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This section is aimed at people that want to contribute to this website

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New Pages

How do I get permission to create a new page?

Once you have an account with 12 or more edits, you will automatically be give permission.

If you want to make 12 edits as quick as possible, go play in the Sandbox.

Edits made while you're not logged in don't count.

How do I setup a page for a new model?

Refer to the Setting up a new model entry article.

How do I setup a new ability/spell/etc?

Refer to the Setting up a new ability/spell/etc page article.


What sort of content am I allowed to add?

New Content
We try to stick to the Mission Statement on the Main Page. That is, talking about how the game works and advice on playing it better. What we don't want on this site are things like fluff (backstory and fiction), talking about "real life" aspects of the game (like who won the latest tournament and what army they played), etc.

That said, we do have a few borderline articles like a list of Limited Edition Sculpts.

Existing Content
Also, in terms of adding to existing articles and what sort of topics you should cover, what tone of voice to use, etc ... refer to the Editor's Creed, Guidance on Writing a Model Analysis, and Style Guide articles.

Is there somewhere I should start helping?

These articles need more work:

How do I edit an existing article?

Refer to the Wikicode for Beginners and How to use Templates articles.

I uploaded a new version of a picture, but the article still shows the old one.

Images are cached on your device, and I don't know of how to get the server to force a refresh to your device.

Basically, just give it a few days. Everyone else will see the new image immediately, in any case.

I edited a template, but the article still uses the old version.

Templates are cached on the server, and take some time to 'filter through' to the articles, up to a few days.

You can force a server-side refresh of articles that use the template by appending ?&action=purge to the end of the url. For instance, to force-refresh this page you'd type https://warmachineuniversity.com/mw/index.php/FAQ/For_New_Editors?&action=purge into your web browser. However, if you've edited a template that is used on dozens of different articles, that's going to be a waste of your time to force-refresh each article.

Where can I report bugs I find on this website?

Add them to the Main Page:Talk - Bugs page.

Where can I request new stuff to add to this website?

Add them to the Main Page:Talk - Features page.

Advanced Editing

Create a new Redirect page

Say you want to redirect the page "Sharon" to the page "Sharon, Spirit of the End Times".

First go to the page "Sharon", it'll tell you the page doesn't exist so click "Create page".

(Note, you need permission to create pages, which is given to you automatically as described above.)

Then create the new page with this code:

#redirect [[Sharon, Spirit of the End Times]]

Edit an existing Redirect page


If you try to visit an existing Redirect page to fix it, it will try to redirect you away.

All you need to do is click the link again. See screenshot. Then edit it as described above.

What other advanced editing tricks are there?

Talk to juckto.