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3 8 - 12 - Yes
If Crevasse boxes its original target, you can make a SP 6 attack using the boxed model as the attack's point of origin. The SP 6 attack can target models in the boxed model's back arc. Models hit suffer a POW 12 magical damage roll. Models boxed by Crevasse are RFP'd. Edit this spell template
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Rules Clarification : Crevasse and/or Jaws of Urcaen     (Edit)

  • Crevasse only
    • The spray generated by the spell is a magic attack.
    However, when it comes to stuff which triggers from spell-casting (like Arcane Vortex) the spray is a bit weird, because you are already halfway through the spell-casting sequence (refer Appendix A).
    • You can use Arcane Vortex vs Crevasse when the first target is picked. You can't use Arcane Vortex when the spray target is picked. (Infernal Ruling)

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