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A model that is knocked down has been pushed to the ground. Knockdown is a very useful effect tactically, mainly for the lowered DEF/auto-hit in melee.

Its DEF is reduced to 5 (which may as well be zero), it's auto-hit in melee, does not have a melee range itself, and...

it cannot it can
  • Advance
  • Make Special Actions
  • Make attacks of any kind
  • Cast spells
  • Use a feat
  • Channel a spell
  • Block LOS
  • Engage other models
  • Be engaged by other models
The difference to Stationary, in terms of what you can/can't do is:
  • A knocked down model can issue orders, a stationary one can't.
  • A knocked down model doesn't block LOS, but a stationary one does.

To stand back up, a model has to either:

  • Spend Fury/Focus/Essence during the Control Phase (only some types of model have this option).
  • Forfeit either Normal Movement or Combat Action during its Activation Phase.
  • Have a spell/ability cast on it by another model that lets it stand up "for free".

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