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Master Infernalist - This model is not an infernal master but has all the special rules of an infernal master except that it has no feat. This model can have only light and lesser horrors in its battlegroup. This model can have one horror in her battlegroup at any time and cannot summon a horror if there is already one in its battlegroup in play. Edit description

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Rules Clarification : Master Infernalist      (Edit)

  • Unlike "Junior Warcasters" and Lesser Warlocks, Princess Regna doesn't need to start the game with a Horror in her battlegroup (although she can).
  • Regna has a completely separate battlegroup to your Master Infernal.
    • Your Infernal Master cannot allocate essence to horrors in Regna's battlegroup (and vice versa).
    • Any spells/effects that apply to your Infernal Master's battlegroup (such as Synergy) do not apply to horrors in Regna's battlegroup (and vice versa).
  • Because Princess Regna has all the special rules of an Infernal Master (except a feat) this means:
    • When she dies, any horrors in her battlegroup are RFP'd.
    • She gains Inscrutable.
    • See also the Rules Clarifications for Infernal Masters.
Rules Clarification : Inscrutable - None yet. (Edit)

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