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Privateer Press may have discontinued the "5 Rules of Page 5" but we here at Battle College are pleased to introduce our "3 Rules of Mark 3"

1 : Be Informative, not Dictative

If you want to suggest a model combo or strategy for other players to read and use, explain why you are making that suggestion. Don't just provide a "shopping list" of models.

For instance, don't say "Trenchers: Combos & Synergies = Maxwell Finn". Instead say something like "Trenchers: Combos & Synergies = Maxwell Finn's Veteran Leader ability improves Trencher performance, so it is well worth taking him if you're taking Trenchers."

2 : Be Honest and Realistic, but not Overly Critical

This rule is all about writing about models which you personally think are subpar. No one wants to read that the model they just bought is "complete garbage" and on the other hand no one wants to read that a model is "super awesome" only to buy it and then find out the article was overly optimistic.

General guidelines:

  • When writing about a model's downsides, always mention its points cost if that's a contributing factor.
    • A cheap model may have a lot of downsides, but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad model and that should be pointed out to the reader.
  • Don't write a shopping list of "missing abilities".
    • Just because unit X doesn't have ability Y doesn't make it a bad unit by itself. You need to explain how that missing ability truly affects its battlefield performance.
  • If there's another model that does the job better, you don't need to compare them side-by-side to the nth degree.
    • You don't need to say "these guys are almost just like those guys, except those guys cost 4/5 point per model, have +1ARM, get an extra attack, etc, etc, 2 paragraphs more ...."
    • Just say "these guys fulfill a similar role to those guys, but those guys tend to be more popular because players feel you get more bang for your buck."

3 : Be Constructive, Not Destructive

This rule is about editing other contributors work. We are all volunteering our time to create this wikipedia, and no one likes to see their time deleted just because someone disagrees with our opinion.

  • If you disagree, then write a new paragraph explaining your viewpoint. Don't delete the old one.
  • If you think someone has been overly optimistic in describing what a model can achieve, then say something like "of course this is a corner-case scenario which won't come up in most games"

(Note: Feel free to delete information which is factually incorrect. After you double-check your own facts in the rulebook first, of course.)

Basic Do's and Don'ts

This is not part of our 3 Rules, but it seems to be the best place to put it:


  • Please DO feel free to add more content! Especially if a model entry is a bit "bare bones".
  • Please DO correct mistakes that you find.
  • Please DO use a positive Tone of Voice - look on the bright side of a model, but at the same time be realistic about its downsides.


  • DO NOT use forumese "This model has a STR equal to a Slayer but +1".
    • Note that the above sentence does not use the word "please".
  • Please DO NOT add ad-hoc font/text formatting to page content already defined in templates.
    • Use wiki markup for bold, italics, and other formatting needs (but do so sparingly and with purpose - refer Editing Conventions for further detail).
  • Please DO NOT link to images hosted outside this wiki.
    • URL's can change and hosting services can be discontinued which causes broken image links in the pages.
    • Linking to Privateer Press directly is theft of their bandwidth. It is unfair for PP to pay for the hosting of images for this site.
    • Do not host an image with an image hosting service and then post the image on this site. Resize and crop images as needed and then upload them to this wiki.
      • Uploading high resolution and/or large dimension images and then forcing display dimensions is not the proper way to post images.
      • Format images to 300-500 pixels in width @ 72dpi when possible.
      • Use Photoshop or Picasa or any other common image editing tool as needed.
  • Please DO NOT delete content written by other users.
    • If you disagree with it, add a new sentence saying something like "Although, on the other hand, ..."
  • Please DO NOT use negative speech. We don't want to see articles with "This model is shit and if you bought it you should feel bad"
    • We have the "Downsides & Drawbacks" section on (most) model entries, for you to ‘‘constructively’‘ discuss why you think a model is 'shit'.