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This section is aimed at people that have played a bit of Warmachine & Hordes, but have only just discovered this website

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What is Warmachine University, and who writes it?

Refer to the Main Page article.

What are "Infernal Rulings"?

Privateer Press have a forum where you can ask questions about rules work & interact. They have a team of people called "Infernals" who not only manage that forum, any answer they give is taken as official because they've run it past PP first.

On this website, we've attempted to save links to all these Infernal Rulings, underneath the ability/spell/etc it relates to. For questions that are about the core rules, rather than an ability, we've saved them on the Infernal Rulings article.

What are Theme Forces and why are they so important?

Refer to the Theme Forces article.

Can I chat to other people that use this website?

The best place is on the Facebook group.

Where can I report bugs I find on this website?

Add them to the Main Page:Talk page

Where can I request new stuff to add to this website?

Add them to the Main Page:Talk - Features page.

What is "Steamroller"?

Steamroller is the name of the 'Tournament Rule Pack' that Privateer Press updates every year. Most players use it as the 'default' way to play the game, as opposed to the 'baseline' scenarios in the core rulebook.

You can read more on our Steamroller article.

What is "The Meta"?

"The Meta" is "the game outside the game". It means that, at a certain level of skill, you start considering what tools your opponent(s) are likely to bring on gamenight, so what tools you should bring to counter it. And they're doing the same thing back to you.

When players talk about "The Meta" or "My Meta" they're essentially talking about model combos that are prevalent in their area, and what they're designing their lists to beat. If a player attends larger tournaments, national or international, the Meta that they consider becomes correspondingly larger.

Is there somewhere I can get better at the game?

This website is a good start!

  • Trying to figure out how the rules work?
Try our Basic Training series. (Still a Work in Progress)
  • Got the basic rules sorted, and now you're trying to learn to "get good"?
Try our Intermediate Training (Still a Work in Progress).

Are there other game formats?

Yes, Privateer Press have released and continue to release different ways to play the game. Some our more balanced, more supported, or more popular than others. Some examples include:

  • Competitive formats
    • Steamroller - Refer above
    • Masters - It's a specific type of tournament that is supposed to attract higher-quality players. Players can use the Active Duty Roster (ADR) option, but otherwise I don't know what the difference between it and a normal Steamroller (that is also using ADR) is, exactly.
    • Champions - It's a specific type of tournament for higher-quality players. Players must use ADR.
  • For Funsies formats
    • Spelldraft - Instead of your caster having their normal spells, every player gets a semi-random set of spells at the start of a tournament.
    • Casterdraft - As above, except all your caster's weapons and abilities are also semi-random.
    • Leagues - Every year, PP run a semi-narrative league with models that don't see normal play. There might be unique scenarios and objectives.

Are there spinoff games?

  • Company of Iron - A scaled-down version of Warmachine & Hordes, which focuses on units and solos instead of warcasters and warjacks.
  • Undercity - A boardgame based on Warmachine, suitable for younger players.
  • Widower's Wood - A boardgame based on Hordes, suitable for younger players.
  • Warmachine: Tactics - A turn-based videogame, that closely follows the tabletop dynamics.