Kommander Zoktavir, the Butcher Unleashed

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Khador Logo.jpg Kommander Zoktavir, the Butcher Unleashed

Khador Warcaster Unit

Mk4 icon.png
Unlimited Only
This model can only be used in the Unlimited game mode. You can see the other models with / without mk4 rules on this page.

Note that the rest of this page is about the model's Mark III rules.

Orsus Zoktavir is a living legend, having earned a place in the company of other almost-mythical heroes from the frozen north. A brutal warrior capable of unbridled savagery, he is feared by his soldiers as much as by his foes. His only companions are his two war argus—two-headed hounds that are a living embodiment of the untamable darkness inside the Butcher.

Basic Info

Warcaster Unit - All warcasters come with a stack of standard special rules - most notably being awesome. Furthermore, this warcaster comes with some troopers that can be ordered around. Click here for a newbie-friendly recap, or click here for the full rules.

  • Butcher3's unit includes two War Argii.


Missing Info
COST {{{cacost}}}
UNIT SIZE {{{casize}}}
FA {{{cafa}}}
Warcaster 0
BASE Medium
M.A. N/A
DEF 14
ARM 18
ESSENCE {{{essence}}}
HP 20
F. Field N/A
WJP +24
WBP {{{wbp}}}
IHP {{{ihp}}}
Warcaster 1
the Statblock

Feat: Red Haze

  1. Zoktavir immediately gains 6 focus points. He cannot have more focus points than his current FOCUS as a result of Red Haze.
  2. Living enemy models cannot charge Zoktavir.
Red Haze lasts for one round.


  • Officer symbol.jpg Officer
  • Tough symbol.jpg Tough
  • Granted: Vengeance - While this model is in formation, models in its unit gain Vengeance. (Vengeance - During your Maintenance Phase, if one or more models in a unit with Vengeance were damaged by enemy attacks during the last round, each model in the unit can advance 3" and make one basic melee attack.)


Gun icon.jpg  RNG   ROF   AOE   POW 
8 1 - 12
Sword icon.jpg  RNG   POW   P+S 
2 8 16



2 SELF - - - No
Each model in the spellcaster's battlegroup that is currently in its control range can immediately advance up to 2". Energizer can be cast only once per activation.
Flashing Blade

1 SELF - - - No
The spellcaster immediately makes one basic attack with one of its melee weapons against each enemy model in its LOS that is in the weapon's melee range. These attacks are simultaneous.
Impending Doom

2 SELF (★) - - No
Enemy models within 5" of the spellcaster are pushed 5" directly toward it in the order you choose.

4 10 5 15 - Yes
This spell has zero special effects.
Silence of Death

2 6 - - Upkeep No
Target friendly Faction model/unit gains +2 STR and Take Down.
Take Down - Models disabled by a melee attack made by a model with Take Down cannot make a Tough roll. Models boxed by a melee attack made by a model with Take Down are removed from play.

War Argus

Missing Info
Lord Tyrant Hexeris.jpg
COST {{{cacost}}}
UNIT SIZE {{{casize}}}
FA {{{cafa}}}
Warcaster 0
BASE Medium
M.A. N/A
DEF 14
ARM 14
ESSENCE {{{essence}}}
HP 8
F. Field N/A
WJP {{{wjp}}}
WBP {{{wbp}}}
IHP {{{ihp}}}
Warcaster 1
the Statblock


  • Gang - When making a melee attack targeting an enemy model in the melee range of another model in this unit, this model gains +2 to melee attack and melee damage rolls.
  • Granted: Relentless Charge - While this model is in formation, models in its unit gain Relentless Charge. (Relentless Charge - While advancing as part of a charge, a model with Relentless Charge gains Pathfinder.)
  • Sprint - At the end of an activation in which it destroyed or removed from play one or more enemy models with melee attacks, this model can immediately make a full advance, then its activation ends.


Bite (x2)
Sword icon.jpg  RNG   POW   P+S 
0.5 4 11
  • Combo Strike (★ Attack) - Make a melee attack. Instead of making a normal damage roll, the POW of the damage roll is equal to this model's STR plus twice the POW of this weapon. (Giving a total P+S = 15)

Theme Forces

Thoughts on Butcher3

Butcher3 in a Nutshell

Butcher3 is without doubt the best suited caster in the entire game to kill, smash, maim, murder and (queue various other synonyms) stuff. His personal combat output is second to none, and he can deliver death farther than his previous, or first incarnation. The ability to have Weapon Master, Take Down and Flashing Blade on your melee attacks, all that topped with an elite MAT is something truly frightening. Additionally,the two Argus have formidable combat potential on their own, capable of delivering a single MAT 7 P+S 17 (19 with Silence of Death) attack when standing near each other, then Sprint back to safety. They also fuel the Butcher with 2 very important abilities:

  • a Granted Pathfinder, which fixes up terrain issues he had previously
  • triggers for Vengeance, giving a net 3" to the unit's threat range

Thanks to that, enemies often forced to kill them both at once, or not bothering them at all.

Feat thoughts

If you ever faced or played Asphyxious1, you'll know, how useful an extra stack of FOCUS is. Extra spells, extra FOCUS to camp, and more than anything, all the greater chance for your assassination. Gaspy has great attack spells and sustained attack; Butcher has Flashing Blade and Lola. With a roving semi-circle of destruction, you can deliver up to 12 Flashing Blade attacks. Also, the feat protects you from (counter)charges - but not from walk-and-punch attacks. Be aware of Warjacks, constructs (especially construct warbeasts) and undead models. Don't forget, living models (mainly beasts) can still attack you with Power Attacks (Power Strike, Slam, Throw, Headbutt, Trample, Sweep). They may also still charge the Argii which can be dangerous to Zoktavir of they have means to advance thereafter (Overtake, Sidestep, Overrun, etc).

Spell thoughts

  • Energizer - Probably will see play in every turn, since it moves not only your jacks, but Butcher and the Argus as well. It also helps you to change facing throughout melee; see Strategy for details.
  • Flashing Blade - Orsus finally mastered how to control his rage, and won't decapitate friendly models in sight. It makes jamming the Butcher a terrible idea, and goes hand-in-hand with Impending Doom. Once the targets are clustered together - cast this and watch armies crumble.
  • Impending Doom - His signature spell, reeling in the enemy from those last few crucial inches for some chopping. Also really good to pull models outside from zones. As the range is a set 5", watch out for rough terrain, and obstacles as well as obstructions. It is also great to pull back the enemy if they used Admonition/Enliven to get away from your charge (granted they did not use it to get behind an obstacle).
  • Obliteration - Same thing as with Butcher1, even with your double FOCUS pool on feat turn you'll rarely use it.
  • Silence of Death - His only upkeep spell, which he usually doesn't have to pay for thanks to the Greylord Adjunct. Since he doesn't have much focus to cycle, you will usually upkeep it on himself and his dogs to push his damage output even further. It should be noted though that cavalry models such as the Winterguard Gun Carriage also love it so successful enemy tough rolls don't stop their cavalry charge impact attacks.

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • He is still easily gets shot or knocked down - though shooting against his dogs will probably work for your favor.
  • Speed de-buffs and charge denial still hurt him.
  • Minimal army support for his army outside the Battlegroup's mobility, and even that one will usually end up on him.

Tricks & Tips

  • This is a unit, and Butcher wants to charge - a LOT. Remember upon their activation to handle out the press forward order first, and cast spells only thereafter, as you can be called upon by your opponent, if you start with spell-casting, and handling out orders afterwards.
  • Flashing Blade is not an attack per se - if you don't need your Movement, shaking a knockdown costs just as much as casting FB.
  • Since his feat doesn't replenish FOCUS, but gives him focus, it works even if you've been hit by a Disruptor shot from Eyriss1.
  • The Argus are helpful tools in the offensive. Due to their speed being slightly faster then the Butcher himself, they make an excellent screening unit, just place them in base contact to cover Butcher. Or, leave some gap, and place clouds on them from the Greylord Ternions - just watch out for things that ignore cloud effects.
  • Occasionally the dogs can be great for stopping someone from landing a model's base somewhere you don't want it.
  • Use Impending Doom to pull casters like Azazello out of protective auras such as the Krielstone's, then go ham on them with Lola.

List Building Advice



Assassination is always on the board with the Butcher. Though he lost the extra moves from Homicidal Maniac, he gained the far more reliable Energizer and the always useful Impending Doom.

Standard assassination pattern is the following:

  • Energizer (2) + Move (5) + Charge (3) + Reach (2), giving 12"

The following threat range is rarely linear, as he needs something to be in melee with by the end of his charge move to cast Impending Doom, and avoid its activation to be over because of a failed charge.

  • Energizer (2) + Move (5) + Charge (3) + Impending doom (5), giving 15"

If there are outside helpers, well, all the better. If the enemy killed an Argus then the formula above is extended by 3", meaning that very few things can hide from you.

  • Vengeance (3) + Energizer (2) + Move (5) + Charge (3) + Impending doom (5), giving 18"
  • Add Sorscha0 and Boundless Charge to get up to 20" of Murder Threat.

If you don't need that extra 2", the casting of Energizer can happen after the charge move as well - it will eventually help you to have your intended target in your LOS and melee range, as by the end of the charge move you must directly face your charge target, and this can lead to positions where you'll be unable to attack your real target. Just remember that you must keep your charge target in your melee range throughout the charge, and that you can only make your initial melee attack against other than your charge target, if you cannot attack it (for example, it died to a Flashing blade between your movement and your combat action). In that case your charge attack will not be boosted.


Yes, you read it right. The profane melee capacity of Butcher and his dogs ensures that enemies will rarely leave valuable pieces in your melee range. Use this to your advantage to aggressively lock enemy models out of scenario. The flip side is also true: if the enemy placed some important thing into your melee, always suspect a trap.

Butcher3's army support is negligible. Just like in Mk2 you will still likely to begin the list building by taking those things that will help his assassination. Thankfully, most of these solos and units can enter to the theme forces, so pick accordingly.

As mentioned, Buther's army tends to be self-reliant. Units with minimal outside support (or those coming from the Theme forces) can fit into his lists well.

Theme thoughts

    Jaws of the Wolf    

Jaws is Butchers preferred theme, simply by the virtue of all his favorite delivery tools being here and the theme benefits playing right into his play style. He can use to hide his jacks as well as himself from incoming fire and Energize his jacks through it. So long as his dogs are alive as well he can also charge right through the forest.

  • Sorscha0 - Boundless Charge and FoW are essential for him. She can run a Rager for the extra Shield Guard as well.
  • Malakov1 - Malakov can be seen as a 3 point upgrade to a Marauder. Thanks to Redline said marauder wont miss out on the threat range buff from Energizer, but will also get gain +2 STR, which is great. Sucker! on Malakov means you should keep him close to an Argus, so he can pawn of a shot and trigger Vengeance on Butcher.
  • Widowmaker Marksman - A great shooting solo at a cheap price!

    Winter Guard Kommand    

Winter Guard Kommand is Butcher3's other preferred theme. Sac Pawn is an amazing theme benefit for a caster who does not want to get shot on the way in, and thanks to their solos, Winter Guard are self sufficient enough to do work without Butcher's input. Also, Sorscha0 is here, you should not play Butcher without her, as are the Widowmakers and Malakov.

  • Assault Kommandos - AKs are very important to Butcher as Sac Pawn targets with Immunity Fire and Corrosion, which makes him immune to assassinations through those damage types; an Archangel will not be able to shoot him down, neither will Malekus with his jacks and Deliverers, you get the picture. With Shield Wall they can be fast and durable jammers and with Veteran Leader they are MAT 7, with Bear's Strength and Silence of Death they are P+S 17 on the charge, so they do work on their own. flame throwers can clear chaff to pave Butcher's way.
  • Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich - The dedicated support solo for all Winter Guard, including AKs.
  • Winter Guard Artillery Kapitan - Two for one requisition option is great value and gives you two contesting solos and two Veteran Leader bubbles.
  • Beast 09 - A stable threat of 13" is great on a beat sick heavy, which the combination of Energizer and Boundless Charge from Sorscha provides.
  • Winter Guard Field Gun Crew - Getting a knock down on anything means lights out if Butcher then gets his hands on it and potentially saves you a focus you would have used to boost to hit.
  • Winter Guard Gun Carriage - Not recommended due to it's high price point and lack of support for Butcher, but it should be pointed out that Silence of Death is awesome on any cavalry, so Tough cannot ruin your impact attack day, for completion's sake.

    Support Models & Mercenaries - Various themes    

  • War Dog - Can save your bacon from counter-assassins.
  • Greylord Adjunct - A free upkeep of Silence of Death as well as a cloud for LOS blocking. Both the Dog and this guy have a claim to fame with Butcher, so test what you like better.
  • Battle Mechaniks - Some repair guys to Sac Pawn to and to keep his jacks running. Ruin without an arm or leg hurts! Be sure to take the CA to give Butcher or a key solo protection from blasts.
  • Thamarite Archon - Support hunting, chaff clearing, all with an excellent magical gun and it needs no input other than the occasional Guidance from an Adjunct.
  • Morrowan Archon - A Shield Guard and a buff to his Defense.
  • Death Archon - Conversely this is essentially an ARM buff for Butcher thanks to Mortal Fear. The range on this ability is larger, but needs the expenditure of a corpse token on the Archon and only affects living models, so your milage may vary.
  • Orin1 - Shut down spells that would reduce your SPD.
  • Eilish1 - As above, remove any pesky upkeeps on Zoktavirs Unit.


Ruin is Butcher's pet warjack, that he can take in any theme.

Butcher3 does very little for Warjacks despite Energizer, so no particular jack stands out with him especially however you may consider...

  • Ruin as his pet warjack which he can take in any theme. Ruin gives you ample protection from magic assassinations. He can also run on souls, collected by other army members.
  • Devastator - They are amazing at being in the way, so you can use 2-3 of them to form a wall in front of Butcher and energize it forward. Bulldoze later sets up charge langes for him. They are an essential way to deliver him.
  • Demolisher - basically the same as the Devastator, but for two extra points you get a set of low ranged guns, but more importantly Girded, which means that Gunnbjorn2 cannot shoot Butcher to death.
  • Destroyer - Given it’s long range Energizer helps it move then aim.
  • Kodiak - Vent Steam, screen Butcher on the advance.
  • Rager - A basic shield guard that offers more to Butcher than Butcher gives to him. You want Butcher3 to be hit once to Trigger Vengeance anything else needs shielding. You can also stand near an Argii so it suffers blast damage it’s unlikely to kill it but it will trigger Vengeance. It is better to put one on Sorscha0 100% of the time as it does not need Energizer.



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Video Battle Reports

Rules Clarifications

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Magical Damage      (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

* The "Damage Type: Magical" is not inherited by "secondary" damage from a weapon. That is, stuff like arcs (Electro Leap) or hazards (Scather). (Infernal Ruling)
  • All spells have "Damage Type: Magical" (refer errata).
    • This is inherited by "immediate" secondary damage (such as Eruption of Spines). (Infernal Ruling)
    • and might be inherited by "lingering" secondary damage (see below).
  • If a spell leaves a template in play that does damage to models that walk around in it, then:
    • if it is not described as a hazard it will do magical damage to models that walk around in it. (Example: Razor Wall)
    • if it is a hazard then it will not do magical damage to models that walk around in it. Instead, it does whatever damage type is specified by the spell description. (Example: Breath of Corruption).
    • (Infernal Ruling)
  • If a weapon/spell includes Magic Damage and another kind of elemental damage it will still damage Incorporeal models. Incorporeal models are not affected by the rule "if an attack does multiple types of damage and a model is immune to at least one it is immune to the entire attack."
    The phrase "immune to non-magical damage" should be interpreted as "immune to damage that doesn't include Damage Type: Magical" (not interpreted as "has immunity to Corrosion and Electricity and Cold and etc.")

Rules Clarification : Weapon Master - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Combo Strike      (Edit)

  • You cannot make a Combo attack if the weapon is crippled. Refer "Crippled Systems" in the core rulebook.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification:  : Warcaster Unit or Warlock Unit     (Edit)
(Click Expand to read)

This summary is specific to Warcaster/Warlock units. You may also want to check the Warcaster and Warlock pages respectively, for the "regular" rules clarifications.
  • All models in the unit count as part of the battlegroup. So, for instance, Butcher3's argus can be moved via his Energizer spell.
  • Warcaster units can have attachments. They can even attach units (such as the WSC). (Infernal Ruling)
  • The non-caster models are trooper models but are not normally Grunt models. Therefore they're not normally eligible for stuff like Revive.
  • If any member of the unit start to do their reposition movement, the warcaster or warlock in the unit would no longer be able to feat.(Infernal Ruling)
  • Press Forward Order vs Spells cast at Any Time (Edit)
    • You must issue orders before anything else. If you issue a Press Forward order, you must run or charge.
    • If you cast spells before moving, you can't run so you must charge.
    • If you cast spells before moving, then start the spellcaster's Normal Movement but have no valid charge targets, you are in a situation where you must charge but cannot charge.
      In this situation the spellcaster must either:
      • forfeit their Combat Action, use their Normal Movement to make a full advance, then their activation ends. (Note that you cannot cast more spells after the full advance).
      • forfeit their Normal Movement, then their activation ends.
      • (Infernal Ruling)
  • Steamroller 2018
    • The non-caster models can contest scenario zones & flags.
    • The caster model cannot contest.
    • The caster model can control zones and flags by itself, but:
      • to control a zone, the entire unit remaining in play needs to be in formation.
      • to control a flag, the entire unit remaining in play must be within 4" of the flag.
  • Units Buying Attacks (Edit)
    • If you make attacks with model [A], then start making attacks with model [B], you cannot 'go back' and buy more attacks with [A]. Because:
    • A model can only buy additional attacks during its Combat Action.
    • A model in a unit must complete its Combat Action before the next model starts theirs (with some exceptions, like CMA).
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Officer      (Edit)

  • Even if they're not on the Officer's card, an Officer can give (and benefit from) any non-standard orders that are on the unit's card (such as Shield Wall). Refer main rulebook.
  • When the Officer dies, the Leader model becomes the new Unit Commander (you don't get to choose).
  • But if your unit doesn't include a Leader model, then you do get to choose any of the remaining models to be the new Unit Commander. You don't swap the model, but it may be worth putting a token down so you can tell that grunt apart.

Rules Clarification : Tough - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Gang and/or Gang Fighter and/or Tag Team and/or Team Effort     (Edit)

  • You can gain the Gang bonus on free strikes, but generally only the first "Ganger" will get it.
For example, if a target is engaged by two models with Gang, when it leaves the melee range of the first Ganger it suffers a free strike with the Gang bonus. Then it leaves the melee range of the second and suffers a normal free strike.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Tactics vs Granted     (Edit)

  • Granted = The unit loses the ability as soon as the model that grants it is taken off the table. (think "G for Goes away")
  • Tactics = The unit keeps the ability for the entire game, regardless of who dies. (think "Tac-Tick = K for Keeps")
  • Granted [ Vengeance ]
    • If the model granting Vengeance dies, the unit will not get any Vengeance attacks.
    It is "If you have Vengeance, and you were damaged last turn, you get a move+attack."
    It is not "If you get damaged, you get Vengeance next turn."
    • If you lose Vengeance halfway through resolving Vengeance, then you stop resolving Vengeance immediately. (Infernal Ruling)
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Vengeance and/or Righteous Vengeance and/or Retaliation and/or Swift Vengeance and/or Tantrum     (Edit)

  • Vengeance moves do not have to be towards an enemy model.
  • You can choose to not move, but still get the attack. One is not conditional on the other.
  • Vengeance is not an activation. It does not prevent the model/unit from activating and acting normally later in the turn.
  • Stationary and knocked down models may not perform Vengeance moves nor attacks.
  • Units only
    • Out of formation models cannot make Vengeance moves nor Vengeance attacks.
    However if the unit commander uses their movement to bring the Grunts back into formation, then they can move and attack.
    • When resolving Vengeance, move all models in the unit before making any attacks. (Infernal Ruling)
    • If you have more than one unit with Vengeance, move all of unit A then complete all of unit A's attacks, before starting to move unit B.
    • If you manage to spawn new models during the Maintenance Phase (such as with Reconstruction or Blood-Bound) then those new models can also make Vengeance attacks. (Infernal Ruling)
    • Due to the way it is worded Vengeance can be "inherited" by unit attachments that do not actually have the Vengeance ability themselves. For instance, a Soulless Escort attached to the Spears of Scyrah.
      • If anyone is damaged, including the attachment, everyone in the unit gets to trigger Vengeance.
      • But if everyone is killed except the attachment, then he doesn't get to trigger Vengeance because the rule is "no longer on the table".
    • Granted [ Vengeance ]
      • If the model granting Vengeance dies, the unit will not get any Vengeance attacks.
      It is "If you have Vengeance, and you were damaged last turn, you get a move+attack."
      It is not "If you get damaged, you get Vengeance next turn."
      • If you lose Vengeance halfway through resolving Vengeance, then you stop resolving Vengeance immediately. (Infernal Ruling)
  • Triggers
    • Only enemy attacks trigger Vengeance. There are plenty of ways enemies can damage you without attacking you (such as Electro Leap) and these will not trigger Vengeance.
    • If a CA has Granted: Vengeance then only models in formation have it. However, models that are damaged while out of formation can trigger Vengeance, they just will not benefit from it. (Locked thread)
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Relentless Charge      (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Sprint  and/or Run & Gun     (Edit)

  • You cannot use this ability after an out-of-activation attack (such as Countercharge), only during real activations. (Locked thread)
  • Run & Gun won't trigger if you RFP the model, but Sprint will.
  • End of Activation (Edit)
You cannot resolve two end-of-activation movement effects (refer to "End of Activation Movement" in the core rulebook). For EOA stuff that doesn't involve movement, though, it gets a bit more murky:
  • Some EOA abilities explicitly state your activation ends as part of resolving the ability (like Reposition), and some don't (like Refuge).
Whether it is explicit it or not, by definition an EOA ability is the last thing you can do for that activation. For instance, if you resolve Refuge and then continue your activation to cast more spells, then you have not used Refuge at the end of your activation.
You cannot do an "at any time" ability during or after triggering an EOA ability; you cannot cast spells, purchase additional attacks, use a mini-feat, etc.
  • If you start resolving an EOA movement (such as Reposition) then you cannot trigger abilities that occur "at any time" (such as Go To Ground). Because you can't trigger it while resolving the EOA movement, and after the EOA movement your activation has ended. (Infernal Ruling)
  • For units: if any model in the unit starts resolving the unit's EOA movement, then no model in the unit can trigger an any-time ability. (Infernal Ruling)
  • See also the training article: LPG - End of Activation.

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Energizer      (Edit)

  • The models affected are determined when you cast the spell. If you use Energizer to move your caster forward and get more models in your CTRL range, that doesn't change anything.
  • Battlegroup members (Edit)
    • Spells that target/affect "models in the battlegroup" can also target/will also affect the caster, the caster's unit (if they have one), and the caster's Companion (if they have one).
    • It won't target/affect models which are Attached, though.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Flashing Blade      (Edit)

  • Flashing Blade is an unlimited spell.
  • Flashing Blade is optional.
  • All attacks generated are basic attacks.
  • Flashing Blade will not hit friendly models.
  • Simultaneous melee attack (Edit)
There are several abilities/spells that allow a model to make simultaneous melee attacks vs everything in range (Blood Reaper, Cyclone, Flashing Blade, High-Impact, Thresher)
      Some have Infernal Rulings that pertain only to themselves, but the clarifications below are applicable to all of these abilities:   [Show/Hide]
  • To make a multi-melee-attack (MMA) you have to make individual melee attacks vs every model, and this means you need to target every model with a melee attack. If a model "may not be targeted by melee attacks" (such as Una2's feat) then you have to 'skip' it when you resolve the attack. (Infernal Ruling)
  • The attacks are effectively multiple separate attacks.
    • If you have a buff to your "next attack" (such as Tune Up) then it only works vs the first model you roll dice against, not vs every enemy. (Infernal Ruling).
  • The attacks are simultaneous.
    • If a model is out of LOS when you start the MMA, then you may not attack it during the MMA (even if the MMA kills what is blocking your LOS).
    • You need to target everything, then resolve all effects that trigger on "target" before starting any attack rolls. Then complete all attack rolls and do everything that triggers on "hit" before starting any damage rolls, and etc.
    In practice and to save time though, if neither player has effects that trigger on "being targetted, hit, damaged, etc" then they'll normally do the hit and damage rolls on a model-by-model basis.
    • If a model collects tokens from destroyed models (for instance the Cryx Harrower that collects souls), it cannot collect any tokens until all MMA are resolved.
  • If you charge and cast a spell to generate MMA, then none of those MMA count as a charge attack. You've "paused" your charge. If the charge target survives the spell, then you get to make a normal charge attack vs it.
  • If your MMA is simply tied to your weapon, then only the damage roll against your charge target is automatically boosted - other models caught in the MMA suffer an unboosted damage roll (although you can spend focus/fury to boost it)
Triggering other abilities
  • Most abilities that give the attacker a bonus move/attack tend to use the phrase "destroy one or more enemy models with a melee attack" and as such you'll only trigger this ability once. For example Berserk, Quick Work, Black Spot, etc
  • Other abilities, that trigger on "hit" or "damage", can be triggered from every attack in the MMA.
Many abilities only trigger off a basic melee attack, so don't work with special MMA (like Thresher). But if your MMA is basic (like High-Impact), things might get a bit complicated. In particular:
  • If you have Beat Back on the attacker, it is resolved after the attack. Every model that survives the MMA is eligible to be Beat Back-ed, and the attacker chooses the order. Pick one, push it and follow it, then decide if you want to Beat Back another survivor. Each push will recenter the directly away / directly toward part of the push. (Infernal Ruling)
  • If you have Electro-Leap on the attack, it is resolved after all attack rolls but before any damage rolls. The models that you just attacked will have electo-leaps bounce between them (as they will generally be the closest to each other). After the Electro damage is resolved, you can roll melee damage vs any models that survived the electric damage. (Infernal Ruling)
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Rules Clarification : Impending Doom      (Edit)

  • Push - General     (Edit)   [Show/Hide]
    • Pushed models do not change their facing.
    • Pushed models move at half rate through difficult terrain. Also, Pathfinder doesn't apply during pushes.
    • Pushed models stop if they contact anything - a model of any size, or any obstacles or obstructions.
    • You don't get free strikes against pushed models, because it is "involuntary movement" and therefore does not count as an advance.
    • Pushed models suffer the effects of anything they move through (such as acid clouds).
    • If you use a Push vs a charging model (via a free strike for example), this will stop the charge movement (refer core rulebook).
      • However, if the pushed model is in melee range of its charge target after the push, then it is considered a successful charge. (Infernal Ruling)
      • In that scenario, you measure whether the charging model moved 3" or less excluding the push distance. (Infernal Ruling)
    • If you push a model to a position where it regains Incorporeal (for instance you push it out of range of an Exorcist) then what happens is (Being Checked by Infernals)
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Rules Clarification : Obliteration      (Edit)

  • The text description has no in-game effect. It's just for flavour.
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Rules Clarification : Silence of Death      (Edit)

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Rules Clarification : Take Down      (Edit)

  • If you have Take Down innately, then the RFP is not optional.
  • If you have Take Down granted by a theme force benefit, then the RFP is optional.
    • If you choose to RFP at boxed, you don't get to trigger anything that happens at destroyed (such as Cleave).
    • If you choose not to RFP them, they're destroyed normally. They produce corpses, can be returned to play, etc, and most importantly you can trigger stuff at "destroyed" (such as Cleave).
  • Technically the theme benefit doesn't actually grant models Take Down, it just gives them a rule with almost the exact same wording as Take Down.

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