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Aetheric Blast - On a critical hit, the model hit becomes knocked down. Cloud effects overlapping the spray template expire. Edit description

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Rules Clarification : Aetheric Blast      (Edit)

  • Knockdown (Edit) - Remember, knockdown only prevents what it says it does. Refer to the Knockdown page for a recap of what a model can/can't do.
  • Anti-Cloud abilities vs Burning Earth (Edit)
If you make a piece of terrain "Burning Earth" it counts as a cloud effect in addition to it's original type. This has 2 odd rulings:
  1. If any part of the terrain piece is "hit" by an ability that makes clouds expire (such as Gale Winds) then the entire terrain piece is taken off the table. (Infernal Ruling)
  2. If a model can ignore clouds but not the original terrain type, they don't ignore the terrain. For instance if you have a burning forest, then Eyeless Sight can't see through the forest. (Infernal Ruling)

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