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Lunge - This weapon becomes RNG 2 during this model's activation. Edit description
Chain Strike - This weapon becomes RNG 4 during this model's activation. Edit description

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Rules Clarification : Chain Strike and/or Lunge     (Edit)

  • The extra melee range kicks in the instant you start your activation, and if that makes you engage an enemy then it means you can't aim.
  • The extra range does apply during Frenzies (because that is defined as an activation)
  • The extra range doesn't apply during free strikes or when your opponent takes control of your model.
  • It doesn't increase the range of Power Attacks, because you do not apply weapon special rules to Power Attacks (unless they specifically reference Power Attacks, like Hard Head does). (Locked Thread)
  • If you're affected by another range-altering rule (such as Jakes2's feat) then that won't override Chain Strike. (Infernal Ruling)

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