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Excerpt from the 2018.03 Press Release (Link)
In an effort to help make its expansive catalog of WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures more efficient for distributors and retail stores to stock, Privateer Press has announced that it will be removing a portion of its WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures line from the standard U.S. distribution channels.

The affected SKUs will no longer be available through distributors beginning April 6, 2018. All models marked for removal from distribution have been chosen based on their overall sales rate, with the intention of freeing up retailer and distributor shelf space for items with a higher sales frequency.

To ensure the availability of SKUs removed from U.S. distribution, Privateer will implement a new retailer direct Special Order Service (Link), which will allow retail stores to continue to offer those models to their customers without the pressure of having to keep them in stock.

International distribution will continue to offer the entire catalog.

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  • Category: BAHI
    Black Anchor Heavy Industry models are direct-order only (and always have been).

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