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This section is aimed at people completely new to the world of wargaming and/or Warmachine & Hordes.

See also:

Where can I learn more?

What is tabletop wargaming?
What makes Warmachine & Hordes a good tabletop game?
Tell me more about Warmachine
Tell me more about Hordes
What do I need to start playing?

Refer to the What is Warmachine? article.

What Faction should I pick?

Refer to the Faction Overview article.

Where can I find the rules for the game?

The rules can be downloaded for free from Privateer Press's website. Refer to our Useful External Links article.

Where should I look for more info?

This website is a good start!

  • Still trying to decide on a Faction?
Check the links on the left to learn more about each one.
  • Trying to figure out how the rules work?
Try our Basic Training series. (Still a Work in Progress)
  • Got the basic rules sorted, and now you're trying to learn to "get good"?
Try our Intermediate Training (Still a Work in Progress).