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Riot Quest - Although this model has rules which allow it to be played in Warmachine and Hordes, it was primarily designed for the Riot Quest boardgame. RQ is set in an alternate and/or future timeline where the Infernals won the war. Some of the RQ models are slightly more goofy than their WMH equivalents. Edit description

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Is Riot Quest canonical?

Riot Quest is a different timeline than the core one. However, some characters' exist as we see them in Riot Quest in both timelines! For example, in the Hengehold scrolls, we saw a cameo from Weird Wendell, which means that the Wendell we know is the same in both. However there are some fates in Riot Quest that might not have happened in the core timeline. The Mekano Legion is a great example! In Requiem there are rules for making traditional flesh-and-scales dragonspawn that belong to Everblight, while in Riot Quest the Legion models we've seen such as Yssylla, Mekanoshredder, and Mekanolyth indicate something went VERY wrong with Everblight. Not to mention in Riot Quest we've killed off a whole slew of characters (RIP poor Lug) that could be alive in the core timeline.

So the answer is, they are distinct, but some of the people and events in both might be identical.

Will Hungerford, 2021.04 (Lead Games Developer of both RQ and WMH at the time)