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Trample Power Attack - This model can make trample power attacks. Edit description
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Rules Clarification : Trample Power Attack      (Edit)

  • Sometimes this ability is given to a model type that can't normally trample.
    • If that model is a warjack or warbeast (such as the light warjack Shrike) then it needs to pay a focus/fury to do a trample.
    • If that model is not a warjack/beast (such as the Battle Engine Gun Carriage) then it can trample for free.
  • See also the Trample rules recap - there are several Infernal Rulings that we have not repeated here.

This category is a list of models that can trample that normally can't. Models which always can (Heavy warjacks/beasts and Colossals/Gargantuans) aren't listed.

Power Attack (Edit)
Power Strike Category: Colossals & Category:Gargantuans only
Slam Category: Slam
Sweep Category: Colossals & Category:Gargantuans only
Throw Category: Throw
Trample Category: Trample


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