Bane Lord Tartarus

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Cryx Logo.jpg Bane Lord Tartarus

Cryx Bane Solo

Over two thousand years the soul that was to be Tartarus writhed in hellish agony until discovered and called from the void by Tenebrous. The lich lord bound the spirit into the stitched-together remains of several unearthed and defiled warrior-kings to become a unique necromantic masterpiece. Encased in rune-inscribed armor and given the unholy axe Rivener, Bane Lord Tartarus was created to rule over and dominate all bane thralls in service of the Dragonfather.

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Special Order Model
This model is no longer available through normal US distributors (as of 2018.04). Instead your local game store needs to order it through PP's Special Order Service. More info is available at PP Retailer Support As of 2019.09, PP have removed the SOS info from the Retailer Support website.

International distributors can still access the entire catalog of models.

See also the Official Press Release and/or Category: Special Order Model.

As of 2019.09, PP has removed

Basic Info

Bane Lord Tartarus
Missing Info
34042 BaneLordTartarus WEB.jpg
COST {{{cacost}}}
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Warcaster 0
BASE Medium
M.A. N/A
DEF 12
ARM 17
ESSENCE {{{essence}}}
HP 8
F. Field N/A
WJP {{{wjp}}}
WBP {{{wbp}}}
IHP {{{ihp}}}
Warcaster 1
the Statblock


  • Stealth - Ranged and magic attacks targeting this model from a point of origin greater than 5˝ away automatically miss. This model is not an intervening model when determining line of sight from a model more than 5˝ away.
  • Undead - This model is an undead model and not a living model.
  • Dark Shroud - While in this model's melee range, enemy models suffer -2 ARM.
  • Veteran Leader [Bane] - While in this model's command range, other friendly Bane models gain +1 to attack rolls.
  • Ghostly - This model can advance through terrain and obstacles without penalty and can advance through obstructions if it has enough movement to move completely past them. It cannot be targeted by free strikes.
  • Rapid Strike - This model can make one additional melee attack each Combat Action.


  • Rivener - 2" reach, P+S 12 melee weapon
    • Weapon Master - When attacking with this weapon, add an additional die to its damage rolls.
    • Death Toll [Small-based Bane] - When this weapon boxes a living enemy warrior model during this model's Combat Action, RFP that model and add to play one Grunt to a friendly small-based Bane unit in this model's command range. Place the Grunt in formation and in this model's command range. The Grunt must forfeit its Combat Action the turn it is put into play.

Theme Forces

Recent Changes

No changes since 2017.04

Thoughts on Bane Lord Tartarus

Bane Lord Tartarus in a Nutshell

Despite being a melee monster, Tartarus is more of a support piece. At least for the first few turns, until it is "safe" for him to wade in and make a real difference. You mainly take him for the Veteran Leader buff. He tends to only get in melee if you desperately need Dark Shroud on something, and/or the gains from killing a couple of plebs and turning them into Banes outweighs the risks of getting killed next turn.

In combat (assuming you don't throw him away early), Tartarus hits like a ton of bricks and is hard to kill with a large number of damage boxes, Stealth and enough ARM to ignore most AOEs. The Rivener as a long-ranged melee weapon and when combined with Death Strike, Dark Shroud, and Weapon Master it is absolutely brutal. Death Toll is a nice perk, but shouldn't be viewed as a "I need to charge this turn so I get some use out of Death Toll" ability. Because really, you're not going to get that many "free" Banes before something makes Tartarus go splat.

Combos & Synergies

  • Bane Witch Agathia counts as a Bane model and will benefit from Veteran Leader on all attacks, including her spells. She can charge a target, cast Vanish to get into its back arc, and be hitting at effective MAT 10.
  • He synergises well with Bane Knights and Bane Warriors because they get good benefits from both Veteran Leader and Death Toll.
  • He has a slight synergy with Bane Riders. They don't benefit from Death Toll at all, and although they can benefit from Veteran Leader they tend to move so fast that they're outside Tartarus's CMD range most of the game.
  • He can be taken for free in the Dark Host theme force.
  • Desecrator gains focus for proximity via their Accumulator for Bane models.

Drawbacks & Downsides

  • He's a special order model.
  • Huge target on his forehead - your opponent will kill him at the earliest opportunity.
  • Death Toll only works vs. living models.
  • Even though Rivener can magically turn enemy dudes into Banes for you, it does not count as a magical weapon.
  • By the time you add a unit of Banes for him to support you may as well be playing in the Dark Host theme force. This is a little bit stifling in list creativity.

Tricks & Tips

  • Charge an enemy unit, kill one or two models, and add new Banes to a unit that hasn't activated yet. Then activate that unit and move them into a position to shield Tartarus from reprisal. This can combo well with the Bane Warrior's minifeat, Void Bringer.



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Rules Clarifications

Rules Clarification : Weapon Master - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Death Toll      (Edit)

  • You can trigger the RFP even if there is no valid unit for you to add a Grunt to. (Infernal Ruling)
  • At least one model from the unit must be in your CMD range, as well as the Grunt you spawn.
  • There is no limit to how many models you can create simultaneously. For instance, if you have Death Toll on an AOE weapon, then you can create one Grunt for each model killed in the AOE.
  • You don't need LOS to the model(s) you spawn.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Stealth      (Edit)

  • "Automatically missing" is not the same as "cannot be hit by".
  • For instance, a stealth model can still be the target of an AOE attack and although it auto-misses, if the AOE deviates onto them they will get damaged.

Rules Clarification : Undead - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Dark Shroud      (Edit)

  • Dark Shroud only applies to your melee range, and this doesn't include behind you. Refer to the latest errata.
  • The ARM debuff still applies during a free strike.
RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Ghostly      (Edit)

  • Ghostly doesn't let you move through other models, just terrain.
  • Ghostly doesn't let you ignore damage from hazardous terrain. (Infernal Ruling)

Rules Clarification : Rapid Strike - None yet. (Edit)

RC symbol.png

Rules Clarification : Veteran Leader      (Edit)

  • Veteran Leaders don't give themselves the buff, because of the "other models within ..." clause.
    • Although if you have two models giving out the buff, then they can give it to each other. (Locked thread)
  • Some versions say "friendly" and some don't. Regardless, Veteran Leader only buffs friendly models. (Infernal Ruling)