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Beware, gentle reader, for you have stumbled upon an article hidden within The Vaults. These dim and dusty halls are a resting place for articles that are seldom read, seldom updated, and sometimes woefully obsolete. Plus, you know, all the other junk we can't find a better place for.



ADR or Active Duty

Stands for Active Duty Roster. It's a tournament format aimed at very top level players, and it restricts people entering those tournaments to a very small selection of casters and themes.
The Roster changes every 6 months. The idea behind it is to force players to change their army and strategy often, rather than taking the same "Top Dog" list with little change for years on end.

Alpha Strike

Attacking first, with the majority of your army.



Black Anchor Heavy Industries. PP's direct-order only model range. See the BAHI article for more info.

Box Cars

Double 6’s on two dice


Models with high ARM and/or hitpoints that deploy close together. Either because they get a bonus for being in B2B, or because they all want to fit within the same buff bubble.

Brick Up

Move into a brick formation.


A spell/ability that increases a model's stats. The opposite of debuff.
Can also refer to when a models rules are changed by the games developers, and it receives better stats or abilities. The opposite of nerf.

Buff Bubble

If a model hands out a buff to all models within a given distance of itself, that area is called a buff bubble.

Buff Cycling or Buff Juggling

See Spell Cycling



Have your warcaster/warlock hold onto their focus/fury, so they can use it to reduce incoming damage next turn.


Warcaster or Warlock. Not normally used to refer to solos with a magic ability, although it can.


Community Integrated Development. A forum where PP ask players for feedback on rules for new models about to be released, and/or existing models about to be errata'd. See the What is CID? article for more info.

Collapse in

Your flanking models kill everything on the flank, and move into the middle of the board to mop up.

(Name) Chassis (example "Slayer chassis" or "Ironclad chassis")

Term used to describe Warjacks/Warbeasts variations that have a similar model and/or stats as the first model released of that kind.

Clocked or Clocked Out

Lose the game by running out of time


Generate a series of clouds in a line, to block LOS to your army.


Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Especially if it happens at a crucial point in the game; and/or especially if the odds of it happening are low.
e.g. "He charged past to get at my caster, but I rolled double 4 on the free strike, got a critical pitch and threw him on his ass - it was pretty clutch."

Control Caster

A caster that can easily limit the opposition's options for moving and/or attacking (for example with a Time Walk feat)

Cutting or Cutting for Fury

When a warlock damages itself to gain fury.


Dark Horse

A caster that is seldom used at a competitive level, and has an increased chance of success at a tournament because of opponents' lack of familiarity with it.

Dead Scenario

When the scenario elements are located nearer the centre of the board and/or close to each other, such that for most of the game neither player can stop the other contesting the scenario, and neither player scores scenario points. The opposite of a Live scenario.


A spell/ability that decreases a model's stats. The opposite of buff.

(Name) Denial

An ability/spell that prevents your opponent from doing that activity. For example, Sacred Ward is spell denial, Windstorm is ranged denial.

Dirty Swans

The Cygnar faction. A disparaging description.


See List Dojo


Choose which caster you will use in a 2-list tournament. Example: "My opponent had Sloan and Haley3, so I dropped Deneghra2 into it."


e(Name) (example eSorscha)

Refers to the second iteration of a caster. In older versions of the game, the first iteration was referred to "Prime" (after the name of the first rulebook) and their second iteration was called "Epic". Not used as often in the current edition of the game. See also p(Name).



Have models deploy and move up the side of the board. Not to be confused with the ability called Flank.


Friendly Local Game Store


The fiction and information that provides the setting, background, and context for the game.

Fluff Bunny

A person who loves the stories, background and setting of the game

Full Boat

Max unit with all possible unit attachments, max weapon attachments, and all applicable solos.

Fully Boosted

Boost both the attack and damage rolls

Fun Bracket

See Loser's bracket


Hail Mary

Attempting an assassination with very low odds of success; because if you don't win by assassination now, you'll lose next turn. Term derived from a Hail Mary pass (American Football)

Hard (number) For example "hard eight"

See Roll a hard (number)


In The Tank

Spending a long time planning your turn. Derived from the “Think Tank” phrase.


An army which spends the bare minimum points on warjacks/warbeasts


Jam or Jamming or Jammed

A unit whose purpose is to get deep into the opponent's troops and stop them moving around, whether by physically blocking them or at least threatening free strikes.


Kite or Kiting

A model/unit/army that has much greater speed and threat range than its opponent, and just hangs back at max range where the enemy can't reach it (like a kite at the end of a string).


List Dojo

Plan out an army list, work out the synergies, tweak it and adjust it to get everything you want within the points limit ... all without playing a game with the list.


Local Game Store

Live Scenario

When the scenario elements are spread further apart, they become easier to score. This means both players must stay on top of the situation, to prevent their opponent pulling ahead and winning on scenario points. Opposite of Dead scenario.

Losers Bracket

All players with at least one loss in a tournament. No one in this bracket can win the tournament. Opposite of Winners bracket.


Someone who spends time browsing an online group reading what people say, but never say anything themselves.



Short for "Metagame", the second-order level of play ie "the game outside the game".
Essentially it is knowing what casters and/or playstyles are currently popular among oponents in your area, and designing your army to defeat that (or at least include tools which give you a fighting chance). This sort of thinking and planning can be just as strategical as playing the game itself, hence it's second-order.


A single caster and list which is so powerful into so many different types of opponents that everyone has to adjust their own lists to fight it specifically. The term is normally applied to a list that gains large popularity very suddenly (normally after winning an international tournament), as opposed to referring to a caster that has long been known to be a stong caster.
Examples include Deneghra1 and the Ghost Fleet (pre-nerf), Karchev and Mad Dog spam (pre-nerf), Asphyxious3 and Slayer spam (not nerfed at time of writing, 2018.12).

Mini Crate

PP's subscription-only range of models. See Category:Limited Edition Sculpt for more info.


A once-per-game ability on a model which isn't a caster.

Mirror Match

When both players are using the same caster.



When a models rules are changed by the game developers, and it receives worse stats or abilities. The opposite of buff.


A disparaging term used when a model gets too many nerfs, or nerfed too often, or needs nerfs. ("Asphyxious3 is too strong and needs to get hit by the nerfbat.") ("No one plays Karchev since he got hit by the nerfbat.")

Netdeck or Netlist

Copy an army list from the internet, normally one that has won a major tournament, rather than creating it yourself. The term originated in Magic The Gathering, where players prepare decks of cards in a similar fashion to how we prepare army lists.


Any spell that does damage, with little-to-no special side effects.


Old Man Stats

A caster with low stats in DEF, ARM, and total hitpoints. Example: Nemo1 and Severius1 with DEF14 ARM 15 HP 14. See also Victim Stats.

(Name) On A Stick

A model included in a list just to hand out a buff or ability to another model/unit. For example, Saxon is "Pathfinder on a stick". The phrase originates from D&D, where non-wizard characters could cast spells with a wand, making the wand "(spell name) on a stick".


When talking about a model: Overpowered, e.g. "Minions OP!"
When talking on an online forum: Original Poster, the person who started the current thread/conversation.


p(Name) (example pDeneghra)

Refers to the first iteration of a caster. In older versions of the game, the first iteration was referred to "Prime" (after the name of the first rulebook) and their second iteration was called "Epic". Not used as often in the current edition of the game. See also e(Name).

Piece Trade

Deliberately letting one (or more) of your models die, but in a position where you will be able to kill the attacking enemy on your next turn.

Pillow Fisted

A Warjack or Warbeast that has melee weapons with a much lower P+S than normal for its chassis and/or points cost.

Points Tax

See Tax.

Pop Feat

Use your caster's feat

Pop and Drop

Use a feat (or a minifeat) to knockdown the enemy caster then assassinate them.

Project threat

See Threaten



The ability for a unit or army to quickly replenish losses during a game. Normally associated with undead armies.

Roll a hard (Number) (example "roll a hard eight")

Try to roll the required number without boosting

Rules Lawyer

An opponent who uses the strictest interpretation of a rule to win, instead of the spirit of the rule, and is a total dick about it. Thankfully, the rules that PP write are so well done that rules lawyers are almost non-existent in this game.



Feeling angry, agitated, or bitter over something. Normally used when the level of anger is out of proportion to what caused the anger.


A model/unit that stands between the enemy and your more important/valuable models.


See Cutting

Simple Nuke

See Nuke

Snake Eyes

Double 1’s on two dice

Spell Cycling

Upkeeping a spell at the start of a turn, activating the model/unit that the upkeep is on, then activating the caster and casting the spell on a second model/unit to get double use out of it.

Super Tough

Tough on 4+ rather than the normal 5+


Tar Pit

A unit which is numerous and hard to kill (and/or has strong recursion), but not good at attacking. Good for jamming or as a screen for the rest of the force.

(Name) Tax

A perceived reduction in stats because of the presence of another in-faction model that buffs those stats. For instance, believing that Protectorate warjacks have lower RAT/MAT because the ever-present Choir can easily give them +2 to attack and damage rolls.
Alternatively, a perception that to make model A worthwhile, you have to "waste" points on model B. "Sure, Protectorate warjacks look cheap, but you need to pay the Choir tax."

That Guy

An opponent who rules lawyers his way to victory, or deliberately misleads you by omitting info unless you specifically ask for it, or just generally is a bit of a dick to play against.

The Tank

See In the Tank

Theorymachine or Theorycraft

Talk about what a model/unit is good at, or isn't, what combos or synergies or tactics you should use ... based on just reading the card and not based on actual gameplay expereience.


When a model positions itself so it can attack anyone within a certain area next turn. See also Threat range

Threat Range

The total range a model can attack from, including its movement, its weapon's range, and its movement buff(s).
It can be very poorly defined, and a source of contention between players who miscommunicate, depending on what buffs you include. "Well, I normally threaten 12" but if you trigger Countercharge I'll get +5", and if I cast Boundless Charge that's +2", and if..."

x-Tier caster/warlock

Grading in terms of quality for Warcasters. S-tier casters are typically the best, with it dropping to A, then B in the same way as a school grade.

Tilt or On Tilt

A player who is frustrated at the game because of unlikely dice rolls swinging things against him, and/or an unexpected ability on his opponent's model catching him out and ruining his strategy. Can lead to the tilting player making bad tactical decisions (and that's a downward spiral). Can also lead to the tilting player being a bad sport.

Time Walk or Time Lock

A feat that effectively gives the user an additional turn before the opponent can retaliate. For example by locking them in place, or stopping them from attacking. Can occasionally refer to an ability/spell. Partially coined from the Magic The Gathering card: Time Walk.


The Telekinesis spell. Can be used as a noun ("I cast TK to move up") or as a verb ("I TK him out of the way")

Toe in or Toeing in

Place a model barely within a scenario zone so that it can contest it, while staying as far away from the enemy as possible.

Troop Swarm or Troopmachine

See Infantrymachine


Upkeep Cycling

See Spell cycling.


Victim Stats

A single-wound model with low stats in DEF and ARM, which allow them to be very easily hit and killed by anyone. DEF 12 or lower in combination with ARM 15 or lower. See also Old Man Stats.



A bad piece of jargon used by lazy people. It can refer to either Warjack, Warbeast, Warcaster, or Warlock and you need to figure which one the lazy person means by their context.

Winners Bracket

All players currently undefeated in a tournament. Anyone in this bracket can potentially win the tournament. Opposite of Losers bracket.



Send a model into the enemy lines, have it kill a few things, and then bring it back by use of various abilities (such as Refuge, Sprint, Fate Walker)

Nicknames - Warmachine[edit]

Info icon.png

From here down, its prerty much a straight copy-paste from another site. It hasn't been updated to mk3 and the formatting is a bit hit-and-miss.


Baby Haley and Grandma Haley - Haley3's echos.

Poledancer – Haley2

The Dude – Arcane Tempest Gun Mages Officer

Darth Stryker – Stryker2

Toilet Bowl Man – Darius

Junior – Journeyman Warcaster

R2-D2 - The Squire

Ramboclad – Cyclone

Gunclad – Defender

Connie – Constance Blaize

T-Head or DJ T-Head – Thunderhead

TB – Temporal Barrier

StormBall or Lightning Spider – Storm Strider


Harby – Harbinger

The Book – The Covenant of Menoth

Three-oss – Kreoss3

Faberge Egg or The Egg – Vice Scrutator Vindictus, because of his filigreed egg shape.

Vinny D – Vindictus

Vassal – When used alone always means Vassal of Menoth, not a Vassal Mechanik

Pipe Organ – Vessel of Judgement

Judge Judy – Judicator

Parade Balloon – Harbinger

Sevy – Any version of Severius

Bob – The High Reclaimer, named after a movie character called Silent Bob

Tom – Testament of Menoth

TFG – Temple Flame Guard


Deathstar – Winterguard Infantry with all attachments and solo. Named because they have CRA and can laser an enemy right off the table.

Joe or Brosef – Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich

Dog – War Dog

Hamovich, Hark, or Hambat – Harkevich, because he carries a weapon that looks like a Bone-in Ham

Clam Jack – Demolisher or Devastator

Juggy – Juggernaut

Scrappy – Scrapjack

Dandy Andy – Kovnik Andrei Malakov

Crappy Barrage – Creeping Barrage

AK’s – Assault Kommandos

Big-B – Behemoth

Ice Cream Cone – Zerkova1's original sculpt, or more specifically her wand.

Da Bears – Great Bears of Gallowswood

La Terriblé – Karchev the Terrible

IFP – Iron Fang Pikemen

Doomies – Doom Reavers

Super Soldier Serum – Vlad2’s feat

Bad Santa – Koldun Lord


Gaspy – Asphyxious, play on asphyxiation

Death Chicken or Bone Chicken– Any of the various Arc Node Bonejacks, but most commonly referring to the Deathripper.

Campithrax – Lich Lord Venethrax camping all of his focus on Dragonsblood, a strategy commonly used with him.

Denny – Deneghra

Dirty D – Deneghra

McThralls – Mechanithralls

Tartar Sauce, or The Sauce – Bane Lord Tartarus

Scrappies – Scrap Thralls

Resurrection Package – Combination of Necro-Surgeon and Mechanithralls (sometimes involving other models)

Satyxis – Almost always refers to the Satyxis Raiders, the Satyxis Blood Witches are usually referred to as Blood Witches or Witches.

Hag – Satyxis Blood Hag

Skarre Bomb – Using Sacrificial Strike to kill a model, Originated from MK1 when it used current armor instead of base armor. She would usually feat, and use an ARM 21 Bane Knight, boosting damage to one-shot an opposing caster without needing an attack roll.

DJ – Deathjack

Pacman – Gerlak Slaughterborn, and his ability to chew through whole units with Killing Spree

Crab Jacks – Leviathan Chassis Jacks – Leviathan, Harrower, and Desecrator


Mittens or Battle Mittens– House Shyeel Battle Mages

Mega Mittens – House Shyeel Artificer

Disco – Discordia

Snipe, Feat, Go – A style of play with Ravyn that involves Mage Hunter Strike Force getting snipe, Ravyn Feating, and then proceeding to kill the opposing caster with the Strike Force.

Space Tick or Battle Cricket – Arcantrik Force Generator

Ozzy – Lord Arcanist Ossyan

iJack – Myrmidons (Thanks to the studio scheme and its resemblance to an Apple designed Jack)

Coffee Cup or Coffee Guy – Arcanist, named because of image of him with a cup of coffee in the Forces of Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah book.


Elven Bitch or Soulless Elven Hooker – Eyriss (usually Eyriss2 now but can describe any version, originally described the Merc only, give her services for coin, assaulting, focus stripping invisible, broken Eyriss1)

Harm – Kiss of Lyliss (Spell on Ayianna, was called Harm in MK1)

Bart-Galleon – Combination of Captain Bartolo Montador and the colossal Galleon, usually involves Batten Down the Hatches and Spiney Growth cast by Wrong Eye with a Bull Snapper in his battle group to get the Galleon to Armor 24

Assram or General Awesome – General Ossrum

Gun Bunnies – Grundback Blasters and/or Gunners

Nyss – Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters

Boomies – Gregore Boomhowler & Co.

Hammer Dwarves – Horgenhold Forge Guard

Steelheads – When used in this manner usually refers to the Steelhead Halberdiers

TAC – Tactical Arcanist Corps

Best 2 Points in the Game or Darkwing Duck – Gorman Di Wulfe

Dooges – Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile

Gobber – Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator

Piper – Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord

Nailer of Wishes – Sylys Wyshnalyrr

Gorten Bowling – Throwing Gorten with Solid Ground upkept to allow him to forfeit action, advance, and use his feat to catch opponents off-guard.

Merc Tax – Increased point cost for some merc models/units because they can be taken in multiple factions and must be adjusted accordingly for a myriad of friendly only buffs.

Mags or The Traitor or The Warlord – Terms used to describe Magnus in his various forms.

Pirate Package or Pirate Ball – Sea Dogs and/or Press Gangers plus many/all of their associated solos. Taken many times as a group with other casters, for example: The pDenny Pirate Package


Nicknames - Hordes[edit]


Troll Moses or Trollses – Trollkin Runebearer

Dygmies – Pygmy Burrowers

Impaler Tax – Reduced Range on troll models because of the ability to take the Impaler

Kenny – Keg Carrier, comes from South Park. OMG you killed Kenny! (party foul)

Doomy – Hoarluk Doomshaper (either version)

Stone – Krielstone Bearer & Scribes

Champs – Trollkin Champions

Tuffalos – Trollkin Long Riders

Bowling – Using a slam (usually from Long Riders, Caber Thrower, or Beast) on your own models to take out large numbers of opposing models. Usually used on high defense opponents or to knock down casters.

Skilldrak – Madrak Ironhide World Ender (eMadrak)

EBDT – Earthborn Dire Troll

Bruce – Mountain King (I believe this term was coined by Dr. Lust on the trollbloods forum to describe how forum threads discussing the Mountain King refuse to die. Reference is to Die Hard/Bruce Willis)


Big Monkey – Woldwrath

Bark Node – Laris or more recently (Tree)Bark Node for the Gallows Grove. Can mean either.

Lord of the Dance – Krueger the Stormlord

Goatvahna or Ladygoat – Morvahna the Dawnshadow

Stones – Shifting Stones

Woldshrimp – Stoneward and Woldstalkers

G-Rex – Ghetorix


Land Shark – Shredder

Abby – Absylonia, Terror of Everblight

Lylythclaus – Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight (Lylyth3)

Legos – Blighted Nyss Legionnaires

Pasta Pot – Spawning Vessel (also sometimes known as Pasta Pot & The Lunch Ladies)

Thags or Pimp Daddy Thags – Thagrosh (either version)

Harm – Kiss of Lyliss (Spell on Blackfrost Shard, was called Harm in MK1)

Carny – Carnivean

JVM – Jake VanMeter or Neutralyze (forum name), very successful Legion player.

Nagapocalypse – Term used to describe the DOOM! of Legion getting the Wraithbane animus on the Naga Nightlurker, giving them Magic Weapon and Blessed “On A Stick”. Example: “OMG Legion has Blessed on a stick, my Arcane Shielded Stormwall is screwed! Its the NAGAPOCALYPSE!”


Mr Fancypants or Mr Puffypants– Aptimus Marketh

Tubby (McButterpants), Fatty, Baron Harkonnen, Fats Dominar or Hedonism Bot – Dominar Rasheth

Skornergy – Term coined by Focus and Fury to describe the somewhat anti-synergy built into a lot of skorne models

Lanterns – Mordikaar

Tibbers – Tiberion

TyCom – Tyrant Commander

Poop Holder – Extoller Soulward

sHexy or Guitar Hero Hexy – Lord Arbiter Hexeris (eHexeris)

Elephant Herd or Titan Herd – List with a lot of Titan warbeasts in it.

Molik Missile – Using Molik Karn with either Makeda1 or 2 with various spells (Savagery+Rush or Leash+Road to War+Rush respectively) and Side Steps to send Molik Karn a very large distance to assassinate an opponents caster


Ninja Pig – Brine (Rorsch throws the smoke they both move… like NINJA!)

Witch Doc Croc – Gatorman Witch Doctor

Pork Node – Imaginary beast that Minions will someday get with an Arc Node on it.

Gobbos, Gobbers, or Swamp Gobbers – Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

Predator – Totem Hunter

Gator Flying Circus or Flying Circus – Throwing a (non-steady) model then using Wrastler animus (Rise) to get the model up before its activation. In rare cases can be used in other factions, notably eIrusk. In MK1 it was used on Steady models, most commonly called the Trollkin Flying Circus or Khador Flying Circus and was used to toss Borka and the Drakhun respectively