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Adapt - When Cankerworm uses the Salvage ability, you can have the Replicator gain the special rules and weapon qualities of one of the destroyed warjack's weapons. The Replicator becomes the type of weapon adapted (melee or ranged) and uses that weapons's RNG, ROF, AOE, and POW. This effect lasts until Cankerworm uses Adapt again. Edit description

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Rules Clarification : Adapt      (Edit)

  • If you Adapt a weapon with a longer melee range, your Salvage area increases too.
  • You can use weapon rules that you'd think would require two arms, but it depends on the wording of the weapon in question. For instance, the Cankerworm ...
    • can make a Combo Smite (★ Attack) after adapting a Slayer's Death Claw.
    • can't make a Grab & Smash attack after adapting Nightmare's Wicked Claw.
  • Cankerworm can adapt and use Retribution Field Dependent weapons for two reasons:
    1. Field Dependent is a rule on the Retribution model, not the weapon, so it doesn't "carry over" to Cankerworm.
    2. Field Dependent only triggers if the Field Generator is crippled. Cankerworm doesn't have a Generator, so he certainly doesn't have a crippled one.

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