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The core rulebook was last updated 2021.02 and can be downloaded from the Privateer Press website.

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Mercenary Logo.jpg Minion Logo.jpg Death Archon

Mercenary, & Minion, Solo

As the war between the Infernals and the Archon-backed mortals of the Iron Kingdoms wages on, a new and strange entity has made its presence known: massive, hooded creatures born aloft on wings of bone and wielding fierce Iron Reapers, the Death Archons have come. No one is sure where these creatures came from or who they answer to, if anyone.

Basic Info

Death Archon
Missing Info
Death Archon.jpg
COST {{{cacost}}}
UNIT SIZE {{{casize}}}
FA {{{cafa}}}
Warcaster 0
BASE Large
M.A. N/A
DEF 14
ARM 17
CMD 10
ESSENCE {{{essence}}}
HP 15
F. Field N/A
WJP {{{wjp}}}
WBP {{{wbp}}}
IHP {{{ihp}}}
FA 2
Warcaster 1
the Statblock

Mercenary - This model will work for Crucible Guard, Cryx, Convergence, Cygnar, Infernals, Khador, Protectorate, or Retribution.

Minion - This model will work for Circle, Grymkin, Legion, Skorne, or Trollbloods.

Animosity [ other types of Archon ] - This model cannot be part of an army that includes other types of Archon models.


  • Flight symbol.jpg Flight
  • Bring Out Your Dead! - When an enemy living or undead model is destroyed while in this model's command range, this model gains the destroyed model's corpse token. When a friendly living model is destroyed by a continuous effect, an enemy attack, or collateral damage from an enemy attack while in this model's command range, this model gains the destroyed model's corpse token. This model can have up to three corpse tokens at any time.
  • Carnage Incarnate - This model begins the game with 1 corpse token. At any time during its activation, this model can spend corpse tokens to gain one of the following benefits for each token spent. Each effect lasts for one round.
    • Annihilator - This model gains an additional die on melee attack and melee damage rolls against living models. When a living model is destroyed within 3" of this model, it never generates a soul token.
    • Mortal Fear - While in this model's command range, living enemy models suffer -2 to damage rolls.
    • Spectral Flicker - Once per turn, when this model hits an enemy model with a melee attack during its activation, you can place this model anywhere completely within 2" of its current location after the attack is resolved.
  • Divine Manifestation - This model is not a living model, cannot become knocked down, and never suffers Blind. Opponents cannot take control of this model.
  • Vendetta [ other types of Archon ] - This model gains boosted attack and damage rolls vs other types of Archon models.


Iron Reaper (x2)
Sword icon.jpg  RNG   POW   P+S 
3 6 15
  • Blood Reaper - When this model makes an initial attack with this weapon, it makes one melee attack with this weapon against each model in its LOS that is in this weapon’s melee range. Blood Reaper attacks are simultaneous.
  • Chain Attack: Death Chill - If this model hits the same model with both its initial attacks with this weapon, the model hit becomes stationary for one round.

Theme Forces

Thoughts on Death Archon

Recent Release icon.jpg

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Death Archon in a nutshell

Death Archons are unlike other Archons in that they collect corpses and do not protect the souls of friendly models. Additionally, Death Archons have Animosity [other types of Archon] and Vendetta [other types of Archon], meaning they cannot be included in an army with non-Death Archons, and they are particularly good at destroying them.

The Death Archon can utilize corpses it collects to increase its own damage output, mobility, or to reduce the damage of enemy models near it. In combat, the Death Archon reaps entire swathes of enemy models with a pair of Range 3 Iron Reaper melee attacks, both of which have the Blood Reaper ability that allows them to hit every model in their melee range with each attack. This is all topped off by its Chain Attack: Death Chill, which means anything that survives the two swings of its Reapers will find itself stationary and waiting for death.

Many models have soul protection but next to nothing has corpse protection, meaning it should get its fill of dead bodies (unless you play against a construct-heavy army).

Combos & Synergies


Main Themes (Minions & Mercs)

    Strange Bedfellows    

  • The Death Archon gains Swift Vengeance in this theme. This is an absolutely insanely strong rule for the Death Archon, giving it additional threat range and the potential to pick up corpses before activating.
  • Additionally this is the only theme playable outside of Mercs or Minions in which the Death Archon can benefit from friendly faction effects.
  • Aurora2 does quite a lot for flying models, protection from shooting is probably the most important thing.
  • Convergence have affordable access to soul management with the Enigma Foundry, and prefer Archons for their output.
  • The Death Archon's direct competitor in this theme is the Void Archon. Both are flying balls of death, but in terms of sheer output the Death Archon is usually going to win.

    Talion Charter    

  • In the Talion Charter theme it gets Sacrificial Pawn [Sea Dog], keeping it safe and fueling it with corpses when struck. Add in Shae's feat and Storm Rager and you get yourself one scary, scary avatar of death.
  • Bart loves infantry clearing for his Battlegroup and Batten Down the Hatches plus Mortal Fear makes for a beefy battlegroup.

    Soldiers of Fortune    

  • Soul Collectors so you can double up on the token collection mechanics. Mostly that is Crosse2 and Alexia2, both of which can play with an Archon in Soldiers of Fortune. Crosse can also create a +5 ARM skew on a unit of Steelhead Heavy Cavalry and give the archon a turn of Ghostly plus Stealth. Just keep in mind Annihilator prevents soul collection, so table placement may be finicky.
  • Damiano has a feat that gives it +3 STR and ARM, similar to Azazello in Minions. Naturally this is great on this model.
  • Magnus2 loves some infantry clearing for his battle group, Bullet Dodger makes it better defensively and Mortal Fear + Field Marshal: Unyielding make for a very beefy battlegroup.
  • The Steelhead Ironhead can crane the Archon 2" further.

    Blindwater Congregation    

  • Maelok is a brick caster and the Deathchons make his list even brickier with Mortal fear while also bringing some significant melle power to hist list.
  • Gatorman Posse - The theme benefits make them beefy as hell, which is excellent when backed up by Maelock's kit and Mortal Fear.
  • Spirit Cauldron - If you run Maelock, two of these are required because Death Archons cannot actually collect corpses from friendly undead, which most of your list will be under Death Pact.

Secondary Themes (Factions with Double DA)

    Cryx - Scourge of the Broken Coast    

Scourge doesn't really lack for infantry-clearing tools, so you generally need to have a plan for what you want the double DA to achieve, rather than sticking two in the list "just because you can". Secondly, the Void Archon is a valid alternative because a) there are lots of living troops and b) the troops sometimes pillow-fisted and an extra source of Dark Shroud is great.

  • There's a popular list floating around using two Death Archons, Scaverous, and a Steelhead Ironhead to increase the DA's threat range by 4" (or even 6" if you can TK the enemy charge target).

    Skorne - Disciples of Agony    

Much of what was said for Cryx's Scourge is equally applicable to Disciples of Agony.

    Crucible Guard - Prima Materia    

Prima Materia is known for little melee options (outside of warjacks), so the double DA is a popular option.

  • Crucible Guard are generally a debuff faction, Prima Materia especially so. This means the DA not being a "friendly Faction model" is a less significant downside.
  • Lukas - Disintegrate, Telekinesis and Burning Ash don't care about Deathchons not being friendly faction to Lukas and he thus turns them up to eleven. Mortal fear and his Iron Flesh also make a unit of Failed Experiments very difficult to deal with.
  • Failed Experiments love Mortal Fear and are your readiest source of corpses for him.
  • Ascendant Mentalists - More ARM stacking with Force Aura.
  • Trancers - Getting a cheeky smite of against an opponents model can let the Deathchon snowball into the enemy list with Spectral Flicker.

    Circle of Orboros - Secret Masters    

  • Krueger2 - Has Telekinesis for threat projection and a 14" Wind Storm bubble to protect it from guns. With the feat you can even get an alpha strike twice and line up models for blood Reaoer attacks.
  • Spirit Cauldron can also be taken here.
  • Well of Orboros - Supplies it with further corpses.
  • Chuck Dogwood - Puppet Master on a stick.
  • Blackclad Wayfarer - Hunter Mark can extend your threat range on the DA.

Tertiary Themes (Factions with Single DA)


  • Man-o-War Demolition Corps - They love stationary models which they can Shatter. Mortal Fear is also great with high-ARM multi would models and they appreciate models who can clear chaff.


Grymkin is likely to be a natural home for the Death Archon. The Death Knell can channel corpses directly to the Archon, in Dark Menagerie he starts with an extra corpse, and he can benefit from the free friendly corpses produced by a Malady Man & Mad Caps.

  • Additionally, several Grymkin warlocks have buffs/debuffs which can affect Minion models included in the army. the King of Nothing's entire suite, the Wanderer's Star-Crossed, and Zevanna Agha's full range of debuffs. the Heretic & the Dreamer stand out as having almost nothing that work with the Death Archon.
  • Dread Rots are one of the most cost effective sources of corpses for the Death Archon, especially when you consider that they can funnel corpses from enemies slain.
  • Grave Ghouls pair really nicely with the Death Archon. Both are fueled by the same corpses, and both want to get stuck in deep into the enemy lines.
  • The biggest downside is how the Death Archon competes with the higher utility Defiled Archon.

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • It generates too many "what is the proper way to hold a scythe?" conversations.
  • Can't use other Archons. This is a bigger downside for some themes more than others, notably those with friendly access to other Archons.
    • Grymkin has to give up the extreme utility of the Defiled Archon
    • Convergence loses out on the flying threat-ball that is the Void Archon
    • Minions and Trollbloods have to choose between fury management & troop support with the Dhunian Archon.
    • Legion's Blight Archon is an absolute mainstay for the faction, proving fury management, Veteran Leader, Impending Doom among other things.
    • Perhaps the worst part of being unable to include other archons however is the Death Archon's lack of interaction with souls. It will be difficult to justify including a Death Archon in both sides of a Steamroller pair, once one considers how important souls are as a resource for many top tier lists.
  • Constructs don't generate corpses. This is significant both with your enemies army composition and your own, most notably in Strange Bedfellows.
    • They still generate souls often, thanks to the presence of the Soul Vessel rule throughout Convergence. This will most often work against you however, as one of the functions of a normal Archon is to control the flow of souls across the battlefield.
  • Blood Reaper is not optional. With a 3" reach on a large base, you probably don't want him getting into combat anywhere near your own troops.
  • No access to "friendly Faction buffs" outside of Mercs, Minions, and Strange Bedfellows.
  • It has no ranged game and thus relies on being delivered by the rest of its list so it can get a charge off on an enemy model. If you can deny this you can neuter its output.
  • It also has no ranged defence other than mortal fear, which is "only" a 10" bubble. So most guns will be able to shoot outside of that and do it in with enough shots.

Tricks & Tips

  • He can only have 3 corpses (other versions of Bring Out Your Dead can have 5 corpses)
  • You can't collect corpses if you attack your own models, but you can set your own models on fire/corrosion and then collect corpses when (if) they die in your next Maintenance Phase.
    • Retribution's Stormfall Archers could have some Soulless Escorts, then use their Star Strike ability on Turn 1 to set the Escorts on fire.
  • Annihilator will interfere with your soul collectors, too.
  • If you want to use Spectral Flicker, you need to spend the corpse before you make the attack roll.
  • If you are going to kill stuff with the Death Archon, you probably want to spend the corpses before making attacks to make room to collect more corpses. However:
    • It depends how confident you are in your chances of killing and collecting new corpses.
    • If you have other corpse collectors nearby (such as the Death Knell) you may want the Death Archon to stay at max corpses so it doesn't take all the new corpses for itself.



  • Sculpted by Doug Hamilton
  • Released 2021.02

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Rules Clarifications

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Animosity      (Edit)

  • When using the Specialist or ADR rules in a Steamroller format, your entire list and the specialists must be a single legally fieldable force (even though you're not fielding it all at once).

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Flight      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

  • Flight doesn't ignore:
    • Impassable terrain and hazardous terrain
    • Templates that stay in play and do damage to models moving through them (such as a Scather).
    • Free strikes.
  • Trampling with a flying model (Edit)
    • Flight allows you to trample "over" medium- and larger-bases.
    • Although you trample "over" them, you don't get to make a trample attack vs them and you don't ignore their free strikes. Refer the core rulebook.
      • Unless, of course, you have an exception like Blade Rush.
  • Flight on a Cavalry model (Edit)
    • Although you can move over obstacles/models while charging, if you want to stop and make Impact Attacks while you fly "over" models you need to stop in a legal position. You can't make Impact Attacks while your flying horse is on top of obstacles, models, etc.
  • Charging through models (Edit)
    • You can't charge all the way through your charge target, with the intention to turn around and face them once you're on the other side.
      • Because you aren't able to satisfy the "must keep the charge target in melee range" clause at the point after you are through the model but before you turn to directly face. At that point the target is behind you, not in your front arc, and thus not in your melee range.
      • Your melee range only extends to your front arc. Refer to the latest errata.
    • You can still "skim" through the edge of their base, if you're careful and smart with your positioning.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Bring Out Your Dead!      (Edit)

  • It can be a bit confusing, but "collateral damage from an enemy attack" is actually a thing even though "collateral damage is not considered to be from an attack". Best not to overthink it. (Infernal Ruling)
  • This model needs to be the closest eligible model. It doesn't have the "regardless of proximity" wording like, say, Dark Fire does.
  • You can collect corpses from friends that were killed by friendly "non-attack" damage, such as lighting them on fire or killing them with collateral damage.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Carnage Incarnate      (Edit)

Currently both rules say the model "begins the game with one corpse token" ; they don't say the model "begins the game with one additional corpse token".
(Infernal Ruling)
  • Restrictions on "Any Time" abilities     (Edit)         [Show/Hide]
    • "Any Time" abilities can be used at any time during a model/unit's activation, except:
    1. Before any compulsory forfeiture of movement/action. See step 2 of the activation sequence, appendix A.
    2. After the model with the "Any Time" ability has had their activation end "prematurely". By this I mean you resolved something which includes the phrase "its activation ends". Examples include:
      • Running, failing a charge, or failing a slam.
      • Abilities that include "then its activation ends" (such as Reposition and Teleport).
    3. In between declaring your charge target and making your charge movement. (Infernal Ruling)
    4. In between completing your charge movement and determining whether it was a successful charge. (Infernal Ruling)
    5. When you're in the middle of moving. (Note: Impact Attacks count as being in the middle of movement).
    6. When you're in the middle of an attack. Which also includes effects that occur "after the attack is resolved".
      (Although the attack is "resolved" at Step 11, in terms of using an "Any Time" ability the attack is not "finished" until after Step 14. Refer to the first paragraph of Apdx A.)
    7. Your opponent interrupted your activation to trigger one of their own abilities (such as Countercharge).
    8. Warcasters/warlocks/etc can normally cast a spell or use their feat "At any time". However, there is a core rule saying they cannot do so on the same activation that they run. So, they are subject to all the same restrictions listed above, plus they can't cast/feat before running.
    9. Units: See below.

    • In general you can use "Any Time" abilities while you're knocked down or stationary (except Spells and Feats which specify you can't).
    • If you have a gun with a random ROF, you can use an "Any Time" ability inbetween rolling the number of shots and actually making the first attack. (Infernal Ruling)

    Units with "Any Time" abilities
    • You cannot use an "Any Time" ability before issuing/receiving orders. See step 1 and 2 of the activation sequence, appendix A.
    • A model in a unit can't use an "Any Time" ability after they run (Infernal Ruling) or fail a charge. Because that makes that specific model's activation to end even though the unit's activation is still ongoing, and you can't use abilities on models that are not active.
      • You can use an "Any Time" ability before running, however.
    • A model in a unit can't use an "Any Time" ability after anyone in the unit has begun a Reposition move. (Infernal Ruling)
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Annihilator      (Edit)

  • Annilhilator will prevent models with Soul Vessel from producing souls.
Even though they're not living models, Soul Vessel makes it interact with Annilhilator as if they were. (Infernal Ruling)

Rules Clarification : Mortal Fear - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Spectral Flicker      (Edit)

  • Spectral Flicker is not retroactive. If you want to Flicker after an attack, you have to spend the corpse before the attack. (Infernal Ruling)
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Divine Manifestation      (Edit)

  • Archons are not living models, but neither are they constructs, undead, etc. They're just ... archons.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Vendetta      (Edit)

Although it's a bit moot since the model with Vendetta [Model A] normally also has Animosity [Model A], so they can't be on the same side.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Blood Reaper      (Edit)

  • Blood Reaper occurs every time you make an initial attack (but not on additional attacks).
  • Blood Reaper is not optional.
  • All attacks generated are Basic Attacks.
  • Blood Reaper will hit friendly models.

  • If a model has Dual Attack and Blood Reaper, they can shoot and quasi-Blood Reap in the same activation.
  • Lord of the Feast only:
    • The combination of Heart Eater (can spend corpses to boost melee damage), Death-Powered (gets bonus STR per corpse), and Blood Reaper (makes simultaneous melee attacks) have a weird interaction: even though the damage is simultaneous, the damage rolls are sequential.
    • This means that if you spend a corpse to boost damage, your P+S immediately decreases for that damage roll and the next damage roll(s), even though the damage is simultaneous.
    • The P+S of previous damage rolls are unaffected, though,
    • (Infernal Ruling)
  • Simultaneous melee attack (Edit)
There are several abilities/spells that allow a model to make simultaneous melee attacks vs everything in range (Blood Reaper, Cyclone, Flashing Blade, High-Impact, Thresher)
      Some have Infernal Rulings that pertain only to themselves, but the clarifications below are applicable to all of these abilities:   [Show/Hide]
  • To make a multi-melee-attack (MMA) you have to make individual melee attacks vs every model, and this means you need to target every model with a melee attack. If a model "may not be targeted by melee attacks" (such as Una2's feat) then you have to 'skip' it when you resolve the attack. (Infernal Ruling)
  • The attacks are effectively multiple separate attacks.
    • If you have a buff to your "next attack" (such as Tune Up) then it only works vs the first model you roll dice against, not vs every enemy. (Infernal Ruling).
  • The attacks are simultaneous.
    • If a model is out of LOS when you start the MMA, then you may not attack it during the MMA (even if the MMA kills what is blocking your LOS).
    • You need to target everything, then resolve all effects that trigger on "target" before starting any attack rolls. Then complete all attack rolls and do everything that triggers on "hit" before starting any damage rolls, and etc.
    In practice and to save time though, if neither player has effects that trigger on "being targetted, hit, damaged, etc" then they'll normally do the hit and damage rolls on a model-by-model basis.
    • If a model collects tokens from destroyed models (for instance the Cryx Harrower that collects souls), it cannot collect any tokens until all MMA are resolved.
  • If you charge and cast a spell to generate MMA, then none of those MMA count as a charge attack. You've "paused" your charge. If the charge target survives the spell, then you get to make a normal charge attack vs it.
  • If your MMA is simply tied to your weapon, then only the damage roll against your charge target is automatically boosted - other models caught in the MMA suffer an unboosted damage roll (although you can spend focus/fury to boost it)
Triggering other abilities
  • Most abilities that give the attacker a bonus move/attack tend to use the phrase "destroy one or more enemy models with a melee attack" and as such you'll only trigger this ability once. For example Berserk, Quick Work, Black Spot, etc
  • Other abilities, that trigger on "hit" or "damage", can be triggered from every attack in the MMA.
Many abilities only trigger off a basic melee attack, so don't work with special MMA (like Thresher). But if your MMA is basic (like High-Impact), things might get a bit complicated. In particular:
  • If you have Beat Back on the attacker, it is resolved after the attack. Every model that survives the MMA is eligible to be Beat Back-ed, and the attacker chooses the order. Pick one, push it and follow it, then decide if you want to Beat Back another survivor. Each push will recenter the directly away / directly toward part of the push. (Infernal Ruling)
  • If you have Electro-Leap on the attack, it is resolved after all attack rolls but before any damage rolls. The models that you just attacked will have electo-leaps bounce between them (as they will generally be the closest to each other). After the Electro damage is resolved, you can roll melee damage vs any models that survived the electric damage. (Infernal Ruling)
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Chain Attack      (Edit)

  • Some Chain Attacks generate a Power Attack (such as Chain Attack: Throw. These Chains can be used after charging, even though Power Attacks normally can't be used after a charge. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Buying extra attacks with fury or focus cannot trigger a Chain Attack - only initial attacks can trigger it.
  • If you have 3 weapons but only 2 of them are associated with the Chain Attack, then you can make that 3rd initial attack at any point without it preventing the Chain Attack from triggering.
    Also, interrupting your initials to resolve the Chain Attack will not prevent you taking the 3rd initial.
    For example, the Cryx Nightmare has two Claws with a Chain Attack, plus some Tusks. When he makes his initial attacks he can go:
    • [Claw] - [Tusks] - [Claw] - [Chain Attack] ... even though the two Claw attacks weren't sequential.
    • [Claw] - [Claw] - [Chain Attack] - [Tusks] ... even though he did the Chain Attack before getting to his initial Tusk.
    • [Tusks] - [Claw] - [Claw] - [Chain Attack]
    • He cannot go ... [Claw] - [Claw] - [Tusks] - [Chain Attack] ... because you must resolve the Chain Attack as soon as it's triggered, or not at all.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Death Chill      (Edit)

  • Remember, stationary only prevents what it says it does. Refer the recap on stationary for what models can/can't do.