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Convergence of Cyriss are designed as a "Limited Release Faction". This means the Faction has a much smaller model selection than normal Factions, and seldom gets new models (one new model every year or longer).

In compensation and to stay competitive, the synergies within the Faction are strong, list-building is flexible, and/or models have completely unique abilities. Some Limited Factions even have rules that affect the core rules of the game.

Convergence of Cyriss is a small cult of humans who worship Cyriss, the clockwork goddess of logic and mathematics who lives in one of the moons. (Or maybe she is the moon?) The Convergence are by far the most technologically advanced of the human factions - although they can't really be counted as human anymore given that most members have had their souls magically encapsuled in mechanical bodies called clockwork vessels.

Convergence for Beginners[edit]

Faction Aesthetic & Playstyle[edit]

Aesthetically, the faction is all smooth lines and sleek profiles. Inspiration was drawn from the 1927 Metropolis film, although you'd be forgiven for instead being reminded of the Cybermen from the modern series of Doctor Who.

In terms of playstyle, they are all about inter-model synergies, with your entire army interacting like cogs in a clock. This means they are unbelievably demanding when it comes to synergy, and while they can do powerful focus shenanigans and synergize their units like the best of 'em, they demand a skillful player. They are not recommended for inexperienced players.

General differences to other Factions

  • Being magically transmuted into clockwork bodies, nearly the entire army are Construct models. The living are so far and few between we made a Category: Living Convergence. Being Constructs makes the army immune to things that affect living models, such as Bloodthirst or Consume. However, it does make you more susceptible to anti-construct abilities like Dismantle or Erosion.
  • Repair ready - Convergence has many sources of repair and since skill checks are gone, you can reliably restore lost boxes on your wounded models.
  • Clockwork Vessels - They may be robots, but they're still being piloted by a soul. Enemy Soul Takers will still be coming for them.
  • Order of activation and synergies - As you have relatively few units to choose from, you must learn to master each and every unit's strengths and weaknesses, much more than with any other faction.
    • An example: there are very few units with magic weapons, but your Optifex Directive can hand it to any friendly construct model.
  • Prime numbers - Most weapon's range and/or POW is a prime number, slightly better than other Faction's comparable model. For instance, instead of having range 10 POW 10 guns, they have range 11 POW 11 guns. This means you can often attack the enemy while staying outside of their threat range.
  • The Puncture weapon trait is unique to Convergence. The Prime Axiom has Puncture coupled with its Drag ability, which practically guarantees it'll drag its target - which is why enemies fear coming near it.

When compared to other factions, Convergence Warcasters tend to have more HP and better ARM. Consequently, assassinations against them often require more work. 4 out of the 7 casters are repairable, so they are less susceptible to having small amounts of damage chipped onto them in the early game.

Convergence Warjacks are called Vectors and have several unique rules (see below). Each chassis has some distinctive traits:

  • All the Lights (apart from the Corollary) have Circular Vision,
  • The walking heavies are slow and Steady,
  • The floating heavies are somewhat faster and have Pathfinder.

Vector's damage grid layout is quite different to normal Factions, and as a consequence it takes a lot of damage to completely disable a system. Convergence also has lots of models that can Repair, and you'll see why it is not a good idea for the enemy to leave many half-dead vectors around.

Units and Solos

  • You have access to tough, multi-wound troops.
  • You also have three types of single-wound infantry units, the Reductors, Obstructors and Clockwork Angels.
  • The Enigma Foundry is a great way to increase their usefulness by bringing them back from the dead.
  • Many of the infantry have "Variable weapons", which let you adapt their abilities to meet your combat needs - for example, setting their spears for defense, or making a more powerful thrust with them on the attack.

Unique Core Rule : Battlegroups[edit]

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Every Convergence Warcaster comes with a unique Field Marshal ability which gives all their warjacks (called Vectors) an extra ability. So, depending on which caster you play, your Vectors will function differently. Field Marshal isn't actually unique to Convergence (although the fact every caster in the faction has one is unique). But what is completely unique is...

Their Vectors don't have their own MAT or RAT stat. Instead, the Vectors use the current MAT & RAT of their controlling warcaster (via a rule called Interface Node).

So you can see, between a change in abilities and accuracy, your Vectors will play very differently simply by swapping your caster.

Unique Core Rule : Induction Node[edit]

Unlike normal warjacks, Vectors do not have a cortex (mechanical brain). This means they don't benefit from Power Up (which gives warjacks a free focus point during your Control Phase), so if you want them to have focus you have to allocate it from your warcaster's own focus pool. But never fear, what you get instead of free focus is: every time a Vector spends a focus, another Vector within 6" will gain a focus (via a rule called Induction). So with a bit of clever board positioning and forward thinking, you can have dozens of Vectors spend the "same" 3 focus that you allocated from your warcaster.

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Tip !
The above is a summary only. For a full run-down of the Unique rules, refer to the Vector article.

Worthwhile First Purchases[edit]

The Convergence is primarily a warjack faction and played in Destruction Initiative - yes you can use the infantry and it's good, but almost all convergence players start with the more stereotypical and interesting Vectors.

Forge Father Syntherion is an excellent all-round starting caster, with both a MAT and RAT of 5 and with Synergy to boost the MAT. It's precisely this jack of all trades nature that means he's not played at high level as most people prefer more of a plan, but he's great to learn on. And almost every list you ever play is going to use a Corollary (and many are a Diffuser) so these are obvious early buys. As is a collection of Attunement Servitors because they come free.

But the big problem is which heavy vectors to buy as your Vectors; the same vector will behave very differently from Axis' MAT 7 RAT 2 than it will Orion's MAT 4 RAT 5. If you are good at modelling then the ideal solution to this is to magnetise your heavies so you can treat them differently with different casters. But the "default" ranged heavy is the Assimilator and the default melee heavy is the Inverter, with the other Vectors being more situational. As for that matter are the Transfinite Emergence Projector and the Colossals - and people spam Galvanisers, but none of these are where to start.

Theme Forces[edit]

Destruction Initiative

This is Convergence's vector-centric theme list, with models limited to pretty much just your battlegroup.

Clockwork Legions

This is Convergence's infantry-centric theme list, with no battle engine or servitors, and buffs for infantry.


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Unreleased Models[edit]

Last Updated: 2018.10

  • None at the moment


Aurora 1 Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis
Axis 1 Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer
Directrix 1 Iron Mother Directrix & Exponent Servitors
Locke 1 Aurum Lucanum Athanor Locke
Lucant 1 Father Lucant, Divinity Architect
Nemo-1 Nemo, Ordinator of Electrogenesis (Not tournament legal)
Orion 1 Eminent Configurator Orion
Syntherion 1 Forge Master Syntherion

Warjacks (Vectors)[edit]

Light Heavy Colossal

Battle Engines[edit]



Deep Lore[edit]

Cyriss is the goddess of logic and science, and the members of the Convergence are her devoted followers. The leaders of the Cult are inspired minds transferred into clockwork vessels, technologically wondrous mechanisms that can host human souls. For centuries, they hid in secret temples, called "forges." These temples are scattered and compete for control of mystical nexuses with forces like the Circle and Ios. One advantage the Cyrissists have gained is access to the nexuses under major human cities, gained by sharing a limited part of their incredible discoveries in exchange for protection and resources, filling hungry spirits like Nemo and Blaustvaya with new ideas which were but minor achievements for the ever-expanding Cult. Creation and discovery blend together in an unprecedented way. The Priests of the Maiden of Gears advance toward mechanical marvels like the Cipher Engine, a calculator that generates mathematical formula containing codes through which the goddess speaks to her servants, and the Constellation, a vast machine that hosts the souls of the most skilled scientists so they may work together in harmony without the hindrances of a physical body. Convergence is how they address the present time, considered the perfect moment to bring the Great Work to completion. Immoren will finally see the fruit of their endless striving for perfection and the dedication of thousands of the most creative minds to one single goal: destroy any who oppose the Mistress of Numbers, mechanize places of power to harness the raw energy of Caen, and change the face of the world forever.