you make attacks with model [A], then start making attacks with model [B], you cannot 'go back' and buy more attacks with [A]. Because:
    • A model can only buy additional attacks during its Combat Action.
    • A model in a unit must complete its Combat Action before the next model starts theirs (with some exceptions, like CMA).
  • The Legion Twins
    • Rhyas cannot dominate a zone while out of formation.
    • Rhyas can use the feat while out of formation.
  • Haley3
    • Only Haley Prime is an 'actual' warcaster model, and as such she is the only one that can dominate a scenario element.
    • The echoes can Control/Contest scenarios like a normal unit.
    • Haley Prime can dominate an element even if the echoes are out of formation.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Pathfinder      (Edit)

Rules Clarification : Tough - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Take Down      (Edit)

  • If you have Take Down innately, then the RFP is not optional.
  • If you have Take Down granted by a theme force benefit, then the RFP is optional.
    • If you choose to RFP at boxed, you don't get to trigger anything that happens at destroyed (such as Cleave).
    • If you choose not to RFP them, they're destroyed normally. They produce corpses, can be returned to play, etc, and most importantly you can trigger stuff at "destroyed" (such as Cleave).
  • Technically the theme benefit doesn't actually grant models Take Down, it just gives them a rule with almost the exact same wording as Take Down.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : True Sight      (Edit)

  • You only ignore clouds for LOS. Models can still get the concealment bonus, trigger Prowl, etc from clouds. (Infernal Ruling)
  • A model that ignores Stealth must ignore both aspects: both (1) the auto-missing, and (2) the 'not counting as an intervening model' parts.
    • This can have some strange interactions with casters & channelers, if one has True Sight and one does not. There are examples on the Category:Channeler page.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Mantrap      (Edit)

  • Knockdown (Edit) - Remember, knockdown only prevents what it says it does. Refer to the Knockdown page for a recap of what a model can/can't do.

Rules Clarification : Marked for Death - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Return Fire      (Edit)

  • When you resolve Return Fire, you don't need to attack the same model that attacked you.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Weald Secrets      (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Hunter      (Edit)

  • Although you ignore cover/concealment, you don't ignore "secondary" bonuses a model gets from it. For example, a model with Prowl will still gain Stealth from their concealment. (Infernal Ruling)